Model 3 officially eligible for $2500 rebate with Massachusett’s Mor-EV program

Model 3 officially eligible for $2500 rebate with Massachusett’s Mor-EV program

Based on the specs, I was pretty sure this would qualify, but very happy to see it added to the list of eligible vehicles:

andy.connor.e | 25. Oktober 2017

If only New York offered any EV incentives...

ghoop1 | 25. Oktober 2017

Good news!

bmalloy0 | 25. Oktober 2017

I'll take my sales-tax-free incentive in NJ, personally

Shock | 25. Oktober 2017
andy.connor.e | 25. Oktober 2017

Now thats what im talking about

np57 | 25. Oktober 2017

Wow! Didnt realize that the 3 would qualify for $2500. The design studio (for the S & the X) always showed a $1000 rebate for MA residents. Pleasant surprise!

Can hardly wait for the car to arrive! :)

Tarla's Driver | 25. Oktober 2017

The S and X used to qualify for $2500. They made a move to drop the rebate on more expensive vehicles, but backed off after receiving public comment, but then moved ahead again later without the same level of public input. We received a $2500 on our S in 2015.

maintreqd | 25. Oktober 2017

Ha! I used to work at NYSERDA. Stoked to see the $2k NY credit in addition to Federal.

Anybody know for sure that Tesla is recognizing and participating in the program? I'm reading in the Consumer FAQ that the Drive Clean NY rebate is only available from the dealership, in "point-of-sale rebate" fashion (see below). I interpret this as meaning you have to make sure it's deducted when you take delivery, versus applying for the rebate after you've taken delivery.

"Can I receive the rebate directly from NYSERDA, without the involvement of a dealership?
No. The Drive Clean Rebate is a point-of-sale rebate. This means that it is only offered through participating dealerships, who deduct the rebate amount from the final purchase price when you buy or lease the car. This easy approach means no follow-up paperwork for you, the consumer. Dealerships take care of paperwork when they apply for reimbursement of the rebate from NYSERDA. There is no way for consumers to receive the rebate directly from NYSERDA."

LostInTx | 25. Oktober 2017

Congratulations to the good people of Massachusetts.

In Texas, we're getting the shaft. The $7500 federal tax credit is, of course, available and the State of Texas will launch a $2500 EV rebate starting in early spring.

Except the Tesla doesn't qualify for the state rebate.

The lobby controlling car dealerships paid off enough legislators so that language was included recommending that only cars purchased through dealerships qualified for the rebate.

I just called the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, who is running the program. They're working through the rules on how the program will be implemented and if there's enough of an outcry, the language can potentially be altered. The loophole is that language was recommended, not stipulated. The TECQ has the final say.

So Model 3 reservation holders in Texas, get with TCEQ and make your voices heard. The 2500 reasons why this should be important to you.

aquaitious | 25. Oktober 2017

Awesome news. Thanks for the heads up!

ReD eXiLe ms us | 25. Oktober 2017

LostInTX: +42! That post deserves its own thread. NADA and the Texas 'independent franchised dealerships' all despise Tesla.

WormtownKris | 25. Oktober 2017

Great news! (I will be able to benefit myself!) I always wondered why the S and X only qualified for $1000 and not $2500. Can anyone explain the qualifications/ requirements for the MOR-EV program?

jordanrichard | 26. Oktober 2017

and yet here just south of the border, in CT we get nothing. There is an EV rebate/incentive program for EVs however they conveniently put the caveat of the car needing to be purchased through a license car dealer in the state.

For those that don't know, Tesla can't sell here, give any test drives/rides, or anything quite frankly that can be perceived as part of a sale.

TabascoGuy | 26. Oktober 2017

"For those that don't know, Tesla can't sell here, give any test drives/rides, or anything quite frankly that can be perceived as part of a sale."

Same thing here in Michigan - really makes no sense that dealerships can be allowed a monopoly.

andy.connor.e | 26. Oktober 2017


really makes no sense that oil companies can be allowed to monopolize transportation fuel.

TabascoGuy | 26. Oktober 2017


Agreed. Makes me wonder exactly how our representatives are representing us.

andy.connor.e | 26. Oktober 2017

They dont represent us.