Model 3 Got Motor-Trended in COTY

Model 3 Got Motor-Trended in COTY

I mean of course the Alfa Romeo Giulia isn't actually THE car of the year.

Alex Roy's latest: | 08. Januar 2018

Great article. I read the Motor Trend issue and was wondering the same thing Alex actually states.

SamO | 08. Januar 2018

The Giulia is a pig. Very sad that Motor Trend was party to stuffing it into the dress. Even the pig knows that something's wrong.

Turning Motor Trend into a verb is better than constantly attacking Electrek.

Coastal Cruiser. | 08. Januar 2018

Thanx for posting KP. Excellent article. It doesn't explain why the Model S won the award, but it is a damn fine article.

KP in NPT | 08. Januar 2018

Good point, @CC. @SamO, ask Alex that the next time you see him. ;-)

akgolf | 08. Januar 2018

Nice article and I was also confused after their earlier statements on the car.

rgrant | 08. Januar 2018

@CC - I think they were hoping to sell Tesla an advertising package. Tesla didn’t bite so f’you on COTY with the Model 3. Also didnt Tesla not supply a vehicle for testing?

stevea137 | 08. Januar 2018

@rgrant Probably not a long term test vehicle. These car magazines like to get long term test cars to hold onto for several months (like 6+months). I don't think I've ever heard of Tesla doing that.

Heck, after being burned so many times by fake negatives reviews, I'm surprised they even release cars for reviews anymore.

Coastal Cruiser. | 08. Januar 2018

They did get a 3 for testing. And they did a Buyers Guide article in November.

But there may be something to your supposition about Tesla not biting. It's open to speculation I suppose, as are the reasons Alex ascribes to the Model 3 being passed over.

However, if the M3 does not win the award next year -when non-employee and non-owner cars are being purchased en masse- it would seem the publication will incur a substantial credibility gap. If MT doesn't lead... they may have no choice but to follow.

Carl Thompson | 08. Januar 2018

Completely ridiculous sour grapes article. Absolute Tesla-fanboy pandering junk with no actual substance. Waste of time to read.

SamO | 09. Januar 2018

Dipstick chimes in. You aren’t fit to carry Alex’s colostomy bag.

dyefrog | 09. Januar 2018

It's great to see one of their own calling them out on such a glaring political agenda but I think he missed a major reason. Making the COTY an EV for 2 years in a row would look as though they have abandoned their petrol head subscribers and likely caused a mass exodus. I don't read the mag but I wonder how many letters to the editor last year were in that vein.
His credibility was vindicated to me when at the end, he would have chosen a different car for COTY than the Model 3 so his bias as suggested above was expunged.

andy.connor.e | 09. Januar 2018

No point in reading reviews. Too much bias from diehard fanboys, and diehard hatred. The Model 3 is either the best car ever, or not worth a dime. Only the ones who can truly ignore the garbage, and see it for themselves, will be able to appreciate it for what it is.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 09. Januar 2018

Enthusiasts argue. That's just what they do. Cars, sports, videogames, whatever.

Until Tesla, I could and would and did argue the merits of Chevrolet and Honda against anyone who wanted to support AUDI/Porsche/Volkswagen or Ford/Lincoln/Mercury any time of day or night.

I don't care how successful Sony PlayStation has been these past 25 years, I preferred Sega's products and games and consider the Xbox franchise a spiritual extension of that experience.

I am thoroughly disgusted by FOX Sports' decades-long bias toward the Dallas Cowboys and NFC East such that I only get to watch the San Francisco 49ers when they are in the playoffs (due to contractual obligations), and no one else in the NFC West if there is any NFC East team scheduled to play the same day.

The problem facing automobile enthusiast magazines is that everything is fair game, until a serious electric car shows up. You can passionately argue in favor of your favorite ICE manufacturer as much as you like, convince no one to change their mind, and still go home feeling as if you have 'won' somehow.

At the Run What Ya Brung Capital of the World, a 1/4 mile drag strip, the ultimate benchmark in straight line performance, all that matters is who trips the lights first at the end of the run. Top speed, number of cylinders, inline, 60° V, 90° V, boxer, horizontal, flat, Wankel rotary, turbocharged, supercharged, squeezed, chipped, dipped, stripped, fuel mix, street legal or not -- doesn't matter. You win some, you lose some, you pays your money, you takes your chances, and you concede when the other guy beat you that day. Then in the days or weeks before you challenge them again you try to figure out a way to show them your tail lights next time.

