I'm stuffed (American, not British)

I'm stuffed (American, not British)

After Reveal 1, and Reveal 2, and Reveal 3, and OCDetailing's videos and TrevP's video, and the questions answered by owners RiggerJohn, Maevra, and RCVetter over on M3OC, I know more about the Model 3 than I know about my current car that I've put 110,000 miles on.

It's time to back off. I don't need any more information:

All I need is a delivery date...

andy.connor.e | 27. Oktober 2017

I can agree with that. Gotten alot of info the last 2 weeks. Anything more will just be bashing in the nail further than it can go.

billstanton | 27. Oktober 2017

I can appreciate that, but what would I do while I'm at work?

chihuahua31 | 27. Oktober 2017

@Frank99 After watching the M3OC video earlier today, I agree completely. I think I am going to step back from the forums for a couple weeks and perhaps wait for some real news to surface, progress to be made. See you guys then...

ReD eXiLe ms us | 27. Oktober 2017

I feel that way about certain upcoming movies. One trailer or preview and I'm done. All I need is a date at that point.