Length of Model 3 minus the overhang

Length of Model 3 minus the overhang

trying to determine if a Model 3 will fit in my garage. I see from the specs it's 184.8 in length. I'm wondering what the length is from the front side the tire to the end of the car itself. In other words once the tire it's the stoop how much of the 184.4 is left that could hang over the landing?

72echo | 21. Oktober 2017

...once the front tire "hits" the stoop...

Tesla2018 | 21. Oktober 2017

Also yoi would need to see if there is enough height to clear the stoop. On one car I have the tires can hit the stoop but it is close to the oil pan. On the other car, the front spoiler hits the stoop so there is no overhang.

jordanrichard | 23. Oktober 2017

What "stoop" are you talking about?

dave.m.mcdonough | 23. Oktober 2017

length is bumper to bumper. "wheelbase" would be wheel center to center.

Tesla2018 | 23. Oktober 2017

Some garages are flat but have a 3 or 4 foot wide stoop in the front that washers and water heaters go on. It is like a. 8 inch high step that runs the length of the garage. I think the OP wants to know the distance from the front tire to the front of the car. Think of it like having a concrete parking lot thing in front of your car. If your front wheels are touching it, how much of the front of the car is protruding past it.

dsvick | 24. Oktober 2017

"It is like a. 8 inch high step that runs the length of the garage"

The Model 3 has 5 1/2 inches of ground clearance, hopefully his stoop is lower than that.

Steam613 | 24. Oktober 2017

With 5.5" clearance an 8" step is the same as an 8' wall.

jordanrichard | 24. Oktober 2017

This must be a CA thing. Most homes here in the Northeast at least, have their washer and dryers in the basement or elsewhere in the house on the first floor.

Yodrak. | 24. Oktober 2017

"Some garages are flat but have a 3 or 4 foot wide stoop in the front ..."

I had to look this up, and I really hope the "stoop" in those garages is at the back of the garage, not the front, if one expects to park a car inside the garage.
"a stoop is a small staircase ending in a platform and leading to the entrance of an apartment building or other building."

95dawg | 24. Oktober 2017

I think Tesla2018 meant back of the garage when he said "front." He then references parking block (aka parking stop, turtarrier, etc.) as a simile.

Yodrak. | 24. Oktober 2017

"I think Tesla2018 meant back of the garage when he said "front.""

72echo meant. I think so too, now.

Tesla2018 seemed to understand from the start what 72echo was talking about so it must be a local or regional dialect where "stoop" as they know it means "platform" as others know it, the "front" of the garage is in the back, and the "length" of the garage runs across the back rather than front to back.

LostInTx | 24. Oktober 2017

My Texas garage has a 2-inch high, 5-foot deep concrete platform across the width of the garage. On it sits the backup fridge, a freezer chest, and shelves on which various poisons await their distribution to the yard. I've never called it a stoop - in fact, I've never called it anything at all but if asked to describe it by name, I suppose "the raised concrete in the garage" would do the trick.

It's main purpose is to stop my wife from hitting the freezer with the front of her Lexus.

On a somewhat related note, we've been through three freezers in 15 years.

Tesla2018 | 24. Oktober 2017

My garage door opens and I pull the car in and the stoop is like a really long step that is in front of the car. I said front of the garage since the car is facing towards the stoop that has the entrance door from the garage into the house. The stoop is at the opposite end from the gsrage door. Sorry if I confused people with the description by saying front.
I just measured the height and it is 7 inches on mine. My Mercury Cougar can pull into the garage and the front part of the car is high enough to let me drive until the wheels hit the stoop. The ground clearance on the car might be 4 inches at the lowest point but since the front area is higher than that it allows overhang. The area from the front of the car to the wheels is covering the top of the stoop and the oil pan is only about half an inch away from the top of the stoop. I never heard it called a stoop before but I know what he meant by it.

Easier way to describe it would be to.say if their was Belgium block or similar curbing in front of the car in a parking lot.If the front of your car has enough height it can be driven forward until the wheels hit the curbing and part of the car will overhang the front of the curbing.

The reason for the stoop is to have any water from a broken washing machine line or hot water heater in the garage run off the stoop and into the garage floor to avoid damage. The top of the stoop is usually at the same level as the floor in the house so the garage floor is at a lower level and sloped very slightly towards the garage door so water would flow out of the garage. When I pressure wash my garage floor, ( i know im nuts) I open the garage door and all the water flows out of the garage eventually on to the driveway.

rajalucy | 24. Oktober 2017

i have same problem and i built small ramp and problem solved

72echo | 25. Oktober 2017

To clarify, when pulling into the garage- in front of the car- there is a 4" high step up which runs the entire width of the garage and is 4 ft deep. I believe in Arizona this step up is code to prevent flooding into the house.

dave.m.mcdonough | 25. Oktober 2017

Wow, so many people, even married ones, able to fit a car in the garage? Amazing. One day I'll clear out this oversized storage shed and know what that's like. ;)

LostInTx | 25. Oktober 2017

Dave, I'm approaching 30 years of marital bliss and have never put my vehicle in the garage. The bride's car has always won that battle. My only leverage in clearing out the other half of the garage is that the Model 3 needs access to a charger.

She's a 2nd-grade teacher and for the love of Baby Jesus, has 90% of "my" side full of books, classroom props, and assorted items defying definition. We're going to have the Mother of All Garage Sales as soon as Elon tells me it's time.

dave.m.mcdonough | 25. Oktober 2017

lmao. I'm actually considering putting the charger on the back side of the front steps, it's a nook near the front of the driveway where, realistically speaking, the car will ACTUALLY end up parked. In the garage is a pipe dream, in front of garage is where the gas guzzlers will end up, and really are we going to suddenly be opening the dog gate to put the car up there every night? NOPE.

andy.connor.e | 25. Oktober 2017

Too, Much, Clutter.

Rocky_H | 25. Oktober 2017

We have a two car garage, and it has two cars in it with room to walk around both of them. Awesome, right? My wife is a very anti-clutter person.

andy.connor.e | 25. Oktober 2017


You are one lucky person.

Tesla2018 | 25. Oktober 2017

I live in FL and the houses dont have basements to store things and attic temperatures cause anything made of plastic to warp. As a result most garages are used for storage.
When I looking for houses I specified that I wanted a two car garage and found a house I liked. But there was another one down the street that had a three car garage and an extra bedroom and was only 15K more since the seller moved and was in a hurry to get rid of the house so it was a no brainer to get the extra space. I keep two spaces for cars and the other one for a lawnmower, pressure washer, air compressor, generator, old snow tires on rims that are dry rotted by now, a bicycle, lawn fertilzer spredder and other assorted junk since our HOA doesnt allow sheds because hurricanes would destoy them. I keep my other junk that most prople store in their garage in the extraa bedroom.