tesla 3 customer service issues

tesla 3 customer service issues

Atoms | 12. Januar 2018

Can be escalated.

sfrealtor | 12. Januar 2018

just here to vent. not happy with Tesla Customer service. 2 hours before my scheduled pick up, i get a call saying “sorry, we have to do an update and your car will not be ready for pickup. we do not know when we can reschedule and will call you at a later date”. what the hell? basically the tone from tesla is everyone wants us so bad we don’t give a shit that you cancelled work appointments, have to commute 1 hour to get there and only provide me with a 2 hour notice. tesla, get your head out of your ass and get your shit together. people are letting you slide because you have no real competition and have a cool factor, but this public sentiment will close fast if you continue to treat your customers in this way. im already hearing customers sick of having to take their tesla into the shop due to electronic and body issues but giving you a pass.

rxlawdude | 12. Januar 2018

@dionkcheng, I feel your frustration, as I had a late-the-day-before call that the delivery needed to be rescheduled. I called Customer Service (I assume you are an existing X or S owner), and the person performed miracles, confirming with the delivery center that the car would indeed be ready at the promised time.

Did you get an email with the specific date and time? That provides a much stronger argument to get Tesla to respond than if you just got a call with no corroborating writing.

sfrealtor | 12. Januar 2018

Thanks for the advise. Was in the schedule but they had a service alert which caused the delay. My frustration is with the 2 hour notice. I would think the cars would be checked a day prior and ready to go. If there’s an issue, I would hope for more than 2 hours. With limited pickup locations, people have to drive hours to get their car. Luckily I’m only 1 hour away.

dsvick | 12. Januar 2018

The delivery center has no control over when they get a service alert. I'd be happy they caught it and let me know, instead of just letting me drive off with the car only to have to "cancelled work appointments, [and] commute 1 hour to get there" all over again just to get it taken care of.

rxlawdude | 12. Januar 2018

@dsvick, that's true. But that "service alert" would apply to all the M3s out there, right? I see no reason to substantially delay a promised delivery.

Note I said "substantially." As in, not on the day promised.

Haggy | 12. Januar 2018

What they could have done, which would have been awkward, was deliver your car and then immediately take it in for service for you, giving you a loaner. Or they could have cut out the middle step and just offered you a loaner for the duration of the delay. They did that with me for the Model S after the delivery was postponed twice but that was years ago and it was 111 days between configuring and picking it up. Giving you a car that you would have needed to take in for service might have been harder on you.

Of course two hours doesn't seem adequate. It might have been something that popped up two hours before you were scheduled to come in and they had no choice. Or it might have been something that they knew about for days but they decided to wait until the last minute to call you. I tend to doubt it was the latter. Either way it was unfortunate and I can't blame you for being angry about it.