Phone Key Disconnected

Phone Key Disconnected

My Samsung 7 phone gets disconnected so often from my Model 3 so I have to use the card key to drive the car. The Tesla service center technician rebooted my phone and it worked for a few hours then disconnected again. He thought it's my phone's problem. I wonder if anyone has similar issue like mine? My car is 3 weeks old, the Phone Key worked during the first week then quit.

OROCHIzc | 14. August 2019

Well, I've been using my Phone key from day one of my Tesla and it worked perfectly.

Until today, it seems like the Tesla app logged me off completely and I have to sign in and pair the phone with the car every 2-3 hours...

I have an iPhone 7 and IOS12. I believe it's the new Tesla app with the solar system commercial that causes the problem but I'm not sure.

danaormerod | 16. August 2019

I the same experience OROCHIzc... iPhone 7 IOS 12.4 The iPhone key for my model 3 now drops from my phone frequently. It performed flawlessly until sometime within the last week. This is frustrating

maddoxlonnie | 30. August 2019

For months we had no problems with the iPhone key connection, and now suddenly we have been unable to keep a connection. Some users withe same issues are reported version 3.9.1 has corrected the issue, but that hasn’t worked for us. Very, very frustrating.