Teslarati artical on ModelX AP2 avoids swerving truck

Teslarati artical on ModelX AP2 avoids swerving truck

Hi All,

Has anyone else read this article on Tesla Model X on Autopilot saves driver from collision with swerving semi on the Teslarati site?

I call shenanigans on this statement....

"As soon as the truck began to swerve, Autopilot intervened, steering the electric SUV away from the semi-trailer."

The action seen in the video memics what I have experienced when disengaging AP2.5 with some force to avoid something. Couple that with the fact the "if" AP was still ON it would not allowed him to auto change lanes so close behind that semi. At a minimum he got an audable alert took action himself and now needs a good seat cleaning. | 25. April 2018

Thanks - Hadn't seen that. The 20 second video captures it all. Not sure why you don't believe it. I've personally had my side collision avoidance activated once to shift a bit to avoid a car encroaching my lane. Wasn't nearly as extreme as the truck, but likely helped avoid a sideswipe I never saw coming. I never assume AP will handle every situation, but even one event that avoids an accident makes it worth it.

Cuttin | 26. April 2018

But it pushed him out to the shoulder. Which it should do but like you say, mine has done similar but not past the line.

I'm weary unless I see the drivers screen.