After 5 days of ownership, my biggest (only?) complaint is.....

After 5 days of ownership, my biggest (only?) complaint is.....

After 5 days of ownership, my biggest (only?) complaint is.....

Interior cabin noise at 70 mph+ free way speeds, particular on the junkie LA freeway pavement. This includes noise from:
- tires
- wind
- other vehicles

I have not checked the decibel level yet, but it feels qualitatively louder than my 2006 Lexus IS350.

I know one factor clearly is that the noise of my own engine isn't there to block the noise of other engines. But I still feel like I hear other cars a lot more. And the Lexus does not exactly have a noisy engine.

I am somewhat sensitive to noise, however.

I noticed the tires were pumped to 50 psi - I wonder if lowering the pressure would help? And I wonder if switching tires might help as well? (An expensive solution.)

My cheap solution is to wear my noise filter earplugs.

gwolnik | 07. Januar 2018

It may be illegal to wear earplugs while driving, you need to be able to hear sirens.

tesla | 07. Januar 2018

they aren't earplugs....noise filters

rgrant | 07. Januar 2018

I’m calling fake news, there’s no way you can get to 70 mph in LA traffic! ; )

tesla | 07. Januar 2018

@rgrant, damn you're right i just checked and my car was set to kmh!

ReD eXiLe ms us | 08. Januar 2018

Those sounds were always there. You no longer have an ICE in place to drown it all out. A decibel meter may deliver the same, or lower ambient volume results for the Tesla than the Lexus. You can always take the car to a custom automotive upholsterer and ask them to add copious amounts of sound dampening baffle material to the doors, fenders, wheel wells, trunk, frunk, and 'firewall'. I'm sure the extra 200 pounds or so of weight won't effect your mileage TOO much.

andy.connor.e | 08. Januar 2018

Even just a very quiet fan that i run all night, when that fan is not on, i can hear everything coming from neighbors upstairs. You'd be surprised how much louder everything else is when you take a noise out of the equation.

LostInTx | 08. Januar 2018

Agree with Andy. My first and only drive of a Tesla was a 40 min jaunt a few weeks ago. I heard the other cars clearly only because I didn't hear the one I drove. As Red offered, I'm confident the decibel level of lower but the noise was just shifted from internal to external.

mntlvr23 | 08. Januar 2018

that's what the radio is for

andy.connor.e | 08. Januar 2018

Walk around for 20 minutes humming an "mmmmm". Then stop humming, and start complaining about how loud the world is.

rtanov | 08. Januar 2018

This comparison of the TM3 with the Bolt and new Leaf has a section for ride and noise - they measured the sound level at 74.2 dBA, which was a bit higher than the other two:

mark.ritter | 08. Januar 2018

Quieter and a better ride than any car I have ever owned before.

charles.a.braun | 08. Januar 2018

After 9 days of ownership I took my Model 3 to the Service Center with my list of issues. Thus far, they say that they have resolved most of them but they have had my car since last Friday (1-5) morning and it does not look like I will have it back before next Monday (1-15) at the earliest.

andrewlee05 | 08. Januar 2018

what loaner car do they give you? MS or MX?

charles.a.braun | 08. Januar 2018

@andrewlee05 - They gave me an S75. No AP or TACC. I have become spoiled in the previous 9 days and I really miss them. When I realized I was going to have the car for at least a week, I asked if they could enable them. I was told no. Doesn't make much sense to me. They are Tesla loaners. It should not cost them anything to enable the features that the hardware is already there to support.

danielebernd | 08. Januar 2018

What are your issues after 9 days of ownership? Would you mind to tell?

eeb9 | 08. Januar 2018

I’m happy to hear that they are giving out loaners for Model 3 owners, regardless of feature set.

Coastal Cruiser. | 08. Januar 2018

I rented a Ford Taurus at LAX one tine to get to Santa Barbara. Not exactly a luxury car, but I was blown away how much quieter the freeway noise was compared to the jalopies I had been driving over the years. From then on ambient sound level became a criteria in purchasing a new car.

Sound dampening -if the option ever were to become available- is about the only option I would consider for my M3 other than paint.

