Model 3 in Baltimore area

Model 3 in Baltimore area

I'm a Maine girl who didn't reserve until 4/16 so I don't expect to see my 3 for a fairly long time, however I'm traveling down to Baltimore in mid March and would love to see one in the wild if anyone would be willing to let me take a peek.

PhillyGal | 04. März 2018

I thought I recalled one user on here (@mark.ritter) saying he was in that area. I'm in Philly, as you may suspect, and would be happy to show it off if you are driving and make a pit stop. I live 2 miles off one of the exits from I-95 and I'll be home a lot in mid-March. (Taking off work a for a while.)

andrewlee05 | 04. März 2018

If you can’t find anyone, you can always stop by, while you’re on your way to Baltimore, the Manhattan store (meat packing district) and checkout the midnight silver one that’s on display.

mark.ritter | 04. März 2018

Yes. I have had a couple of meetups in Hunt Valley area to let people see my 3. I would be happy to schedule a time to show you when are in Baltimore.

ccw | 05. März 2018

thanks , I would love that. I'll be back in touch once I know the dates I will be down!