2015 vs. 2018 Model S (70D vs 75D)

2015 vs. 2018 Model S (70D vs 75D)

My 2015 70D is coming off lease in May, and like many I am pondering "what's next?" I've certainly enjoyed every day I've had the 70D, but I typically change cars every 3 years and am not sure if I want another 3 years of "the same" experience.

Other than a few external changes, will I experience anything different in a 2018 75D vs. my current 2015 70D?

Other cars under consideration are a Macan GTS (about the same lease/month) and a 911 (obviously several hundred more per month).

jordanrichard | 15. Februar 2018

Well, the 2018 will have AP2 and the refresh design that came into being in 2016.

SO | 15. Februar 2018

Not sure why anyone would want to go back to an ICE on purpose after driving an S. Get an X.

Bartolo | 15. Februar 2018

The Model X is too big for me. I don't want such a large vehicle.

rxlawdude | 15. Februar 2018

Then get a 3. :-)

tes-s | 15. Februar 2018

If you are looking for a different experience, then don't get another S. It will be substantively the same.

Bartolo | 15. Februar 2018

I didn't think I could get a M3 here in Massachusetts by May.

How are the windshield washers on the 2018's? On my 2015 with cwp, they pee one solid stream each which is ridiculously awful. The two worst features (lets you know how much I like the car) - washers, and no hooks for a hanger in the back seat.

Bill_75D | 15. Februar 2018

Your 2015 reads speed limit signs. The 2018 does not. And the built-in database of speed limits is woefully incorrect in many areas.

KP in NPT | 15. Februar 2018

Bartolo I am assuming a lease counts as a current owner, if so you will likely have your 3 within a few months after you reserve. Owners on these boards who reserved 2 weeks ago were invited to configure yesterday. All over the country not just CA.

KP in NPT | 15. Februar 2018

It might even be sooner. if you reserved today I'd bet you would be in the next batch of invites. So possibly 1.5-2 months until you get it.

Bartolo | 16. Februar 2018

Thank you KP -- I will call as soon as they open on the west coast.

MJP.75D | 16. Februar 2018

The 75D will be “uncorked” and thus have substantially better acceleration (0-60 in 4.2) or approximately 1 second faster than your current 70D to 60. I’d say that qualifies as a different experience. The M3, while fantastic (I just configured mine this week) will be nowhere close. Best of luck with whatever you decide.

Bartolo | 16. Februar 2018

Thankis MJP. I really want AWD, and I cannot configure a dual motor M3 yet. So I'll wait a bit, and figure that the real decision time will be closer to when my current lease expires (end of May). A red 75D perhaps -- will cost about the same per month as my 70D has been costing (3 yr lease). Passengers are wow'ed at the acceleration of the 70D; another second off the 0-60 time would be amazing. (My daily commute is all city streets; I can only zoom on weekends really.)

belindaashton | 02. Juni 2019

I supposedly purchase a 70D why on the back of the vehicle it says 75D. I know what the D stands for but why the difference in numbers.

robgorman | 02. Juni 2019

Original owner likely unlocked the extra battery capacity when Tesla offered the upgrade for around $1500.