Model 3 owners manual?

Model 3 owners manual?

I feel silly, but I cannot find the owners manual. It must be on the screen somewhere. Easy to find on our S, but I just cannot find it on the 3. Anyone?

steadicam | 03. Januar 2018

Nobody? Surely someone must know where their owners manual is.

rxlawdude | 03. Januar 2018

Try your Tesla account page for your M3.

charles.a.braun | 03. Januar 2018

Not in the car YET. But definitely in your MyTesla account.

Tesla2018 | 03. Januar 2018

Someone posted one a few months ago but it was written back before cars were going out to employees. Did they come out with a newer version. Would also like to get a copy of a parts catalogue but I dont know if Tesla makes them..

rxlawdude | 03. Januar 2018

Posting would be a violation of copyright law.

Just sayin'.

Xerogas | 03. Januar 2018

Dunno how to find it from the car's screen (because they don't have a browser yet, so I imagine it's hard for them to render the PDF).

In the meantime:

roger.klurfeld | 04. Januar 2018

I've downloaded what appears to be an end of 2017 version of the manual. It says the latest version of the manual is available on the Tesla web site at teslaaccount. But it doesn't show up in my account because I don't have my Model 3 yet. It is for North America and has 161 pages.

Haggy | 04. Januar 2018

There's another thread on the leaked manual, and I put a summary of changes between that and the production manual in the thread.

I had the same issue with the Model S where I had to go by a leaked manual before buying the car. I wanted to know what features it had. There were some missing, so I joined this forum to ask about them. I would have had a lot more free time on my hands if the information had been out there.

phil | 04. Januar 2018

Why don't they publish the manual, for a car that's been "in regular production" for six months now?

Manual not finished yet? They keep forgetting to post it on the company website? Another Tesla-style "disruption" of the auto industry? Contains secret info, suitable for owners only?

Carl Thompson | 04. Januar 2018

Yeah, I definitely don't understand not publishing the owners' manual.

ken.garrison | 02. Februar 2018

Since there's no search feature on these forums that I can find, here's the thread Haggy mentioned above:

Yodrak. | 02. Februar 2018

There's a December 21, 2017, version out there on the internet someplace, I don't recall where I got it.

Carl Thompson | 03. Februar 2018

Jan 3, 2018 version(?):


The_Flash | 15. Februar 2018

above is the owners manual from Tesla for Model 3 if anyone is still looking for it.

Carl Thompson | 15. Februar 2018

Better link that doesn't include somebody's VIN: