Congrats Eagles (of the Philadelphia variety, not of the PDX reincarnations) and Congrats to PhillyGal

Congrats Eagles (of the Philadelphia variety, not of the PDX reincarnations) and Congrats to PhillyGal

It is hard for a Skins fan to be rooting for the Dirty Birds - but had to do it. Great game.

12Brent | 04. Februar 2018

@PG, Hope you survive the riots.

MarylandS85 | 04. Februar 2018

You’re a Skins fan too?! I’m sorry for calling you minute lover. I rooted for the Eagles too, although now I can happily go back to hating the Eagles again. All is well in the world.

And ain’t nobody gotta feel sorry for Brady. He gets to go home to five rings and a hot wife. Although I hope as he strips to get in the sack with said wife, all he can think about is that strip-sack, at least for a few nights. Or a few dozen nights.

burdogg | 04. Februar 2018

Didn't watch (sorry) but rooted for my alma mater Foles! Interesting what his future holds...I mean, win a superbowl and then what? let alone a Superbowl for a town that last won this in 1960! So, he now goes back to second stringer, or shipped off to somewhere else after winning the superbowl? Man, what a crazy situation. To me, amazing story, to come in at the season as the backup and accomplish what he did! Nice!

Not that it is all about the QB, but just look at the Cardinals several years ago - season flying high, things going great, superbowl contenders, then Carson Palmer goes down, limp into the playoffs, and eliminated first round because didn't have a QB. This was the exact scenario for Eagles this year and many wondered if they would have the same fate...but at last, backup QB was came through in a big way.

mntlvr23 | 04. Februar 2018

Skins just need a new owner, then a few years.
It was good to see Darrell Green carrying the Lombardi Trophy tonight - he is my all time favorite player.
I was fortunate enough to be in the stands at each of his two Super Bowl wins.

yaheya | 04. Februar 2018

Congratulations Eagles!

RichardKJ | 04. Februar 2018

Congrats PhillyGal and all other Phillys.

nwfan | 05. Februar 2018

@mntlvr23 - washington fan in the heart of cowboy land. Note only teams to defeat NE are NFC East 3X
Yeah it wasn't that hard. Now if it had been Dallas.

sbeggs | 05. Februar 2018

Congrats, @Phillygal et al!

At least I can claim to have been born in the other end of the State.

noleaf4me | 05. Februar 2018

Great hoo to Tom and sad - too bad...

PG - I hope all is still in place.....I'm sure that last play had things moving all around!....and watch out for them riots - I mean celebrations!

LostInTx | 05. Februar 2018

As a lifelong Cowboy fan, this is the first time in 50 years I've pulled for the Eagles. But pull I did - congrats to the Dirty Birds.And with Nick Foles doing his thing, I think we may have a new record. We now have two SB winning QB's from the same high school; shameless plug, mainly Westlake High School in Austin. Yep, Foles and Drew Brees. I'm pretty sure this is a first.

gar1116 | 05. Februar 2018

Soo, Eagles won the Super Bowl. Does that bump the Philly area reservation holders up in line?

nikhilm_2000 | 05. Februar 2018

Hope all the TSLA owners locked their cars in a garage or a box. Those celebrations turned too rowdy it seems.

PhillyGal | 05. Februar 2018


I, your fearless, resident short person at a whopping 5'1" and nearly in my 9th month of pregnancy, felt and was completely safe when I immediately rushed to one of the well known gathering spots last night. I saw:

Cheering and screaming
Kids on shoulders
A few too many drunks stumbling and smoking cigarettes
One pole climber who climbed up slowly, had his picture taken, and climbed back down
Lots of police officers smiling and doing their job

On the news this morning I heard:
MANY 10s of thousands of people flocked to many areas of the city
Broad Street down town, where hoards of drunk 20-somethings congregated after hours of drinking, suffered exactly:
One broken awning from the weight of revelers who should not have climbed
Several broken windows (for shame!)
Zero violence

PhillyGal | 05. Februar 2018

But I'd like to personally thank each person across the country this morning who classifies this as a "riot" while completely ignoring the exact same - or worse - behavior after many college wins and ultimately every other sports city in the world.

Silver2K | 05. Februar 2018

2 wrongs don't make a right.

