Make America Great Again

Make America Great Again

After nearly 9 months living in an alternative universe, this article reminds me that it was not always like this

SO | 07. Oktober 2017

The tolerance threshold for scandal and chaos appears to have increased since Trump. (Well, at least for conservatives anyway.).

Tesla-David | 07. Oktober 2017

I agree, I feel like we are living a "nightmare", and a scary one at that with his chest bumping rhetoric provoking North Korea. I agree with Rex Tillerman's assessment of Trump as a "Fu@#ing Moron". He nailed it. His assault against science/facts, pulling the U.S. out of Paris Accord, and stacking his cabinet with climate change deniers is very troubling to me. He has also ceded leadership on renewable energy to China, which will hurt the U.S. economy in the long run. He is taking our energy policy backwards to the 19th Century. He needs to be removed from office before he starts a nuclear war!

Captain_Zap | 07. Oktober 2017

I agree Tesla-David. I have never been more fearful in my life. I wonder if the Cuban missile crisis was the same or worse. I'd guess it was less scary because we had a reasonable, respected and intelligent man at the helm back then.

bucfan11 | 07. Oktober 2017

You have 7 more years of crying...get used to it.

SCCRENDO | 07. Oktober 2017

@bucfan11. Unless of course impeachment intervenes or the country wakes up and throws him out in 2020.

bucfan11 | 07. Oktober 2017

Stock market breaks record almost daily, 3.1% economic growth - been well over eight years since that has happened. Work participation highest in 8 years, unemployment down, wages up. Russia helped Trump yet released a fake dossier on him? Which was it? I would not count on the country waking up. I thought the same 5 years ago... The media and dems do more to get him re-elected than anyone, their constant scream of impeach or the fake news, rioting, it's like chicken little. If the economy continues and he stays strong on illegal immigration, he'll be re-elected easily.

rxlawdude | 07. Oktober 2017

"Russia helped Trump yet released a fake dossier on him? Which was it?"

It could be both - the fake dossier being the sword of Damocles that Putin holds over Dear Leader.

SCCRENDO | 07. Oktober 2017

@bucfan11. Did you read the link I posted??
Such as Dow 7949 on the day he took office
GM on the point of bankruptcy with Ford not far behind
78 straight months of private sector job growth
Greenhouse emmissions down 12%
Fed deficit down from 9.8% down to 3.2 %

And I guess you could read the rest.

But of course facts don’t matter much to Bucfans

lilbean | 07. Oktober 2017

Are you on board the trump train now?

SCCRENDO | 07. Oktober 2017

@lilbean. Read the link and get back to me

lilbean | 07. Oktober 2017

You scared me for a second.

RedShift | 07. Oktober 2017

@ bucfan11
"You have 7 more years of crying...get used to it,"

Or you better get used to the idea of first president impeached. Equally possible.

J.T. | 08. Oktober 2017

@Red Shift He'd be the third.

SCCRENDO | 08. Oktober 2017

@JT.+1. The one thing that seems most unlikely is him resigning before impeachment. He is likely to hang around until voted on by both the house and the Senate. If ony the Republican congressman can actually develop a spine.

Remnant | 08. Oktober 2017

@RedShift (October 7, 2017)

<< Or you better get used to the idea of first president impeached. >>

Please, see a mental health professional and tell her your condition has become altogether obscene.

RedShift | 08. Oktober 2017


Sorry, thanks for the correction. Let me rephrase : " he'd be the first reality tv star desperately trying to act the role of a US President to get impeached"

RedShift | 08. Oktober 2017


Why, are my comments hitting a nerve? Why doesn't your God prevent me from making those comments, remnant boy? Is he that powerless that he can't even make me get under your thin skin? :-)

RedShift | 08. Oktober 2017

*prevent me not make me

MitchP85D | 08. Oktober 2017

I have never been harassed by the IRS like I was under Obama. And it was over a little LLC my wife and I had before we closed it down in 2009. Our gross receipts were 22K with no profit. My CPA prepared the taxes as always and everything was paid. The Obama IRS came to me in 2011 and tried to yank 4K from me because I didn't pay the taxes quarterly on that little LLC. My CPA pointed out that we had no revenues for two of those quarters. Didn't matter. After a thorough back and forth between the IRS, me and my CPA, I prevailed and the IRS backed off. My CPA convinced the IRS that what they were doing was illegal!

