Standard Range Battery and AWD guesses: many fuzzy answers

Standard Range Battery and AWD guesses: many fuzzy answers

Time for people to get their guessing hats on again!

When will a forum member get a Standard Range battery Model 3?
When will a forum member get an AWD Model 3?

I'm going to say that both will happen on June 3rd.

I'll keep the main post here updated with the guesses.

johnse: BOTH June 3

ReD eXiLe ms us: BOTH November 4 (my fuzzy neural net coerced "first SOONday in SOONvember" onto the calendar)

WantM3: After more expensive models are sold out

lilbean: sometime before never

bayareakid2008: Never

ReD eXiLe ms us | 09. Februar 2018

The very first SOONday in SOONvember.

andy.connor.e | 09. Februar 2018


lilbean | 09. Februar 2018

As soon as we stop asking and guessing.

bayareakid2008 | 09. Februar 2018

My prediction: they will never release a SR Model 3.

andy.connor.e | 09. Februar 2018

You'll be as wrong as everyone who said Tesla couldnt do it since before Roadster was even built.

bayareakid2008 | 09. Februar 2018

Andy, time will tell. I'd say it should be fairly obvious after they pushed it behind AWD. They already did the same thing with the 40 kWh Model S, not sure why you think they won't do it again.

andy.connor.e | 09. Februar 2018

Im not sure why you feel the need to say things like its truth.

andy.connor.e | 09. Februar 2018

I also find it cute that you unblock me from your browser add-in just to respond to my comments though. ;)

bayareakid2008 | 09. Februar 2018

I'm not my on my normal computer so I can see all the trolls right now. Continue to ignore the points I make and proceed with your trolling.

andy.connor.e | 09. Februar 2018

You should read and understand why the 40kWh went away. When you understand that, then you can stop making statements like it will never be released. If 80% of buyers want LR, then maybe Tesla will eliminate the 50kWh battery. Until then, we dont know.

IHaveArrived | 09. Februar 2018

@bayareakid2008 said: "My prediction: they will never release a SR Model 3."

You may be right. But there is a simple possible explanation for the reversal that you may be ignoring. What if the re-tooling of the battery assembly issue -- which was confirmed in the call -- simply pushed out the dates for the short-range battery, but did not affect AWD at all? What would you expect the result of that to be? Something very similar to exactly what happened?

Coastal Cruiser. | 09. Februar 2018

lilbean "As soon as we stop asking and guessing."

Marked as Best Answer.

WantMY | 09. Februar 2018

Most likely SR+AWD will be delivered after more expensive models are sold to the reservation holders. Simple, right?

johnse | 12. Februar 2018