OP, stop kissing ass! :)

Earl the Pearl | 05. Februar 2018

Bravo, PG! Good job setting the record straight with the fake news in this thread about "Dirty Birds" and "riots."

If you want to congratulate someone, do it with respect and not cheap shots.

RedShift | 05. Februar 2018

That was an awesome game. I kept cheering for the Eagles even as most of my friends were loudly proclaiming the Eagles’ lead at the 4th quarter would never hold against Brady. Congratulations to the Eagles and their fans!

12Brent | 05. Februar 2018

@PG, @earl, My comment was friendly and made in jest, no disrespect was intended. (In fairness, even the Eagles commented that they didn't know what might've happened if the Ertz touchdown was called back). I'm happy for the Philly fans who've been starved for a Super Bowl for so long. What an incredible game it was!

PhillyGal | 05. Februar 2018

It's more the media. Even my own friends are making riot jokes today.

There are a lot of Eagles fans spread across this area: Jersey, the Philly burbs, Delaware but I am fiercely protective of my City, as someone who has never lived outside city limits. Born, raised, educated, live and work.

hokiegir1 | 05. Februar 2018

Wait -- aren't the Falcons the Dirty Birds? We already choked on our chance last year....

cafutter | 05. Februar 2018

@PG and all other Eagles fans. Congrats! They played a great game last night on offense. No one seemed to play defense except when it counted the most at the end. As a die-hard Skins fan, It was difficulty for me to think about rooting for the Eagles. But I have a patient who had a heart transplant and wanted to be awake to watch the game. She was and is happy. So I rooted for them for that reason and the Eagles have had hard times lately as well and needed a good win. I know the 'skins could use that too! @PhillyGal Enjoy and best of luck with the baby.

socaldave | 05. Februar 2018

@PG - but that guy who ate the horse poop.......... =)

PhillyGal | 05. Februar 2018

@hokie - That was a devastating game last year. I was rooting hard for the Falcons.

@socal - Say what? I mean, better that than the sub-human who punched a horse but I hadn't heard about anyone eating anything horse related...

Bri | 05. Februar 2018

Probiotics and fiber, what’s not to like?

socaldave | 05. Februar 2018

Hey, at least the guy lifted his scarf out of the way, before he "partook" haha.

No comment on Philly fans - just this one guy. He's OBVIOUSLY a few bricks shy of a load!

PhillyGal | 05. Februar 2018

Haha, load....

ReD eXiLe ms us | 05. Februar 2018

Meh. The 'dirty birds' are the ones out of Atlanta, both the Hawks and the Falcons. Speaking of which, didn't the Washington NFL team originally steal their name from the Braves?

I'm glad the Eagles managed to defeat the Patriots in the Super Bowl. This time. Honestly, they shouldn't have lost to them with Donovan McNabb & Company. That was the best team in the league, and they just sort of stopped playing in the fourth quarter, kept giving the ball back to Tom Brady, and patiently waited for Adam Vinatierri to make a field goal so they could go home. Weird.

noleaf4me | 05. Februar 2018

Really glad the Eagles won -- just kidding about the riots.....many places do trash their city when their team wins....sad to see.

Now -- when is the draft??

gar1116 | 05. Februar 2018

Haha! @PG John DeBella mentioned this morning that in New Orleans, during Mardi Gras that it's 'common' for the police horses to get punched daily by some drunk reveler - never makes the news. But one Eagles fan.....

socaldave | 06. Februar 2018

@PG, check out this tattoo - guy got the x's and o's from the play on his arm, I like it!

PhillyGal | 06. Februar 2018

@socal - I saw that! Last time the birds were in the super bowl I did have a tentative appointment with a tattoo artist in case of a win. This time around I did not, as tattoos are disallowed while gestating a spawn.

His is so much cooler than what I could have thought of.

Earl the Pearl | 06. Februar 2018

@ReD: Donovan was gassed at the end of the 2005 SB. TO says that No. 5 was throwing up in the huddle as they were trying to hurry at the end of that Spygate Super Bowl.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 12. Februar 2018

Earl the Pearl: I think the Eagles had gone to the NFC Championship game something like five years in a row, finally made it to the Super Bowl, then lost after effectively being ahead the whole game, if I remember correctly. It sucked because their Coach hadn't won a Super Bowl since he beat The TUNA's Patriots team with The PACKERS.