Will pay for Model 3 Test Drive in LA

Will pay for Model 3 Test Drive in LA

Hey all, I'm a non owner whose delivery estimate is "mid 2018"...dying to sit inside a model 3 but no one at Tesla will tell me when they plan to open up test drives. I see there are several Turo listings for M3s in LA area but I'm not desperate enough to drop $600 bucks for the experience of driving the car for 2 days. That said, I would pay a generous model 3 owner a few bucks for the chance to drive it for like 10-20 mins? Has anyone else done this? Am I crazy? Or is it just crazy enough to work :)

SamO | 03. Januar 2018

Just post your email address and you'll find that the elves will bring you rides . . .:-)

skulleyb | 04. Januar 2018

Email me skulleyb (at) gmail dot com
We can work something out maybe just buy lunch
Cars in for customizing till Friday maybe we could go for a ride early am sat.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 04. Januar 2018

Gotta love dem elves.

lifted012 | 07. Januar 2018

Can I join? I will but dinner :)
Same window as OP.

bayareakid2008 | 07. Januar 2018

I'll offer the same for anyone in Las Vegas!!!

seanvkelly | 07. Januar 2018

Anyone in OC/Irvine area. Gladly pay/buy lunch/dinner.

Erik | 07. Januar 2018

Wow this is really a special time to be alive. Would love a ride! I saw a red one driving up my street a month ago- in Laurel Canyon, West Hollywood. will gladly entertain and purchase food coffee or knick knacks!

Dansosa | 08. Januar 2018

Bay Area I live in Vegas. When can I see your 3

Dansosa | 08. Januar 2018
VEGASGEORGE27 | 09. Januar 2018

I`m in Vegas. I have 2 reservations for 2018 and would LOVE to test drive. VEGASGEORGE27@GMAIL.COM

SamO | 09. Januar 2018

I'm driving the Model 3 to CES in Vegas today. I will Supercharge and give some tours around 2pm at the South Vegas Supercharger . . . no charge. WElcome to all.

VEGASGEORGE27 | 09. Januar 2018

Gladly buy...Lunch, dinner, coffee,beer, wine? All the above?

bayareakid2008 | 09. Januar 2018

Dansosa, sorry, I meant I wanted to drive someone elses car. I do not have mine yet!

SamO | 09. Januar 2018

Yermo bump. Should arrive Las Vegas South Supercharger at 1245pm. Will update this thread. Just met a Google engineer who had driven 7,000 miles coast to coast and was heading back to San Jose.

Congratulations Samir!

razi | 09. Januar 2018

Anyone in the SF Bay Area (peninsula or south bay)? I can configure mine for delivery in 4 weeks, but would like a short test drive before I place an order. They can test drive my X in return.

Dansosa | 10. Januar 2018

SamO you still in Vegas? Or any other 3 owner. There is a supercharger at the container park. Would love to see your 3 before we get our email. Ordered March 31 10 am in store.

SamO | 10. Januar 2018

I'm back in LA. Drove through the night and slept late.

twincam23 | 11. Januar 2018

looks like they are starting to show up in stores if you want to sit in one. I work across the Century City mall and will confirm tomorrow.

Bman2112 | 12. Januar 2018

I'll buy breakfast, lunch or dinner for anyone willing to give me and my girlfriend a viewing/ride/test drive in the Chicago area. We both have reservations. She was a 04/03/2016 and I was a 06/04/2016. Both of ours are showing "mid 2018". I'm losing faith. A ride/viewing might reignite the flame.

joshua.blickman | 12. Januar 2018

Will pay for a test drive in San Diego (or a bit more north). Please email me at

GAGSTESLA | 12. Januar 2018

I will be in Vegas tomorrow, not sure what time yet.

charles.a.braun | 12. Januar 2018

There is a Vegas Tesla Owner Facebook Group and we meet for lunch every month, alternating Saturday and Sunday from month to month. This month's lunch is tomorrow at Lazy Dog right next to the Town Center Superchargers.

I hosted a Meet My Model 3 event 2 weeks ago at the same location and about 25 people showed up from the group. Including a Solar City employee with their Model 3 so there were 2 there for all to look at and sit in etc.

Anyway, I had planned to bring my Model 3 to tomorrow's luncheon but sadly it is still being repaired and I wont have it back til Tuesday. So I will be in my loaner Model S for tomorrow. But there are sure to be at least 1 or 2 Model 3's tomorrow if anyone wants to come by and check them out. I know of at least 3 people in Vegas that have theirs.

Lunch for the group tomorrow is 11-1 www.facebook. com/events/324298381411169/

nicoler711 | 12. Januar 2018

Anyone in Sacramento take delivery and willing to work out something similar?