I test drove a Bolt and you could hear relatively more road noise in it. | 08. Januar 2018

I suspect the tires and road condition are the #1 source of cabin noise. An alternative tire might be better, but that's hard to tell. If the tires are overinflated, they will be harder and make more noise. Also, many times brand new tires have little knobs that wear off in the first 1000 miles, so the tires may get quieter once they has a slight bit of wear.

One thing that surprised me (in my MS) is while there is some noise, the noise level is lower and I don't have to crank the music so loud to hear it clearly as I did in our prior cars (Lexus, Infiniti, etc.). I think it really contributes to a more enjoyable ride, especially on long trips. The refresh S is even quieter than the first S, so Tesla has been learning a lot on how to keep a car quiet. While I suspect the M3 may not match the MS or a Lexus LS (at twice the cost), I suspect it will best 90% of the cars in the market.

Any owners with both MS and M3 willing to weight in on the noise comparison debate? It would be great to also share how old the MS and milage on the M3 (and tire sizes of each).

charles.a.braun | 08. Januar 2018

@mr.bro - Everything from is sounds like I am driving a "bucket of bolts" with all the clunks, clanks and squeaks to AP/Parking Sensor defects to paint defects. Paint defects will take the longest to resolve because the service center cant fix those and they need to send it to an authorized body shop. They say that will take 5-6 days to repair but first they will finish the repairs that they can do.

My complete list of issues are:
Charge Port Door reports open on phone app (This appears to be an app problem as many are reporting the same thing and the car itself says that the door is closed.)
Auto Pilot / Parking Sensors (Still working on these but see this to see and hear about the problem .com/watch?v=SeWWzBegQOI)
Seats with profiles (They say this is resolved but when switching between profiles the driver seat would not move back or forwards. All other profile settings would adjust.)
Paint (Going to take 5-6 days and must be sent to Authorized body shop)
Alignment (They say many complaint that car pulls to the right and that this will be fixed with software later)
Walk away door lock (Only about 1/2 time does the car actually lock when I walk away. I can get a block away and check my phone and it still shows my car as unlocked. I can lock from my phone. I imagine that this might have to be a software update later as well)
Rattles and Squeaks (They say that they have resolved these noises but on Friday morning at the Service Center, they asked me to take them on a test drive Friday morning so that they could hear all the noises the car makes. I didn't even make it out or the services center back parking lot at 5MPH before the car was rattling and clunking like my 1967 Volkwswagon Stationwagon. The car seriously sounds like a death trap. Also when turning the steering wheel there is a loud squeak like there is a mouse own a wheel that operates the steering function of the car.)

Coastal Cruiser. | 08. Januar 2018

When I test drove a Model S it was in Santa Barbara, at a time when they were repaving a 10 mile stretch of Highway 101. CalTrans had removed the blacktop and cars were driving on the substrate of the road

Yes, really. The substrate was kind of a concrete material with a rough surface. Cars were driving on it at the usual warp 7 freeway speeds.

I had driven the stretch of highway several times in a 2016 Prius. The noise level was deafening. In the Model S you could still hear the road noise, but it was comparatively quieter than the Prius.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 08. Januar 2018

Coastal_Cruiser: I once got a parking ticket on the street outside my apartment on street cleaning day when the road was torn up just like that. There was no street, but I was ticketed for impeding street sweepers that never came. No, not for blocking construction, because there was no one there. Street cleaning.

danielebernd | 08. Januar 2018

Thank you very much for your honest Report.
Many issues (charge Port Open door, Seat Profiles, Walk away lock) i am sure can be solved via OTA update...

Rattles and sqeaks are a minor issue in my opinion.

But up to know I have not heard about any major car Problems ( Drive unit, battery problems, charging Unit and so on) which could be easily possible.

That is somehow soothing...

charles.a.braun | 08. Januar 2018

Normally I would agree with you that Rattles and Squeaks are minor. But I am serious when I say it sounded as if half the bolts holding the car together were only half tightened on the assembly line. It was quite scary and disconcerting to drive at even 5-10 MPH and at freeway speeds it sounded as if I was defying certain death with every tiny bump in the road.

As I was driving to the service center Friday morning (Burbank) if you are familiar with the area of the S/B 5 where they are doing all the construction in Burbank, I thought for sure I was going to have to stop what I had left of my car and get out and pick up all the pieces that I was sure were falling off and littering the lanes.

