Saw my first Model 3 in the wild

Saw my first Model 3 in the wild

A couple of nights ago, at the Hawthorne Supercharger, I spied a black Model 3 (#287). It was almost perfectly camouflaged by its black color, sitting in the darkness by the HPWCs, but while looking around I caught a glimpse of its dark wheels and only then realized what it was.

First impression: It is much bigger than I anticipated! Not a small car by any stretch. Especially its width impressed me. It's always different to see something in "person" than to read its dimensions.
It is a beautiful car, and, to a certain degree, I felt it looked even more elegant than in the pictures I had seen so far. The black wheels are still not my favorite feature, but I can live with them, because they, too, looked better live than in pictures. To me, anyway. I'd still prefer a more conventional choice (without a price bump), but these will do.

Oh, the waiting...! It just got worse with this experience. Reminiscent of my 2012-13 vigil for our Model S.

carlk | 25. Oktober 2017

I've seen three in the wild so far. All on north San Jose/Milpitas streets and freeways. Plus there were two I saw at Fremont service center. I'm afraid in a few months we will see them everywhere.

noleaf4me | 25. Oktober 2017

@carlk -- I'd be OK with that....