Dashboard Black

Dashboard Black

Picked up my new X today (already have model S) drove it 6 miles and dashboard went black. Brought it back and they now need it for a week plus to fix, Car was an hour old! Said the new intel processors they just started using are too powerful for the firmware and software. Anyone else have this problem? What was the fix? Frustrating!!!

johnse | 16. März 2018

Too powerful? I think not. Different speed of execution possibly uncovering some kind of race condition? Possibly.

alifaddis18 | 16. März 2018

I picked mine up yesterday, and the same thing you described happened to me today with approximately 40 total miles. I called Roadside Assistance and they had be do several resets. None worked. She advised that they would tow me to my service center in the morning. But after I got off the phone I tried the final reset on my own two additional times, and on the final time it worked. You need four total fingers! But hold both thumbwheels on the steering wheel and the top buttons above the thumbwheels down all at the same time...for 45 seconds. The first two times only the center console restarted, but the dashboard remained black. The final time they all reset. And I drove to my son's basketball game, and it was all still fine after the game.

roaryw | 17. März 2018

Had mine for a few days now .. no issues like that .. screen working great and fast

nennewfamily | 17. März 2018

We had the same issue on our 12 hour old Tesla. We were able to drive it to service center even without the dashboard. It’s there right now.

Uncle Paul | 17. März 2018

This ought to quiet down those posting how this new processor is going to devalue all the older Tesla.

bodhipooh | 19. März 2018

Interesting issue, and concerning that there could be potential problems with the new chip. My X was supposed to be delivered this past Friday but the DS called on Thursday to let me know the delivery needed to be pushed back by one week. I was *really* hoping to get the new chip. Let's see what happens.

alifaddis18 | 20. März 2018

They pushed a firmware update to my vehicle yesterday and said they thought it would resolve what had happened with the dashboard going black. Then it happened again! I did the reset I described above and it worked and I reported it to Tesla so they had the information. Interesting.

liftsrock | 11. April 2018

Can Tesla remotely analyze what is going wrong with each vehicle?

Vawlkus | 11. April 2018

Up to a point, yes.

pimp x | 30. April 2019

Just now happened to my wife in our 2 week old X. Shes freaking out. Certainly don't expect something like this on a new car.

nipper2 | 01. Mai 2019

Mine just did the same so I waited for awhile and all is good. I didn't think it was a big deal .I had just updated the new software and it was still updating and with this update it could take as much as a week.

nodejsquiz | 02. Mai 2019

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jimglas | 02. Mai 2019

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mbp11 | 02. Mai 2019

I had a problem yesterday. Had the dog mode on to keep the car cool when we picked up my girlfriend's dog from his surgery and when we got in the car, the dog mode would not turn off, even when we unlocked the car and got inside. Screen frozen! Had to reboot the car from the steering wheel, my girlfriend was not amused. I called in a bug report