As mentioned though, they say that they have fixed those problems so it should not be an issue any longer. Had I been offered a test drive of my car before buying, I would have absolutely not bought it. A different Model 3 without the noises, sure no problem, where do I sign. But not this one!

danielebernd | 08. Januar 2018

Well, that sounds frightening. Maybe you just had bad luck and got a „Monday morning“ car as we in Germany say.

But it sounds that these problems can be easily fixed definitely...

Carl Thompson | 08. Januar 2018

So is it not possible at all to test drive your car before you sign just to make sure you don't have problems like this? If not then that really sucks.

People here like to say how much better this is than the dealer model but if a dealer told me I couldn't test drive the very car I was buying before hand I'd laugh my way to another dealer. But if I want a Tesla it seems I just have to accept it.

How is this better than being asked to buy options I don't necessarily need?

andy.connor.e | 08. Januar 2018

I'd also laugh my way to another dealer. Too bad there isnt another dealer to go to.

rxlawdude | 08. Januar 2018

@CT, Tesla is clearly not for you. I hear the Bolt with CCS charging might be a good option for you.

charles.a.braun | 08. Januar 2018

I bought sight unseen and without test drive in large part because I know that Tesla will treat me right and resolve any problems. Which is precisely what they are doing. But thanks for playing.

SO | 08. Januar 2018

Also remember that you special ordered the car. You can accept it and then Tesla can fix if needed.

Anthony J. Parisio | 08. Januar 2018

Mini car such as Lincoln and Lexus have sound dampening right in their stereo systems. This sound dampening is on every time you are in the car even if the stereo is not on. This is the major reason these cars are so quiet.

Beagle | 08. Januar 2018

Tesla, how does the ride compare to your IS350, and have you lowered the tire pressure from 50psi?

Mozart | 08. Januar 2018

Some people would complain if the sky was blue

GAGSTESLA | 08. Januar 2018, Owner of a early 2014 S and a 10 day old 3. 85,000 miles on the S, 336 on the 3. I would say the S is a bit quieter the the 3. However the 3 feels like it handles better (more nimble). it is amazing to see what Tesla has done in 4 short years. Either way, I am one lucky person to be driving these cars.

sbeggs | 08. Januar 2018

Nice comparison...thanks!

bayareakid2008 | 08. Januar 2018

Byrned, you don't think a poorly put together car is a good reason to complain?

SamO | 08. Januar 2018


I call it throwing the dart. The car gets up and goes.

I drove Model S yesterday for the first time and it floats. Very comfy, plenty quick. But not sporty.

Just an incredible experience.

Rthughes77 | 11. Januar 2018

After reading the problems with Charles Braun make me wonder what is going on with their quality control system, how do you let that car get to the customer, it's not like your building 5000 a week. They should be going over every car with a fine tooth comb.Mr Braun problems with his vehicle is very unsettling. If a auto journalist had to review Mr Brauns car with those problems it wouldn't be very good for Tesla no matter how Elon spinned it

phil | 11. Januar 2018

Rthughes77 | January 11, 2018 "After reading the problems with Charles Braun make me wonder what is going on with their quality control system"

It's not the QC system I'd worry about, it's the manufacturing system. Defects like those should be eliminated months before the start of production, not months after start of production. Because they can take a long time to iron out. The software stuff could possibly get a quick fix, but the hardware defects...

Mr. Braun is no doubt right to believe Tesla will take care of him. But they can't possibly take care of 20,000 new cars per month, if even a small fraction of them have such defects. When you produce cars in volume, they all have to be near-identical, and near-perfect. I'm thinking that when Tesla announced that they are slowing the ramp to focus on quality, they weren't kidding. And it may be a long, deep slowdown.

Or, maybe it's only the the one car with problems, all the rest are fine, and they'll be cranking them out at ludicrous speed by next month. Which way would you bet?

charles.a.braun | 11. Januar 2018

Something else I find a bit disconcerting about the repair process. I find that the GPS on the app is quite accurate, within a few feet. Providing it is accurate right now 2109hrs on a Thursday night, my car is supposedly sitting in the parking lot of a body shop in OC not just with the doors unlocked but with the passenger door open.

