Tesla pickup cab and bed

Tesla pickup cab and bed

The cab of the Tesla pickup could be a 4 door one, but having foldable rear wall and backseats. This would allow to carry longer objects on the bed. The seats could rotate too to have meetings inside of the cab, while rear suicide doors would make B-pillar unnecessary.
Rear bigger and thinner wheels could make the wheels well inside of the bed less intrussive, to allow an ATV to park on it... More ideas?

carlgo2 | 05. Februar 2018

I would like to see it come as a flatbed. The buyer could keep that configuration or add normal bedsides, utility boxes, 3rd wheel hitches, cranes, campers, hippie houses, lift gates, or box configurations, etc.

Note that the smallish Honda pickup can take a flat 4 x 8, so an atv would be no problem. Optional ramps, a bed winch too.

Possibly a tandem wheel option, 6-wheel drive and a ton of capacity.

The Bolinger truck is interesting, has some of the cab configurations you suggest. I like that truck!

Madatgascar | 20. Februar 2018

Elon mentioned the length may be longer than normal to incorporate a game-changing feature. We'll just have to wait and see what that is. I'm liking the Bollinger's center pass-through slot for long cargo.

Should_I | 21. Februar 2018

So you want an Avalanche with skinny tires limited suspension articulation to make wheelwells small and front seat you can spin around.
That is just silliness.

David N | 21. Februar 2018

One thing we have all learned in the past 6 years is that Elon and Tesla think outside the box. So as much as I’m accustumed to your typical F250 type truck, I’m sure they have plans for some unique features that no one has seen before. Should be interesting.

Rocky_H | 21. Februar 2018

All this kind of talk of, "Add this weird feature!!" scares me that it's shooting the market for it in the head. Truck people want a truck.

blacktape242 | 21. Februar 2018

I will see my brand new tacoma when the tesla truck comes out. I can't wait to see what they have designed!

3seeker | 07. Juni 2019

My guess would be a retractable truck bed that allows transformation between sedan mode and truck mode. Sedan mode would enable it to fit inside a standard garage.