Model 3 OTA Update

Model 3 OTA Update

I received a notification last night of an update for my Model 3. My car is in the detailer’s shop so I can’t update at the moment. Have any new owners installed the update and can tell me what was added? Probably just bugs and minor fixes.


charles.a.braun | 02. Januar 2018

I just updated. Less than 5 minutes ago I got the notification that the update is complete.Went from 2017.48.09 to 2017.48.15. I am guessing with just a small leap the changes will be small as well. Probably "Bug Fixes" and the like. Won't know for another 4.5 hours though after work when I can get back to it.

pratap.sanaga | 02. Januar 2018

Can someone confirm if the latest update has the rain sensing wipers feature in Model 3? Trying to figure out if it is a Model S/X only feature or not... A screen shot of console would be great!

mark.ritter | 02. Januar 2018

There have been 4 updates since I took delivery 4 weeks ago. Some new features have shown up and I'm sure there have been some bug fixes. Emergency braking came 2 updates ago. Prior to that the air pressure screen for your tires. Trip summaries and a few other changes or new things. I personally would update because you don't know what they fixed.

mark.ritter | 02. Januar 2018

No rain sensing wipers yet.

charles.a.braun | 02. Januar 2018

@mark.ritter - What code are you running today?

mwojcie | 02. Januar 2018

Just updated both my MS and M3 and both received Auto Wipers.

KP in NPT | 03. Januar 2018

Well somebody got it because they posted a screen shot on twitter. Maybe they only released it to a handful of people.

andy.connor.e | 03. Januar 2018

auto wipers is something that'll have to happen if self driving is considerably a thing. Not that you'd need to see the road if the car is driving itself though.

martin.sklaver | 03. Januar 2018

Would auto wipers only be for cars with EAP?

andy.connor.e | 03. Januar 2018

Do teslas come with batteries?

danbry39 | 03. Januar 2018

Martin, I called Tesla on this and was told it will be for all Model 3s.

KP, yes it is inconsistent when people receive the same OTA updates. A lot of times, as is the case with the auto wipers, it comes in BETA form. Once they feel they've worked out the bugs, most everyone will receive it. I got mine the day before yesterday and am looking forward to putting it to the test over the next few days when rain is in the forecast.

2015P90DI | 03. Januar 2018

OP, If your car is at Tesla, they'll almost certainly upload and install the latest updates available, so when you pick up the car, it should have the latest software updates. Often times a more recent update than what's been released OTA.

Haggy | 04. Januar 2018

What Tesla calls beta is inconsistent. The auto wipers on the Model S when the feature was new could have been called beta. Instead people simply thought that Tesla did a poor job. TACC on the Model 3 is called beta. It wasn't called beta when it first came out on the Model S even though it was much worse than anything that Tesla calls beta now. TACC on the Model S should have been called beta when it was new. TACC on the Model 3 s of production quality from what I've seen, although I haven't used it enough to be certain. , I'd be surprised to find anything specific that TACC doesn't handle that ACC in another car would handle. I haven't driven every car out there, but the ones I have driven make the Model 3 look good in comparison. I think that the trip planner on the Model S is still called beta but I can't think of a reason why.