Question about a feature in MODEL 3

Question about a feature in MODEL 3

Hello All,
I just have a question regarding some features in Tesla. I have never driven a tesla before so this question would be ideal for people who have model S or Model 3. I am waiting for Model 3 configuration so in meanwhile I am asking for model 3 software, I was wondering if there are feature where you can use your camera as backup camera when you reverse and it will display on the screen. Also When you are driving, when you plan to change the lanes, you turn on the blinkers left/right side it will use one of the camera to show your blind spot and traffic on your left/right side displayed on the screen so you can see if they are on your blind spot instead of turn your neck around and such. I am wondering if there is such a thing for Model 3? Thank you in an advance for answering the questions!

flyboynwa | 08. Februar 2018

Good question. I tend to look at the rear camera then look left or right before I change lanes. by having the rear camera on you can kind of keep track of other cars behind and to the side of you at all times.

flyboynwa | 08. Februar 2018

however it only uses rear cameras so you can't really see a car that is right next to you.

rxlawdude | 08. Februar 2018

Yes to backup camera.

No to blind spot cameras.

ron369 | 08. Februar 2018

I would guess that Tesla will release updates that help with the blind spots in the future. With the cameras and ultrasonic sensors, the hardware is all there ... they just need to update the software to take advantage.

Shock | 08. Februar 2018

The rear camera running at all times is really a nice feature, more cars should do it.

vmulla | 08. Februar 2018

The M3 has the screen in the center, so using the cameras to show the left blind spot on the screen would be dangerous too.

PhillyGal | 08. Februar 2018

In the Model S - you have a backup camera that shows on the screen automatically when in reverse. You can also opt to have that camera view showing when you drive, which may give you a little blind spot view though I've never tried or studied it in that capacity.

Also in the Model S, at least those equipped with AP hardware, there is an arc line on the dash board screen that denotes something in your blind spot.

Not sure yet about the Model 3, but I'd be glad to answer this question next week if it pops back up on the first page and I notice it.

rxlawdude | 08. Februar 2018

"vmulla | February 8, 2018
The M3 has the screen in the center, so using the cameras to show the left blind spot on the screen would be dangerous too."

Do you have a Model 3?

Yodrak. | 08. Februar 2018

"The M3 has the screen in the center, so using the cameras to show the left blind spot on the screen would be dangerous too."

How do you figure that? Explain, please.

vmulla | 08. Februar 2018

Yes, I have a M3.
Imagine if you were looking at the center screen when making a LEFT lane change, you're eyes are exactly away from where they need to be. The vehicles that would pose a problem during the lane change aren't even going to be in your peripheral vision.
However, I don't see that problem if the camera is showing the image of cars in the right lane on the screen.

Earl and Nagin ... | 08. Februar 2018

The Model III with EAP also has the arcs showing the blind spot from the acoustic sensors just like @PhillyGal describes with the Model S.

Unregistered User | 08. Februar 2018

Recommend adding a wide clip on rear view mirror to improve rear visibility. That, plus rear camera and an over the shoulder glance will help ensure safety.

Musavviradam | 09. Februar 2018

Please allow me to clarify, It is not a feature unless you purchase with EAP? Since Model 3 does not have the dashboard, How does it display the arc denotes showing something the blind spot on the main screen. Is it something you have to set up your screen to or is it automatic?
@PG I would appreciate that if you can update for us!

maintreqd | 09. Februar 2018

I get what vmulla is saying, actually. I have a newer Civic and when i turn on my RIGHT blinker, there is a camera mounted to my right side view mirror that toggles on and my center screen will display what it sees, eliminating my right blind spot.

There is no such camera on the left side, however. The side view mirror on the left has a split angle that all but completely eliminates my blind spot (I still always look over my shoulder just in case, though I don't ever feel as though I would have needed to).

This is all intuitive and enforces the point that you should not be influenced to look to the RIGHT in order to clear your LEFT blind spot. This trains your body mechanics in a dangerous way for driving any other car, and really is just downright counter-intuitive.

I thought one of the main points of the car itself being a display item on the screen was to allow the cameras to create a visualization on screen showing you where other cars are at all times. I've seen this on the S; is it not that way on the 3?? (I believe this is is the same question @Musavviradam is asking)

If this functionality is not present in the 3, I would think this a big missed opportunity. I love my "lane watch" camera but would like even more to just know where all cars are around me by seeing an indication of them around the car on screen. I hope software tweaks usher that in at some point in the not-so-distant future.

vmulla | 09. Februar 2018

@Musavviradam, what you see on the screen is not configurable. I'm not sure what will show on the screen for cars that do not have EAP enabled. For now we have displays of vehicles ahead of you in your own lane, and arcs around the car to represent obstacles adjacent to the car.
Full visualization of everything around the car is a feature I'm eagerly looking forward for, it's basically the foundation of FSD.

Musavviradam | 12. Februar 2018

@vmulla Thanks for your information and I do agree with you if it is not present in the 3 i also think it is a big missed opportunity as well.