THREAD 4,050 - Discussing about 40 total topics...

THREAD 4,050 - Discussing about 40 total topics...

I just noticed we're at over 4,000 threads... but in the first 2 pages of listings alone, there are THREE on "Delivery Estimates"

I'm as much of a Tesla fanboy as many of you, but honestly, the forums we're using are just crappy. I wouldn't lose any sleep at all if they changed them tomorrow even if the cost were losing all historical data and starting over. THAT is how bad I think the forum functionality is. Between lack of editing, searching, any kind of hierarchical navigation tree... what a shame.

And YES... this is probably the 8th or 9th thread on this topic alone.

andy.connor.e | 26. Oktober 2017

Theres probably so many topics about delivery estimate because they want people to think they're just going to continue to delay delivery. There is typically an alternative motivation when negativity is the focus.

maintreqd | 26. Oktober 2017

there were free, open source messageboard platforms in the late 90s that were better than this one. I cannot understand why a forward-thinking company like Tesla wouldn't want to do better than the fred flinstone of online community messageboards, but here we are.

andy.connor.e | 26. Oktober 2017

Im pretty much done coming onto these forums. The past 2 weeks theres been nothing but negativity, excessive speculation based on opinionated "news articles, and discussion about delays and stock price. There has been hardly any actual discussion, and is literally a nesting ground for people to discredit Tesla, rather than actually discuss what is good/bad. (not to say there is zero authentic disussion) Its really just unfortunate, because it just doesnt have to be this way.

AJPHL | 26. Oktober 2017

You forgot about all the threads about AM radio...

andy.connor.e | 26. Oktober 2017

Blasphemy! How dare i

Tesla2018 | 26. Oktober 2017

There are other forums lthat I signed up for years ago and they let yoi post pictures and edit your post. I am using a smartphone and suck at texting so almost all my posts have spelling mistakes.
I just saw this one and registered since I thought a company site would give better info.

brian | 26. Oktober 2017

@Andy - I don't believe for a second that you're done coming to the forums. :)

THis post wasn't about being negative. I'm an excited fanboy. I love the company. maintreqd said it right... for such a forward-tech company like Tesla. it's a shame, that's all. I'm not pasting SeekingAlpha links... and I'm not making bulleted lists of everything they're doing wrong. It's gonna be an amazing car. Their forums are garbage and it's a shame.

PBEndo | 26. Oktober 2017

This forum has one unique benefit - it allows Tesla owners to post private threads.

Rutrow | 26. Oktober 2017

And only one damned thread about free hats.

noleaf4me | 26. Oktober 2017

We love hats!!

andy.connor.e | 27. Oktober 2017


You are probably right, despite 90% of what i read is useless, that 10% actually gives me some insight of what to expect when my only car is an EV.

Rocky_H | 27. Oktober 2017

@PBendo, Quote: "This forum has one unique benefit - it allows Tesla owners to post private threads."

Sure, but they took away the key-shaped marker that could actually show you which threads were private.