Model 3 Orientation Videos

Model 3 Orientation Videos

I'm taking delivery of my Model 3 in the next week. I won't be going to a store to pick it up. Why hasn't Tesla posted any orientation videos for new owners?

dkenta | 09. Februar 2018

Why aren't there any Model 3 orientation videos?

Jcastillo18 | 09. Februar 2018

Why aren’t they that many model 3 yet . Ok to soon . That’s an idea that was tossed around in this forum earlier. I’m assuming they will once the Model 3 is in full production.

dkenta | 09. Februar 2018

Well, does that mean the earlier owners should have to wait to understand their car? I'm just talking about an orientation video, not a major production. I want to know how to use the car. | 09. Februar 2018

There is a book you can get "Getting Ready for Model 3" available from Evannex.

Bri | 09. Februar 2018

Lots of videos on YouTube and Vimeo

Mike83 | 10. Februar 2018

There is indeed Tesla videos once you get your car. You access them from the Tesla account page and includes the manual . The M3 is very intuitive to use. We love ours.
Check out for lots of details and links.

dkenta | 10. Februar 2018

Thanks Mike83. I get my car next week, so I want to know the details. I already have a Model S and it took awhile to learn its nuances. I'll look forward to the Tesla videos once I get it.

rxlawdude | 10. Februar 2018

At the Marina del Rey delivery center, our delivery host said that indeed, M3 owners will get a group video orientation to speed things up.

We saw an area set up as kind of a theater, with a big screen. Wasn't in use when we picked up in late December.

dkenta | 10. Februar 2018

Hopefully Tesla sends me a link. But, I'm sure the car is plenty intuitive too. So not too worried.

Xerogas | 10. Februar 2018

Your delivery specialist gives you a full orientation in person when you pick up the car

jordanrichard | 11. Februar 2018

Before taking delivery of our Model S in Mar 2014, I watched just about every video that was out there. When it came to the delivery walk through, I kept saying, “...yep, I know that”. There were only a couple of things that I needed explaining. I also didn’t even look at the owner’s manual until 3 weeks after taking delivery.

Trust me and others, you are over thinking this. If you can operate a smart phone, you can figure this out.

rxlawdude | 11. Februar 2018

@Xerogas, that's how it's done today. I think with 40 delivery bays at Marina del Rey, CA, for example, when the M3 production ramps up, it will be impossible for everyone to get a 45-60 minute in-car orientation. My guess is the video orientation en masse will save at least half that in-car time with the DS.

Xerogas | 11. Februar 2018

@rxlawdude, agreed, and I still think OP is overthinking it, as @jordanrichard said.

It's a car. You get in and drive it. It's not some kind of multiplayer puzzle game. Because of the big beautiful central screen, everything is all in one place, so I guarantee it's 10X easier to figure out how to change settings than traditional cars with their horrible crazy multi-button user interfaces.

Haggy | 12. Februar 2018

When I got my Model S, there were videos. By the next significant software update, some were outdated. Reading the manual helps.

vp09 | 12. Februar 2018

dkenta, I was just looking for them myself. To show my students in class tomorrow, in connection with a survey.
Did not find any.
An example of more "underselling"?
Spring 2 years ago, waiting to take delivery of 2 Model Ss, I watched every video there was. And there were a lot. On the Tesla Motors dot com site. About the Model S.
Now, for Model 3, none that I can find.
The first of 2 I have on order should show up in 2 or 3 weeks. I'm sure I can figure it out.
Go Tesla.