PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4

Is it possible to hook up a PS4 in a Tesla? Posting here because I'm getting a Model 3.

lilbean | 09. Oktober 2017

No. Just get a Nintendo Switch. :)

ReD eXiLe ms us | 09. Oktober 2017

Never trust someone without a towel, they aren't prepared for anything.

Garyeop | 09. Oktober 2017

The basic question is one many of us ask. Will Tesla make it easy to use a rolling battery as an electrical source? Will Tesla provide a 110 outlet to run a PS4? Can I drive it to my cabin in the woods and use it to power my saw?

I would guess that the car and battery are specifically designed to work together. That Tesla built it to power my phone...maybe an ipad...but I should not expect the power winch add on any time soon.

The above statement is a wild ass guess and is said with absolutely no warranty or expertise.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 09. Oktober 2017

Tesla vehicles do not support 'Hater Vision' like Porsche.

Rutrow | 10. Oktober 2017

A Power Wall will run my beer cooler, why not design my Model 3 to power my TV? Cricket Sunday would be complete!

Coastal Cruiser. | 10. Oktober 2017

ForgotMyTowel, all you should need is a $30.00 car inverter from the auto parts store (or Amazon).

The inverter will make the poser for your play station, it's just a question of what power socket you plug it into.

Owners, does the S/X have a 12vdc power take off?

Frank99 | 10. Oktober 2017

Yes, but it's probably limited to 15 amps, or about 180 watts. That's pretty close to the measured power consumption of the PS4 when gaming heavily (around 150W), so you may end up blowing fuses.

rxlawdude | 10. Oktober 2017

Not to mention, those $30 car inverters produce awful square wave AC that will eventually play havoc with the switching power supply in a PC or PlayStation.

seattlemag | 10. Oktober 2017

Yeah, I wouldn't run anything important/expensive through a cheap power inverter.

s.herten | 02. Januar 2018

but how could you connect it to the display?

andy.connor.e | 02. Januar 2018


You dont.

Carl Thompson | 02. Januar 2018

"but how could you connect it to the display?"

By using a reverse Van Eck device.