We all gonna die!

We all gonna die!

Folks, relax.
A guy at work was in panic today because he won't get a Model 3 for Christmas and impress his family coming from abroad to visit him.

If you have other meltdown stories, please share.

nathan.alhuwail | 02. November 2017

I sold my car 3 weeks ago to get a better rate on a house in Seattle. While I know there would be delays to my Nov 17 - Jan 18 delivery its getting cold and rainy and I am carless... #WinterisComing

andy.connor.e | 03. November 2017

I'll have to continue to poison myself by inhaling the tailpipe fumes in my garage. Might as well end it now!

loc_nguyen | 03. November 2017

Yes, we will all die someday, that’s why my attitude is to live for the now and jumped on an S ;)

PhillyGal | 03. November 2017

My husband is freaking out a little about our impending tiny human arriving before our Model 3. I don't even place bags in the pathetic back seat of my Hyundai (coupe) so I can't imagine how an infant seat will even fit past the slid-up front seat to get into the back.

He'll be working for the first 12 weeks while I'm at home with the Hyundai. I'd hate to have him leave me the Model S "just in case." Maybe I can trade my mom for her big ole' Trailblazer in the mean time.

I'd hope we'd have our 3 by the time I get back to work because then Hubs is staying home for the next 12 and again, I'd hate for the MS to sit at home "just in case."

steve.lawrence | 03. November 2017

>our impending tiny human arriving before our Model 3.

What configuration is your new human? Did you get to pick colour, size, options? Or did you just get told 'This is what you get, you'd better like it?" Does it come with a tax credit too?

Maybe your human will be delayed? Did anyone email you with a delivery date yet? I've been waitin' on mine for like.. almost a year now, and it's getting out of hand. I even got told that since I'd already given my deposit I couldn't cancel... 0_O

Kierans | 03. November 2017

My wife went to Costco yesterday and they did not have any Drakes beer! Oh the humanity!

andy.connor.e | 03. November 2017


If you've been waiting over 9 months, i'd get that checked out pronto.

Shock | 03. November 2017

"A guy at work was in panic today because he won't get a Model 3 for Christmas and impress his family coming from abroad to visit him."

His family will know he is a failure in the New World if no Tesla.

+1 to Steve, that's good stuff.

casun | 03. November 2017

goodbye cruel world!

Tesla2018 | 03. November 2017

He has dishonored his family and must now attempt suicide by crashing his Ford Pinto into a parked unoccupied Tesla.If he survives he wll tell his family that the Tesla was his and that the other driver perished in the blaze.

Shesmyne2 | 03. November 2017

'He'll be working while I'm home with the Hyundai'
Not the baby-the Hyundai!


Still Grinning ;-)

seattlemag | 03. November 2017

@nathan.alhuwail call me if you need a ride.... I'm on the east side but will travel into town for a fellow M3 reservation owner ;)

rxlawdude | 04. November 2017

Congrats, @PG!

Innkeep | 04. November 2017

@steve. I love it. Only on a Tesla forum is it possible to configure a tiny human.

PhillyGal | 06. November 2017

@steve.lawrence - Didn't get to pick any options at all! And actually, won't learn the configuration until delivery day.

@rxlaw - Thanks :)

burdogg | 06. November 2017

@steve - yes, it does come with a tax credit :)

@PhillyGal - what? You didn't get to pick any options? For the amount of money you fork out over the life of this deposit, you should get to pick some options.

SamO | 06. November 2017

love. this. thread. that it annoys the trolls, is only a delicious cherry on top of the cake.

I'm thinking of replacing one car with this:

El Mirio | 06. November 2017

@PG why do i get a feeling little human will be soon wearing this

Congratulations! Agree with SamO you should get to pick some options now :o)

devensd | 06. November 2017

My girl friend started dating me after she found out I was getting a Model 3, she really prefers to be seen going to Natural Foods in that rather than my current rice burner Acura. She joked around saying that the tax rebate can help buy an engagement ring. I was planning on using that plus paying out of pocket for the other half. Unfortunately, I can't wait and will buy a model 3 thus eliminating the chance of any engagement ring. On the bright side the model S should get me a more suitable girlfriend.

devensd | 06. November 2017

^correction I can't wait and will buy a model S...

PhillyGal | 06. November 2017

@burrdog - I intended to configure with my husband's eyes and mouth but my skin and nose but saw those options nowhere.

@El Mirio - Yes, yes, yes! The car is already secured (much to the chagrin of my nephews who keep begging me to play with it) - apparel is next.

Iwantmy3 | 06. November 2017

Basic configuration information should be available in advance. At least enough to allow for decisions on which accessories to purchase.

Sounds like one of the best reasons to upgrade to an "S" so far.