Software Updates

Software Updates

Im new to the Tesla community and had a question regarding software updates.Is there a way to read exactly what was updated? I've seen pictures of the S/X where there is a popup explaining what the update actually upgraded, but haven't seen anything of that nature on the Model 3.

Also, how do I exit the drawing pad? The only way I know of, besides the reset, is to use voice command to navigate me somewhere, which will bring up the map.


mwojcie | 02. Januar 2018

So there is supposed to be a "release notes" on the Tesla Info page that you access by taping the "T" at the top of the display. The owners manual for both of my M3s state that it is there, but it is not there yet. It is on my MS and this is where you can read about the update that you just received - I'm figuring a future update will add the release notes function. I just updated all my teslas and received Auto Wipers on all.

on the drawing pad - just tap the music icon on the bottom right of the screen and it will go away.

dshin93 | 02. Januar 2018

awesome, thank you mwojcie!

Haggy | 04. Januar 2018

I haven't seen release notes yet on the Model 3, but the Tesla Account shows them. It's in limited form, and shows 2017.48. The problem is that if they do it at that level, anybody who looked in the past wouldn't have seen the note about wipers. Anybody who looks now might see it even though the version of 2017.48 on the car might not have it, or the person might not even read it since it shows the same version number as last time.

How would a person know about the wiper feature without seeing release notes? | 04. Januar 2018

@Haggy - By coming to these forums! That's where you learn the most about your car :)