2018 Model X New MCU LTE Failure

2018 Model X New MCU LTE Failure

Woke up yesterday to not having LTE/3G or wifi internet access. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

inconel | 09. April 2018

Have you tried to reboot?

familytesla80 | 09. April 2018

The various reboot methods don't seem to work on the new MCU in our X ("Rare" issue per support). I have powered off the car and let it sit overnight but nothing. | 09. April 2018

Sounds like failure in the MCU itself. I'd contact service.

familytesla80 | 09. April 2018

I contacted them over the weekend and have yet to hear back.

familytesla80 | 09. April 2018

It has been escalated to regional engineering.....

familytesla80 | 10. April 2018

Now voice commands don't work at all.

johnse | 10. April 2018

I had a case of voice commands not working. Also event though LTE was showing as connected, the maps were not showing traffic information.

I pulled into a parking lot and did the brake+both scroll wheels reboot. After that everything was fine. A simple reboot (just scroll wheels) did not fix it.

familytesla80 | 12. April 2018

Well it finally happened this morning.....after dropping my son off at daycare, the MX was dead....
Towed to SC this AM

familytesla80 | 20. April 2018

Happy to report that, per Tesla engineering, 2018.14.2 a88808e resolved the issues we were seeing.