The SINGLE best quality of my Model 3

The SINGLE best quality of my Model 3

My answer is so easy:

Energy efficiency! (19” wheels @ 45 lbs)

329.2 miles
79 kW
241 Wh/mi

My S85D has (20” wheels @ 45 lbs):

35,738 miles
314 Wh/mi

I’ve owned my Model S nearly three years and rarely felt my range came close to advertised. I know it’s early but I’m truly surprised by the performance. Not quite shocked but really impressed! There are many other likes about my Model 3 but this is clearly numero uno!

Love to hear from other new owners but remember SINGLE best quality.

charles.a.braun | 12. Januar 2018

My Alcantara PUP material ;-)

burdogg | 12. Januar 2018

Oh charles - no, please no, you didn't go there :)

I move that we strike from the record Charles.a.brauns comment...

Coastal Cruiser. | 12. Januar 2018

Just start the thread all over. He probably got it out of his system. ;>

CC: btw - this looks like the first of the "one Model 3 owner talking to other Model 3 owners" ... to the exclusion of the reservists.

Model 3 owners: Just shut up CC and you will undoubtedly learn a lot by the time you get your car

CC: But I feel so left out. Not a member of the club.

Model 3 owners: Shut it!

CC: OK. (:emoji of dejection mixed with acceptance)

Bluesday Afternoon | 12. Januar 2018


I thought about adding a sentence to emphasize how non-owner reservation holders could benefit from the Model 3 "Owners" wise and enlightening SINGLE best comments. But I figured they'd chime in anyway. Hopefully you noticed I didn't make it a PRIVATE thread. ;-)


That was my SECOND best quality! Perhaps it's a good time to go eBay!?

Rutrow | 12. Januar 2018

"emoji of dejection mixed with acceptance"


Coastal Cruiser. | 12. Januar 2018

Thanx Rutrow :>

Bless you SR. In my overwhelming despondence It had escaped my attention that you had not gone private. In all seriousness, thank you, and I will be in reading mode only for the remainder of your thread. :>

GAGSTESLA | 12. Januar 2018

My favorite thing is the screen in the middle. Once you get used to it, it is a no-brainer. Super easy to use, no lights right in front of you to bug you at night.

Bluesday Afternoon | 12. Januar 2018


NO!! Chime in to bring this positive thread to the top. It is perplexing/disappointing to see a negative thread live an almost endless life on the Forum. Too many folks complain and I'm NOT happy with them! (Sorry, if you see that as a complaint.) ;-)

burdogg | 12. Januar 2018

A fantastic car being drug through the mud, all for the sake of what... :) I bet Elon is just rolling his eyes :)

Sorry, now back to the single BEST quality...

Wait, can't comment yet, still stuck on the 7734 invitee list :)

owlegrad2 | 12. Januar 2018

The single best quality about my Model 3 is that it is imaginary, and thus perfect.

I kid. Can't wait to find out what I love about it the most!

Tropopause | 12. Januar 2018

The efficiency is outstanding.

rxlawdude | 12. Januar 2018

@SR, my lifetime consumption in the MS is and has been consistently 314Wh/m. The M3, between our road trip and a few daily commutes is running 247Wh/m.

Very nice. I found I could easily do two days of commute (around 200 miles) on a 90% charge and still have 10% left.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 12. Januar 2018


Surf | 12. Januar 2018

Single best quality is that it will be in my driveway in 3 more days.

Hi_Tech | 12. Januar 2018

Very glad to hear about the efficiency. Good stuff. Keep it coming.

SGB | 12. Januar 2018

The headlights and visibility at night are great. And then there’s the handling. Oh yeah, the efficiency too.

PhillyGal | 13. Januar 2018

I cant wait until I have my car and can actually answer this but for now, I'm very excited and looking forward those kind of efficiency numbers. Our most frequent mid-distance trips are both in the 110 mile range with no charging available on site so a round trip isn't doable in the S85, even with ~250 of rated range. The one trip has way too much up-mountain for it to even be close.

PhillyGal | 13. Januar 2018

*isn't doable without a supercharger stop along the way...

cookpwr | 13. Januar 2018

definitely the air vent - air direction - air split. control system provided by dragging your finger around on the screen

i’ll “second” the horizontal center display. this is the way “displays” of all types are uses (desktop monitors, laptops, ipads or other tablets). very few use a screen in a vertical position. the enhanced screen real estate and how it’s pulled out from the dash is very well designed.

cephellow | 13. Januar 2018

The interior overall. So nice that Franz clearly maintained the design vision and did not compromise. The model S interior was a simple half step toward this truly wonderful cabin.