roof racks

roof racks

Any knowledge if roof rack will be acces option for 3? Also, rear hitch bike mount option?

Kathy Applebaum | 04. Januar 2018

I doubt there will be a rear hitch mount bike rack option from Tesla, at least for the cars currently being produced. There's no good way to attach a hitch.

There's an attachment spot for a roof rack, so I'm sure we'll see one soon, like for the MS.

Haggy | 04. Januar 2018

I'm not sure how a roof rack will work for the Model 3. It doesn't have the same attachment points that the Model S has. That rules out using at least the anchoring parts of my current rack. I didn't see attachment spots on the Model 3. Maybe I didn't look hard enough.

andy.connor.e | 04. Januar 2018

I'd like to see Tesla get me some nice racks for my roof.

EVMan | 04. Januar 2018

I emailed Thule and asked if they were going to have roof racks for the M3, they indicated they would. Did not say when though.

Also I emailed Torklift Central to see if they would be making a hitch for the M3, they indicated that as soon as they got their hands on one they would design and start selling it. I have one of their hitches on my Volt. It mounts with no drilling or welding. Uses existing holes in the frame.