Tax credit for Alameda county,CA

Tax credit for Alameda county,CA

How much tax credit would I get for a standard model with premium upgrade package and the enhanced autopilot options?
I live in Alameda county in California.

sroh | 22. Januar 2018

That depends on when you take delivery of the Tesla. Possibly as high as $7,500 federal tax credit plus $2,500 CA tax credit. That could get reduced to $3,750 or even $1,875 federal tax credit depending on how long it takes you to take delivery. The cutoff for the $7,500 federal tax credit looks like it will either be June 30 or Sept 30 of this year.

You may also qualify for a small credit from your power utility.

gopinathpcg | 22. Januar 2018

Thanks, According to update from Tesla, I am supposed to get the Standard model in mid 2018.
I am not sure what really "mid" is.
If it's latest by Sep 30, would I receive the full $7500+$2500 ?

sroh | 22. Januar 2018

That depends on Tesla's delivery of vehicles in the US. The law is that you will be eligible for the full $7,500 federal tax credit if you take delivery by the end of the quarter AFTER Tesla ships their 200,000th EV to customers in the US. So if Tesla ships their 200,000th car in Q1 (anytime up until Mar 31), then all deliveries through June 30 will be eligible. If Tesla doesn't ship their 200,000th until April 1, they all deliveries through Sept 30 will be eligible for the full $7,500. People are currently estimating Tesla will hit that 200,000 mark sometime in Q1 or Q2. Sorry, but I don't think anyone knows at this point.

After that, the $3,750 federal credit will last for two full quarters, followed by two more quarters at $1,875 credit.

billstanton | 23. Januar 2018

$500 from PG&E

badaman | 23. Januar 2018

$2500 CA state tax credit only if you make less than $150K income.

Rodo | 23. Januar 2018

$7500 federal refund only if you pay that much in federal taxes.

michael | 23. Januar 2018

billstanton@, could you provide a link to PG&E rebate?

The_Flash | 23. Januar 2018
socaldave | 23. Januar 2018

The state gives a $2500 REBATE (if you fulfill all the req'd criteria), not credit.

sroh | 23. Januar 2018

@badaman, right, thanks for the additional clarification. I believe it's $150K for single and $300K for married?

badaman | 23. Januar 2018

@sroh - I believed $250K for married.

tigerkc | 23. Januar 2018

November 1 2016 – Present
$150,000 for single filers
$204,000 for head-of-household filers
$300,000 for joint filers

Please see the guideline here: