Supercharger in Seekonk, MA

Supercharger in Seekonk, MA

I just found this:

They are before the Planning Board seeking a permit to put in a 12-stall Supercharger at 101 Commerce Way between the Paper Store and the Taco Bell.

I think it's cool that the agenda doesn't just list the project--it includes the full engineering plans! So if you ever wanted to see what the plans for a Supercharger look like on paper, now is your chance.

Tarla's Driver | 08. Dezember 2017

I was looking for site plan review documents for the Framingham, MA Supercharger, but apparently that one never went to the Planning Board. The rules for site plan review vary from town to town in Massachusetts, so some towns just require a building permit, which doesn't show up on agendas and minutes. (I'm on the Planning Board in my town, so I'm quite familiar with the process, but unfortunately we haven't had any Tesla applications.)

KP in NPT | 09. Dezember 2017

Excellent - I'd been waiting for this one as it's in my area, have family in nearby Swansea. My husband's cousin is a new Tesla (X) owner and lives there, and he used to be an electrician so was very interested in these schematics.

kamilynbrown | 29. Januar 2020

I really can't wait for this, hope it is a V3