This is what the Obama IRS did. THEY WENT AFTER LITTLE PEOPLE! This is what my CPA told me. They had never been so busy having to defend their clients from the exceedingly hostile anti-business Obama IRS. It was good for CPAs because it provided them a lot of work. But my CPA said he had never seen anything like it.

The Obama IRS went after little people because they figured that the little folks did not have the resources to fight them off. So, the little folks just gave in and paid the unjust fines. This is why I have very little regard for Obama. He did not go after Al Sharpton, who is Obama's buddy. But Sharpton owes millions to the federal Treasury!

Sorry to rain on your love Obama parade. But from my personal experience, there was nothing to celebrate.

SCCRENDO | 08. Oktober 2017

@welfare_Mitch. Perhaps the IRS went after you because it seemed like you were evading taxes. Those taxes could have gone towards FEMA and your welfare cheese??

Captain_Zap | 08. Oktober 2017


It is silly to think that Past President Obama micro-managed the IRS to the degree that it had anything to do with your file getting flagged for review. A bizarre set off assumptions is necessary to make a leap to the conclusion that Obama went after the little people. That isn't what he stood for. That sounds more like the intent behind the current administration's attempts at policy implementation.

MitchP85D | 08. Oktober 2017

Did you not pay attention to the IRS scandal - you know the one about the IRS targeting conservatives? it was all over the national news. Maybe you just wanted to forget about that Zappy. I didn't because I experienced it!

MitchP85D | 08. Oktober 2017

But I didn't evade taxes Captain Planet. They were paid as I always have. The Obama IRS was excessively aggressive in their attempts to yank money from small businesses. The IRS went after my late father's small business as well. They audited us for the first time ever. The IRS got nothing because we did nothing wrong. But we had to pay our CPAs to defend us! This is why small business people couldn't stand Obama!

MitchP85D | 08. Oktober 2017


Obama's legacy!

Captain_Zap | 08. Oktober 2017


So you are saying that your LLC self-identified as a "Tea Party" or "Patriot" type entity that created dark pools of money to anonymize special interest contributions?

MitchP85D | 08. Oktober 2017

No, but the Obama IRS thought I was a little guy they could yank money from. They called me directly even though I indicated on the 1040 that they could contact my tax preparer. They didn't want to have to do that. They thought they could intimidate me like they've done to so many others!

lilbean | 08. Oktober 2017

God is not powerless. He gives us free will.

SCCRENDO | 08. Oktober 2017

@Welfare_Mitch. Do you have any evidence that they had no reason to audit you. Also they do random audits. Even Trump complains about being audited. If I was the IRS he would be the first guy I would audit.

RedShift | 08. Oktober 2017


Free will to do evil things? Why? What reason could god have to give a completely free will to evil people?

Perhaps, the better explanation is that there is no god, there are good and bad proper though.

MitchP85D | 08. Oktober 2017

Captain Planet, my CPA told me he never saw anything like it while Obama was president. He had never been so busy having to defend his clients from bogus accusations by the IRS. When the democrats ran everything in 2009 and 2010, they boosted the power and the budget of the IRS immensely to harass small business owners. I'm glad the GOP cut their budget! I haven't been harassed by the IRS since the GOP took control of Congress. I've had the same CPA for 25 years. He retired a few years ago and handed down my taxes to a couple of young highly capable CPAs. The old guy told me Obama wore his ass out!

rxlawdude | 08. Oktober 2017

@Mitch, I dunno who's more fill of caca: you or your accountant.

