Waiting for the world to change...

Waiting for the world to change...

First time here and haven't had a chance to go through all the post history, but just want to put some of my thoughts out there because "you've just got to start somewhere..." and sometimes it just feels good to rant!

The re-energizing movement is a no brainer! so why is it taking so long to go main stream? So frustrating to see so many personal agendas clouding the reality of what we have to achieve, but also so good to see the trickle of innovation turning into a river. People like Elon lead the way but need our support.

So anyway a couple of ideas which may already have done the rounds (in which case I apologize, disregard the rest), perhaps these can spark some discussion...

1. Developing a trailer concept for battery storage and coupled drive control utilizing the electric car with trailer. I'm thinking a plugin slave controller located on a trailer taking carriage setpoint data from the central vehicle control system combined with the trailer own sensors, to both enhance the combined battery performance and range whilst self propelling via local hub drives or similar. Obvious benefits being the ability to extend range and carrying capability and opening the possibility of trailer battery change out/replacement. In effect offering some of the same tech that will be developed for semi trucks adapted for car use. Further down the track this could be utilized by caravans, trailer boat haulage, small scale transported farm machinery etc. The power trailer may even form the basis of your home power wall when parked up, think of it as taking a chunk of your home battery with you when you hit the road...

2. Energy management. A car (or power trailer) sitting in the garage with a big battery inside it should really be connected to a home power system sharing the load and benefiting from a centralized energy management system. It makes sense that you have your energy source where you are, whether that be on the road, at work or in your home. It doesn't need to be independent and isolated all the time. Taking this a step further to include other battery powered devices that people use, tools, lawn mowers, media devices means developing a smart energy management that looks at predictive usage and predictive availability. It will need to know your routines, plans, the weather forecast, power grid pricing structures and local amenity usage (probably with a little AI support!) This will all require a few standards to be set to define the interconnections (some like home automation standards and I.O.T are already falling into place) and could be a huge opportunity.

If nothing else, this might fire a few neurons somewhere. We are all in this together and what we need to do goes way beyond financial gain. I believe humanities survival needs people's ideas and the willingness to carry them through for the betterment of all. Let's just get on with it!

harley.mark1 | 31. Dezember 2017

Power trailer for your EV.
Total energy management for your home

harley.mark1 | 20. Januar 2018

Take it with you.

Rushabhjs | 20. Januar 2018

#1 is a very interesting concept. It is nothing but an extension of the current skateboard base with different frame options and maybe no motors. I hope some picks that up. Even Tesla Semi could use a large slave battery underneath connected trailer bed as a range extender. Every time a charged trailer is picked up, range is automatically amped.

Captain_Zap | 20. Januar 2018

Not another trailer post...