Columbus Ohio Reservation Holders

Columbus Ohio Reservation Holders

Any other Columbus, Ohio M3 reservation holders out there? When are your estimated delivery dates?

RickyD | 16. Oktober 2017

Yes. Stood in line at the Easton Store on 3/31. Probably somewhere around 50th in line. For First Production, my estimated delivery currently is November - January (non current owner).

noleaf4me | 16. Oktober 2017

I hope you get it Ricky!!!!

Beboburst | 17. Oktober 2017

Yea, stood in line at Easton store. My estimate is the same. I really could use the tax break in 2017!

RickyD | 17. Oktober 2017

Crossing my fingers!! Like Bebo, the tax credit in 2017 would be better for me.....

dave.m.mcdonough | 17. Oktober 2017

Cleveland here- But I ordered online 1st night as soon as the site went live. Showing Jan-March for first production. I should have called off work that day.. Just a few more months I guess.

PaceyWhitter | 17. Oktober 2017

My estimate is January - March for first production but I am waiting for the smaller battery April - June. I reserved online.

dsvick | 17. Oktober 2017

I'm Cleveland area as well, stood in line at Lyndhurst - was maybe 150th or so. Mine says Nov - Jan for first production but I'm waiting for standard range which say Jan - Mar.

wsuschmitt | 17. Oktober 2017

Seattle area, on 3/31, in line (about 99th), smaller battery, with estimated Jan-Mar 2018.

andy.connor.e | 17. Oktober 2017

NYS in Mid-July. first production estimated Apr-Jun 2018

Randkthorn | 17. Oktober 2017

Online 4/1/16, non-owner. Estimated delivery Feb 1 - April 30.

Randkthorn | 17. Oktober 2017

Clarification: Columbus Ohio, estimated delivery Feb-April 2018

slasher0016 | 17. Oktober 2017

I'm Cincinnati, and mine is December-Feb. I have 3/31 reservation (non-owner) but I did it online the moment they became available online.

brent44304 | 17. Oktober 2017

Cleveland Ohio, estimate for delivery Jul-Sept 2018. 10th or so in line the first day, not current owner, ordering the Dual Motor All-Wheel drive.

charles_quinn | 17. Oktober 2017

Cincinnati, Ohio; reserved online 3/31; current Model S owner; first production estimated delivery: Oct-Dec 2017.

jan.stubbs | 17. Oktober 2017

This is just crazy I need the car in my hands or should I say in my garage

ndeoram | 17. Oktober 2017

Hi brent44304, I might have been in line next to you. I was about 12 or so in line.

TimGrok | 17. Oktober 2017

Columbus, Ohio 3/31 reservation holder, about 40th or 50th in line at Easton. RickyD, I probably have a photo somewhere with you in it!

Non-Tesla owner, delivery window Nov 2017-Jan 2018. But I'm assuming the worst.

RickyD | 18. Oktober 2017

Burn it!! :) I do know the guys directly in front of us were current model S owners as they were talking about battery life, charging,

kevinwadsworth | 18. Oktober 2017

I'm from Columbus. Pre-ordered online on day 1. My dates say March - may 2018 for the short range model.

vp09 | 18. Oktober 2017

Just wanted to say that I lived in Columbus Ohio for 4 years. We lived in University Arms apartments for one year and Buckeye Village for 3 years.

Go Bucks.

Szmikc | 19. Oktober 2017

Sandusky order online on 4/1 feb to April for 1st production

timhoverman | 19. Oktober 2017

I'm in Columbus and I made my reservation online 4/1. Feb-April 2018 for first production. I can't imagine how antsy I'll feel when I start seeing M3s around Columbus!

nadurse | 24. Oktober 2017

Reservation at the Cleveland OH store 3/31, first production estimated delivery is Dec-Feb