Fastrak mounting 2017-18 Model S with All-glass roof

Fastrak mounting 2017-18 Model S with All-glass roof

I know the Fastrak issue has come up time and time again, but I can't seem to find any consistent information about mounting a CA Fastrak transponder in a 2017-18 Model S with All Glass roof. I have held up my transponder while driving under the sensors in all the suggested areas (right of rear view mirror or in the back on the parcel shelf) in various orientations (upside down, 90 degrees). No success.

Here's my situation: I drive I-680 between Walnut Creek and San Jose everyday. The new Walnut Creek sensors never make my transponder beep. But the Sunol sensors through Fremont seem to make my transponder beep just fine. I even went as far as getting a new transponder (candy bar shaped one) with the same results.

When I've called Fastrak customer service, I get the runaround...the last person I talked to told me that "some sensors make the transponder beep and some don't" which obviously in my case is a load of crap because I keep getting charged for the Walnut Creek 680 lanes and not the Sunol lanes.

If any Bay Area people can chime in with your experiences, I sure would appreciate it. Thank you!

EVino | 20. Februar 2018

Stick it under your parcel shelf. Yup, the folding parcel shelf in the trunk. Works 100% for me. The velcro on the Fastrak will stick to the fuzzy cloth cover on the underside of the shelf, so no mounts are needed.

EVino | 20. Februar 2018

Also, get the Fast Trak Flex. It has a switchable setting, so on 680 express lanes it identifies you as solo/EV driver and you can go about toll-free.

Haggy | 20. Februar 2018

I have it under the bottom of the parcel shelf. It's nice because you don't need to add any strips to it, so it's easy to test out. It doesn't work for me 100% of the time, but probably at least 90% and I never had a problem on 680. In my case I have no choice because I don't have the latest windshield, but on my Model 3 it works fine in the area to the right of the mirror mount, so I don't see why it should be an issue with any Model S made in the past few years.

If you go to the FasTrak page and make sure that your license plate number is in there, that should take care of everything but the 680 express lanes if it doesn't register. On the express lane, if it fails to register (which happened to me before I found the best position) sending an email telling them that I had the switch on 3 and was in a clean air vehicle with decals gets them to take it off.

Victorg-90D | 20. Februar 2018

I have 2017 MS and Fastrak Flex (set to 3) is mounted to the right of the mirror. Fastrak never beeps on new express lane between Dublin and Walnut Creek. Sometimes I see flash from camera recording my plates, but charges never appear in my account.

It is possible that firmware in Fastrak readers on new express lane does a "silent read", which tells transponder not to beep.

djlott | 21. Februar 2018

@gopass, I have a 2017 MS 75D with Sunroof so this may not apply directly.

I commute regularly up the Sunol Grade from Pleasanton. I use the candy bar style Fastrak Flex set to position 3 as well. I mounted mine to the inside of the windshield directly under the rear view mirror, forward facing camera assembly, butting up against it.

During my express lane commute, I get the three beeps every time. I have also commuted the express lane west bound 580 and heard the beeps (this morning). I've also commuted north over the Benicia Bridge and heard the beep going thru the Fastrak lane. I haven't commuted S. bound from Walnut Creek though so I don't know how helpful this will be.

Good luck.

PatientFool | 21. Februar 2018

mine is mounted at the top of the windshield just to the left of the rear view mirror so that i can flip the switch if needed. it's worked everywhere i've driven and always beeps.

Josh | 20. Februar 2019

I've got a similar challenge being in Los Angeles on the 110. I have a 2014 MS and i keep getting charged for the toll, EVEN WHEN I'M CARPOOLING. I'm registered with Fastrak, and have to call them monthly to have all the charges reversed. Ridiculous especially I'm doing the right thing legally with dinosaur tech (Fastrak)

I'll try sticking it under the parcel shelf - I'm desperate for anything to work.

K139040 | 06. Mai 2019

I have try mounted my Fastrak all over my front winshield and does not work, so I mounted my Fastrak on top of the rear windshield and have no problems now.

TheMatrix | 06. Mai 2019

I drive the I-680 between between dublin and walnut creek all the time, and it never beeps, but I know it works, as they do charge me when I have set it 1. When I drive on 580 or other express lanes, it does beep. Not sure why the 680 express lanes going towards walnut creek don't beep. As for placement...I keep mine in the right side of the rear view mirror, as suggested in the manual, and it works fine.

DBrohm | 06. Mai 2019

Mine is mounted on my windshield below the rear view mirror stalk. Works perfectly. You can be pulled over if your transponder is not in plain view. Years ago I had a 7 series and couldn't get it to work anywhere so it was loose on my dash ... and I was pulled over because it was not "permanently affixed to my windshield". I wound up not getting a ticket but that's what the CHP told me on a So Cal toll road.

Ohmster | 07. Mai 2019

Got a few letters from TheTollRoads stating the transponders were being replaced by stickers.

A whole new set of challenges. :)

senboy | 07. Mai 2019

Guys stop mounting your fastraks!!!! Just enter your plate on the website. Done!!!

DBrohm | 07. Mai 2019

AFAIK there's an additional fee for charging by plate and not by transponder.

Jarrod.Phelps | 31. Juli 2019

You do not get the free Express Lane (680) via the Plate. It has to be from a transponder. I spoke with the FastTrak folks today, and they had to manually remove the charges picked up via my License Plate. It needs to be from a Flex Transponder on setting 3.