That doesn't give me a warm fuzzy feeling.

Haggy | 12. Januar 2018

Assuming the GPS is accurate, it's probably in a closed off lot, possibly with guards, which was the case in Fremont. I don't know about OC specifically. An open door seems strange if it's accurate, but you have to consider that somebody might be working on it. Fremont went to shifts years ago, it cut down a lot on the wait, and I saw my car being worked on at that hour.

charles.a.braun | 12. Januar 2018

Haggy, we are not talking a Tesla Service Center in this case. My car is currently at a 3rd party body shop. Tesla approved but not Tesla owned or operated. The hours on the shops website are 8A-8P. This was after 9P so I assume everyone was gone for the day.

Maybe I will google street view the address to see if it has a fenced off area.

Calbruins | 12. Januar 2018


What kind of paint defects did you have? I assume you spotted them during delivery, and then had to arrange to drop it off later at a body shop to fix? or did you spot them over time?

Curious how bad those are.

charles.a.braun | 12. Januar 2018

Paint defects were not seen during delivery but the first time I washed the car.

Below the rear drivers side door just before the rear tire wheel well the paint was "bubbling"/"rough" not quite sure how to describe it but it looks like it dried well before it was smoothed over (if that makes sense).

It was one of the list of things I wanted fixed, which I have laid out in this post and others. I believe my list was 8 items long that I took to the Service Center 1 week ago this morning. The SC fixed what they could, have told me that software and app updates wiill fix the things that they could not but they had to send the car to a Tesla approved body shop to fix the paint. They did that on Tuesday (or at least they told me they were going to do that on Tuesday but in reality didn't do it til Wednesday).

I called a little while ago to find out the status of my car that I had only had for 9 days prior and I have been told that I will likely get my "Solo Cup" back next Tuesday.

I have an S75 (No TACC or SP) as a loaner that we will be taking to Vegas tonight.

SamO | 12. Januar 2018

Someone closed the door but not completely.

vinny_s85 | 12. Januar 2018

i have had the car for 2 weeks and my only complaint is the backup camera image quality. the image is of much lower quality as compared to the image from our 2014 Model S's backup camera. I've seen same comment from others as well, so I know it's not just our car. Overall, though, great car and loving it.

Rutrow | 12. Januar 2018

"with the doors unlocked but with the passenger door open.

That doesn't give me a warm fuzzy feeling."

This is where the saying "Ignorance is bliss" comes from.

charles.a.braun | 12. Januar 2018

I did just google street view the address and it is indeed in a well fenced off complex. Still though not happy that the door was "open" all night. Have no way of knowing if it was wide open or just "ajar" but regardless I would never leave my car in such a manner even when parked in my own closed and locked garage and my expectation is that a vendor would take the same precautions to secure my vehicle as I do. I suppose I expect to much though.

Bluesday Afternoon | 12. Januar 2018


I have an appointment for January 29th to repaint the passenger side door due to slight scratches. The paint issue was documented when I picked up my Model 3 from the MDR Delivery Center. Dropped by the Costa Mesa Tesla Service Center and within 5 minutes drove my car next door to European Motor Car Works to show the paint issue. European used to be off of Dyer in Santa Ana but recently located next door to Tesla. I had my Model S rear bumper repaired and painted (crazy garage door mishap) by European and was quite satisfied with the color match. I'm hoping for the same result with my Model 3 door. I have over 300 miles on my 3 and don't seem to have the clanks and rattles you mention. My hearing isn't what it used to be so I need to have a youngster sit in the car and give me feedback. Good luck with your 3 and let us know how it turns out.

charles.a.braun | 12. Januar 2018

@Simply Red - Maybe that part of my problem. My hearing aint what it used to be either until the VA gave me hearing aids about 11 months ago. Now I hear things, I often wish I didn't ;-). Any way, I have tallied up 1600 miles in my 9 days that I did have the car the the rattles and squeaks just got louder and louder with each mile. Of course, California's fine highway system may also have something to do with that but it just was not acceptable.

As for the paint, expect 3-5 days for the repairs. That was the expectation set for my by the good folks at the Burbank Service Center. In reality though, it is going to be 6-7 days. Hopefully yours is speedier but great quality.