Delivery estimate on model 3

Delivery estimate on model 3

I’ve been on the list sinse February of this year. On my account it doesnt even show an estimated date. What does that mean??

chihuahua31 | 24. Oktober 2017

Tesla decided they aren't going to make any more model 3s. Seriously though, this has happened before. Everytime it came back with estimates unchanged. Past performance may not...blah blah blah...

rxlawdude | 24. Oktober 2017

The other thing is the "MY TESLA" in the upper right hand corner now says "TESLA ACCOUNT."

Changes in the wind.

cvrontakis | 24. Oktober 2017

Seems to be working again.

WantMY | 24. Oktober 2017

I have a very bad feeling - Tesla did not produce a single T3 car during October. Sledge hammer is coming in a weeks to flush this turd, it looks very pessimistic at this point. I do not think EM will wiggle out of this one, very sad really.

rgrant | 24. Oktober 2017

So, so sad... what @WantT3 doesn’t seem to realize is that the investors in Tesla have run the long numbers and they know they are sitting on a huge gold mine with the 3-pronged Tesla strategy. The upside is massive. If Tesla Model 3 has a bit of a bumpy start, they’ll be happy to wait because of the eventual payoff.


WantMY | 24. Oktober 2017

The upside on TSLA was only because of T3, no T3 kiss good buy to TSLA. I would think EM would not mess around with M3, but it seems the game is about to be over. I hope it is not true though, but this is not what the reality is at the moment way to shady. Next few weeks will be pivotal to TSLA.

gar1116 | 24. Oktober 2017

Since they stopped building the 3s, I'm getting a used S while they are still around!

WantMY | 24. Oktober 2017

I did not say they stopped, it just looks like it, we hardly have any reports on new owners, so the few unsold T3 assembled manually like S/X were sold in October, but it should be hundreds if they making any. Also the "analyst" gave some contradicting figures: 3005 produced in 2017, buy 5000/week by the end of December, so it looks like Tesla will spent only few days in December 2017 making T3 cars. Who are they kidding? Just do not add up. May be it was an encoded message for key investors to get out of TSLA positions, figures.

Xerogas | 24. Oktober 2017

Tesla has never said they would build something called a “T3”. I personally sat in VIN 506 of a “Model 3” last week, though. So please stop spreading FUD about a car whose name you made up.

Frank99 | 24. Oktober 2017

He's been pissing over all the threads for no apparent reason. Too bad we can't flag posters as well as posts...

WantMY | 24. Oktober 2017

For most advanced users T3 = Tesla 3. It is called abbreviation. BTW, flag me for what? For wanting the car?

Sandy’s 3 | 24. Oktober 2017

Remember the pigeon that exclusively used the term T3? Reincarnation ;)

rajalucy | 24. Oktober 2017

I’ve been on the list sinse February of this year. On my account it doesnt even show an estimated date. What does that mean??

that mean you r last in the line.

WantMY | 24. Oktober 2017

Try to logout and then login into your Tesla account. You should get an estimate at least. Whether it is accurate or not is another story.

WantMY | 24. Oktober 2017

@gar1116 I could get new S/X if I wanted to, but they are just way to big for my taste. I have an Expedition when I want drive big car and we like it a lot, just great SUV and drives like a passenger car. Of course, I would not use it as DD.

Ninefiveone | 24. Oktober 2017

@WantT3 the commonly used nomenclature for Teslas are MS, MX, and M3. It’s been this way since the MS.

No one but you is using T3. If you want to encourage short selling, etc. at least get your terminology right when you’re posting FUD.

burdogg | 24. Oktober 2017

Well, there was this other guy who did say T3 all the time, even though he was corrected many, many times. My first thought when I saw that was, great, he decided to finally come back, smells a lot like it too - constantly battling his position even though no facts to stand by.

Frank99 | 24. Oktober 2017

It means your not lookin in the right place. On your my tesla page, on the lower right side there's a delivery estimator link. Go there.

pat777campbell | 24. Oktober 2017

I've been using "T3" for over a year now. I've been in a bad church before that dictated nuances such as this to it adherents to the point of looking idiotic. I KNOW I wasn't in a line of idiots on 3/31 so why the problem now? LOL

Frank99 | 24. Oktober 2017

>>> BTW, flag me for what?
how about:
>>>He's been pissing over all the threads for no apparent reason

Seemed pretty obvious to me...

Xerogas | 24. Oktober 2017

Yeah, a lot of strange negativity coming from that guy...sounds a lot like the pigeon has returned, so I'm going to engage the ole' Chrome right-click **poof** on that username.

Ninefiveone | 24. Oktober 2017

@pat777campbell good for you!

That’s definitely not a burner account.

WantMY | 25. Oktober 2017

@Frank99 , @Xerogas and etc. Do you have anything to contribute to discussion? So far nothing at all, besides personal attacks.

Haggy | 26. Oktober 2017

When I put down my deposit, I expected Tesla to start production, but not necessarily start deliveries, by the end of this year. They could have started production in December and considered themselves on target compared to what we were told at the unveiling. I would have considered it optimistic to expect my car by next April. Frankly I can't see what all the fuss is about when Tesla is leaving estimates in people's Tesla Accounts where they are, the earliest period during which they promised deliveries to the general public still has the rest of the year left, and they haven't slipped a deadline for any deliveries.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 26. Oktober 2017

Haggy is correct.