Your assertion is so far from reality that I question your mental state. Seriously. You sound like a 9/11 conspiracy theorist.

Frank99 | 08. Oktober 2017

All it takes is the IRS director in charge of audits to decide to change their focus, and experiences like Mitch's happen. Much like Trump's election allowing the worst of humankind to crawl out of the woodwork and trumpet their hate, one could assume the same of the IRS director. It's not that Obama called the person up personally and gave them an order, but more likely that the director felt that their actions were in keeping with the promised "change".

MitchP85D | 08. Oktober 2017

Well Frank, whatever that "change" was back in 2009-2010, it was awful for me. Glad it changed back!

Hellasmarter dude, you Californians were left alone by the Obama IRS. He took care of his buddies!

SCCRENDO | 08. Oktober 2017

@Welfare_Mitch. They take care of those who dont cheat on their tax returns. It’s the cheaters that they bother.

MitchP85D | 08. Oktober 2017

No Captain Planet, that wasn't it! It was the CONSERVATIVES and little folk in Red States the Obama IRS bothered!

Captain_Zap | 08. Oktober 2017

The Progressives complained that they were picked on by the IRS too.

SCCRENDO | 08. Oktober 2017

@Welfare_Mitch. Well Mitch. If you are not a billionaire this president could end up picking on you too

Nexxus | 09. Oktober 2017


At least for now...

Remnant | 09. Oktober 2017

@RedShift (October 8, 2017)

<< Why doesn't your God prevent me from making those comments, ... >>

Perhaps He caught wind of your being too dense, to bother to deal with you individually, or He decided to give you a chance to rehabilitate yourself. After all, He sent His Profets to spread the News and you're still able to catch on.

A more interesting angle is your struggle to reach Him with your Denial and, indeed, Hatred. Your shadow boxing, in hopes to hit the Ghost of your nightmares, and the God of those who acknowledge Him, would be comical, if it didn't reek of madness.

Just chill, man! He can still forgive you for your ghastly trespasses, if you sincerely repent and learn to worship Him, rather than Climate Change.

RedShift | 09. Oktober 2017


"Perhaps,.... Or,..."

Perhaps he doesn't exist. :-)

NKYTA | 09. Oktober 2017

I thought it was a She...

lilbean | 09. Oktober 2017

Jesus loves you regardless of whether or not you think He exists.

RedShift | 09. Oktober 2017


If he really loved me he'd give me the powers to fly around the universe visiting distant planets searching for life in an instant instead of debating his existence on this forum. :-)

SteveMost | 09. Oktober 2017

I have always chosen to believe that cartoon characters were real. You call them GODS, I call them Bugs, Daffy and Porkie. I find a certain consistency in believing things that you HOPE might be true, and the far fetched idea that Drumph might be sane. Don’t be gullible! Think!
Remember, Faith is what you use when there is no real reason to believe.

RedShift | 09. Oktober 2017



I could just as easily believe that Superman is real. And he loves me whether I believe in him or not. :-)

And these people are thumping their fists down and demanding ironclad proof that humans are causing global warming. Yet, all their life, they nodding and blindly accepting charlatans taking advantage of the gullible without once pausing to think or ask for proof.

Humanly progresses only because of its ability to think and reason. Not because we have more teeth, or possess greater muscle power to hunt and eat better than other predators.

lilbean | 09. Oktober 2017

:-) RedShift

Tesla-David | 09. Oktober 2017

Great comment @RedShift, well said, +1

Mike83 | 09. Oktober 2017

Second that. Well said RedShift. I myself have made mistakes in my life but tend to learn from them. What is the saying;
A Fool never learns from his own mistakes.
A Smart person learns from his own mistakes.
A Wise individual learns from others.

Feeling philosophical today (;-)

SO | 09. Oktober 2017

This is the only church that matters:

science-isbetter | 09. Oktober 2017

@RedShift. Thanks.