But electric cars don't play by the rules. It just ain't fair. They don't blow up. They don't lose traction and go off careening sideways into the crowd. They don't spit fire and blow smoke. And worst of all, they make it look easy when king your @$s... silently. Once EVs start whomping your butt, they just don't stop. Like the [MICKEY FICKEY] Energizer Bunny -- for REAL. It just ain't fair. This can't be real. How could the mantra 'There's no Replacement for Displacement', repeated so often over the decades and proven once and for all when The Great Carroll Shelby stuffed a 427 under the hood of an Austin Healy to make the COBRA, ~*POSSIBLY*~ fail the ICE faithful? It just ain't fair. Because even the vaunted power-to-weight ratio calculations fail in the face of massive amounts of instantaneous torque delivered without delay. It just ain't fair.

Because anyone who gets behind the wheel, rears back and kicks the ever-lovin' dog $#!+ out of the GO Pedal can do it. Sorry, Chris Harris, it doesn't matter one whit that you think a Tesla is 'only good up to 120' -- the race was over back at the 1/4 mile marker, when you were still looking at the tail lights of a Model S P100D from your favored position in the driver's seat of a Porsche 911 that was a hair away from being race prepped (that means you lost, buddy). And as you enjoy your dreams of moving the goal posts to the 1/2 mile point instead, you'll hear me whisper, not consolingly in the night, "It just ain't fair."

And yeah, I've heard the arguments that say 1/4 mile sprints don't really count, just like circle, oval, and super-oval racing is put down as somehow illegitimate by certsin automotive snobs. "Real racing has LEFTS ~*AND*~ RIGHTS!" they say. Sure. And the single most challenging circuit with lefts and rights is Nürburgring, where an electric car holds the lap record. Soon, an electric car will hold the production car lap record there too. Yeah, I know... It just ain't fair.

mscott | 09. Januar 2018

@ReD, +42^42!

Bri | 09. Januar 2018

@ReD nice little essay, got it posted in a blog or something so we can share off the forum?

andy.connor.e | 10. Januar 2018

What i enjoy most is knowing ReD understands things.

eeb9 | 10. Januar 2018

@ReD - Well-said!

I look forward to some variant of the Model 3 entering the record books at the Nürburgring. That, along with the MS P100D's convincing performance at the drag strip, would tend to quiet the arguments a bit.

If I had the room, time and $$$ I'd maintain a small selection of classics for weekend fun... A '67 MINI Cooper rally car, a heavily-modded '57 Chevy Nomad and a '69 RoadRunner with a matching-numbers Hemi...

Well, ok, maybe not the last - far too valuable to risk actually driving it. So I'd take a modded version without regard to matching numbers.

But I agree - each of those will eventually fade into dusty, misty legend as new generations no longer even bother to learn how to drive...

ReD eXiLe ms us | 11. Januar 2018

mscott: Thanks.

Bri: Not anymore. I used to write for an enthusiast videogame website or three, but I've not had a specific web presence of my own beyond ancient unused MySpace, Facebook, and Google+ accounts. I may fix that once I have more reliable internet access here in the boonies behind the styx.

andy.connor.e: I've long considered what I write to be 'Miscellaneous Ramblings of a Deranged Mind'. Anything understandable that comes of it is purely accidental.

eeb9: I'd love, love, LOVE to have a 1967 Chevrolet Corvette 427 Stingray with the split window... That wouldn't keep me from wondering why it isn't an electric car... and eventually converting it to be one. Then I'd have to sit back and wait for the Assassins and Ninja to come for me as a result of my 'blaphemy' as I held a sign that read "YEAH, BUT IT'S FASTER NOW!"

carlk | 12. Januar 2018

Just read the Road and Track review linked in another thread. That the Model 3 is not the COTY this year (and that the Bolt was last year's) will forever leave a black spot on Motor Trend's reputation.

Haggy | 12. Januar 2018

Technically, it was too late to make it the 2017 COTY and they didn't evaluate a 2018. It will be the identical car, but that's how Tesla does things.

carlk | 12. Januar 2018

The Model 3 was in the running though. It just was not selected as the final COTY.

jordanrichard | 12. Januar 2018

Convert a split window Corvette to electric. Ya, that would be suicide. Some cars should be left alone/preserved as they were and that would be one o them. Buy a POS Chevy Citation and covert that. No one will care.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 12. Januar 2018

jordanrichard: I'd definitely do it if I could get it to fly and it had a Mr. Fusion, an oscillation overthruster as well as a flux capacitor. I think I could get away from hater/purists that way, no problem. Besides, there are much cheaper ways to commit suicide.