Valet mode

Valet mode

As of the 2018.4.9 update, you can bring up the owner's manual, click on locks, click on doors, scroll down to the part on opening the door from inside, and leave it visible on the screen.

That will leave a valet with a clear picture of the button and a hard to miss explanation. I'd be curious to see what sort of results people get by doing this and whether it prevents seeing a message that the emergency handle was used.

djharrington | 06. März 2018

And then leave a post-it in the manual release: "see screen ->"

dl1972 | 06. März 2018

exactly. I still plan to leave a sticky note stating what button is the door opener. Only way around it I think

Haggy | 06. März 2018

When I first tested it, this worked. When I left the car for longer, the manual wasn't on the screen when I returned. I can't figure out which circumstances will work, but once there's a web browser, somebody can come up with a web page. There are ones out there for the Models S and X.