Aero or Sport wheels (based primarily on looks alone)

Aero or Sport wheels (based primarily on looks alone)

Ever since making the decision to switch to red from white for my M3 I've been having a hard time deciding whether I want the 18" aeros or the 19" sports. I'm setting cost aside since the car is already costing me beaucoup bucks anyway; what's another $1500 split over however many months?

The sport wheels bring out the chrome of the handles and trim so nicely. But the aeros (without the covers, preferably) make the car look really mean (in a good way).

Conceptually, I like the idea of the slight additional range it seems the aeros provide, but at the end of the day, I don't think a 10 miles or whatever difference per charge is going to really hamper any long trips I'm planning on taking.

There are other factors, like smoothness of the ride and road feel that I guess people are saying are noticeably different between 18" and 19" wheels. I don't know to what extent I'll notice anything, especially since I will be going with one or the other and will have no basis for comparison.

Is anyone else struggling with the decision? I'm interested in hearing thoughts and opinions.

bodenalan | 12. Februar 2018

I'm not buying the car for the extended range ( I could have lived with the std range unicorn build). Tesla recommends you don't charge much more than you need, so I'll be charging 100-150miles worth every couple of days. so the loss of range without the aeros wont bother me.

I'm going for red, and will do a chrome delete wrap, so I don't want silver wheels. I'm working on the principle that I'll take the covers off, and possible powdercoat the wheels if I don't like the color (supposed to be a dark grey color).

If I don't like the wheel design I may order aftermarket wheels.

Teslaguy | 12. Februar 2018

I am going with the 19” to start because they look great. If I am not happy with the ride and comfort, I have ordered the 18” Tsportline turbines with Pirelli Cinturatos as a backup hoping they will give me the ride I prefer. No Aeros for me.

ng0 | 12. Februar 2018

The only way I'd consider the aero wheels is if I took off the covers or switched 'em out for aftermarket turbine wheels. I've seen the red model 3 with both aero and sport wheels and the red with sport wheels looks considerably better in my opinion. To each their own though.

maintreqd | 12. Februar 2018

@ng0 that's the direction i'm leaning in (red with sport wheels). If I were considering any chrome delete or other aesthetic mods I might go cheaper then swap the wheels out, but I am flying pretty close to the sun already with my budget on this car haha so I think I'm just going to max out on the options Tesla offers and then keep it pretty stock.

It's both a blessing and a curse to now have an additional 3 months to ruminate on all these decisions, as if I wasn't already driving myself crazy with anticipation

dgstan | 12. Februar 2018

The 19" wheels loo great. However, I'm leaning toward the smoother ride and lower replacement costs of the 18" (without plastic hubcaps, of course). By the time I get my car, there should be plenty of aftermarket solutions if I decide I don't like the 18".

maintreqd | 12. Februar 2018

@dgstan that's the one thing I am still getting hung up on (smoothness of the ride between the two sizes). I'm curious just how substantial this difference is. It's frustrating not being able to test drive these cars to suss out details such as this.

eeb9 | 12. Februar 2018

I’m going for a subdued monochromatic effect - Midnight Gray Metallic, chrome delete and Arro Wheels.

It really all comes down to the “look” you want. None of us can define it for you...

Have fun looking at different options though!

maintreqd | 12. Februar 2018

@eeb9 thanks! I agree with you, I just need to make up my mind. My concern about ride smoothness right now is kind of the only thing keeping me from just fully committing to the 19"s...

dgstan | 12. Februar 2018

I don't know the answer either. After the last 13 years of driving a couple of different Priuses with their tire pressure maxxed out, I'm looking forward to a somewhat smoother ride. Plus, I plan on driving a little faster in my M3 than I do in my current Plug-in Prius.

Truth be told, I go back and forth. I was set on the 19" wheels until my wife said she like the 18" better (she was unaware of the $1500 extra cost). I had done some research into the cost of replacement tires (see above comment about driving fast) and didn't see a whole lot of difference. Then, I went back sometime later and saw there was significant cost difference. Tire Rack might have updated their tire list for the Model 3. IDK.

Who knows, by the time Tesla gets around to engaging with a sad non-owner like me, there may be a whole new slew of variable.

The_Flash | 12. Februar 2018

@bodenalan Would love to see pics of your Red Model 3 with chrome delete.

I have the Red Model 3 with 19' wheels and thinking about the chrome delete but now sure how it would look nor how much it would cost.

maintreqd | 12. Februar 2018

hi @sethbola, you have the configuration I am considering. I'd love to hear your thoughts on how smooth the ride is with the 19"s. And whether you've by chance had the opportunity to ride in one with the 18"s to compare the rides.

Any other reservations about the 19"s at all? Thanks for your thoughts from a lowly non-owner who is (somewhat) patiently waiting :)

12Brent | 12. Februar 2018

Funny enough, I'm in the exact same boat as the OP. I was set on white and then I saw the red in person... my plan is to still get the aero wheels and black out the chrome. I do agree that the sport wheels look nice with the chrome in place. Probably close to a wash for the cost of blacking out the chrome vs. the sport wheels. I'll probably change my mind 2 more times by the time I get to configure too. If they come out with some black or gunmetal colored turbine wheels like the red prototype then I'll be buying those.

janendan | 12. Februar 2018

I was undecided until I pulled into the back service lot of the Miami(Bird Rd) service center and found a red and blue right next to each other, both with 18”(aerocaps removed). I like both, but the blue darkens/ disappears into the night and in a city of drivers who think lines are nothing but decoration that is dangerous.

dan | 12. Februar 2018

What’s the cost delta between a set of tires on 18 vs 19?

WantMY | 12. Februar 2018

Looks alone - definitely Sport 19". No matter how I look of Aero (saw quite a few today) - they look from bad to really bad. Slight dust and they look very dirty.

PhillyGal | 12. Februar 2018

It's your name - maintenance required - that make the 18s an easy decision for me. Our 19" standard MS wheels, also the Michelin Primacy MXM4s with a similar profile, lasted for 50k miles! I've known MS owners with the sportier 21" wheels that go through them more than twice a fast.

Plus where I live there are trillions of potholes 4-5 months out of the year.

WantMY | 12. Februar 2018

@PhillyGal I may go with First production base without any options (Aero included), so I could claim $1750 PA rebate (EV below $50K purchase price). I will probably keep 18" for winter tires and find something for summer tires later. 18" tires are fine, just something looking like sport wheels will do.

PhillyGal | 12. Februar 2018

First production including destination fee is $50k even so hopefully PA doesn't count that $1,000 in the price.

WantMY | 12. Februar 2018

It is 50K max (sorry), so it should work, gosh I did not count on the destination fee, although it is not clear what is the rules, but 50K even should work in either case.

WantMY | 12. Februar 2018

From DMV document: "New vehicles eligible for a rebate must have a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price of $50,000 or less and must have odometer reading of less than 500 miles."
In fact, it is not even clear about options. You may try to file for it, see if they accept it based on MSRP alone (excluding options). They listed Model 3 as example, but its price range is just too wide 35-60 to assume anything.

ebmcs03 | 12. Februar 2018

Looks alone... 19”