Are the doors steel or aluminum? - thinking about dent repair...

Are the doors steel or aluminum? - thinking about dent repair...

Hey Model 3 owners - are those door panels steel or aluminum? I'm thinking about future door ding/dent repair. Thanks!

Rutrow | 01. Januar 2018

Early reports from people who got early rides in the Release Candidate cars tested the doors with magnets. the door panels didn't attract the magnets. Non-ferrous? or non-magnetic ferrous alloy? I don't know for sure, but I'd bet they're aluminum. Rear quarter panel is mild steel.

carlk | 01. Januar 2018

Op. Any issues with fixing dent/ding on an aluminum body?

TimGrok | 01. Januar 2018

Carlk - I've heard that aluminum is much harder to pop dents out of, whereas steel is easy. I'm dreading the inevitable first dent. Anyone here have experience (e.g., new Ford F-150 pick up trucks)?

carlk | 01. Januar 2018

Model S and X too. They got fixed everyday.

TESLA CA | 01. Januar 2018

@ TimGrok I will check it out tomorrow and provide you with a full report!

andy.connor.e | 02. Januar 2018

Pretty sure like other cars, its a steel frame, with aluminum body. Kind of like steel structure in buildings, and wooden carpentry, as a comparison example.

TabascoGuy | 02. Januar 2018

The hood and doors are aluminum, the fenders and trunk are steel. The majority of the frame is steel but some of the structural components are aluminum.

andy.connor.e | 02. Januar 2018

Be careful the way you word things @Tobasco. I believe the frame is considered structural.

TabascoGuy | 02. Januar 2018

Sorry, I meant structural sub-components. Thanks @andy.

EVino | 02. Januar 2018

Can confirm. Fenders, trunk, and roof pillars are steel.

TimGrok | 02. Januar 2018

Interesting - thanks all! Looks like dent repair on doors will be a little tricky, since aluminum doesn't have a "memory" like steel that will pop back into place. However, I'm reading that more and more shops can deal with aluminum now. Meanwhile, I'll pray to the Dent & Ding Gods for my first ding to be on a fender... :-)

carlk | 02. Januar 2018

You'd rather to have a steel body because it's easier to repair? Weird.

carlk | 02. Januar 2018

A lot of high end/ higher end cars have aluminum body nowadays.

And according to this article it's not harder to repair than steel, just different.

jsanford | 02. Januar 2018

Since I plan to take the car to Costco and Home Depot, the sides are just going to be peppered with vertical creases from people slamming them with their doors.

Then again, I won’t be parking in compact spaces anymore; perhaps that’ll make a difference.

Shock | 02. Januar 2018

Too bad about fenders as they are the first place to rust in most vehicles. If aluminum they'd be good for a very long time.

skulleyb | 02. Januar 2018

I have had a ding with my s and the ding doc got it out perfectly.