1,000 bodies produced! Go Tesla!

1,000 bodies produced! Go Tesla!

V proud of Tesla team for completing 1000th Model S body. More cars made this month than entire rest of year

Very awesome! Fits right in with my prediction that we'll be seeing either Canadian Sigs or general production cars hitting the line before the conference call on 11/5.

nickjhowe | 28. Oktober 2012

Way to go TM! Pure math means more than 500 cars in the last month. Still a ways to go to average 400 per week, but they are getting there. Looks like the "2500-3000 cars by end of year" prediction is looking good.

timdorr | 28. Oktober 2012

Keep in mind there was a 1-2 week parts delay that appears to have held up the entire line. That would mean they made 500 over a 2-3 week period, so 166-250 per week is their current rate. They're flying! | 28. Oktober 2012

kickin butt & making a name for themselves :o)

Brian H | 28. Oktober 2012

I think they "cheated" over that delay period by making lotsa incomplete cars, then finished them off in a rush. So it's not valid to assume 0 production during that time.

steve | 28. Oktober 2012

I pass by the Santa Monica service center every day on my way to and from work. I saw at least 7 Teslas ready for pick up by their owners or on delivery trailers. They are working late hours to get these out. Keep em coming !

danielccc | 28. Oktober 2012

I hope they are not working too many late hours, just working better as they climb the learning curve.

Late hours are fine for a push, but not sustainable without quality suffering.

walla2 | 28. Oktober 2012

It's a factory not a bank. It should have shifts that cover the place 24 hours a day. If you don't run the factory at 24 hour days, you have idle equipment = lost revenue = close it down. I hope they are running 24x7 or plan to as they ramp up.

mrspaghetti | 29. Oktober 2012


I think they're working towards that, just not there yet.

Brian H | 29. Oktober 2012

More's involved than the equipment. 3 shifts takes time to train; they've got 1 staffed so far. Also, their 'long pole' is the stabilizing of high quality parts and 3rd party components, not so much internal processes (although some of those are surely involved).

The whole Quality Control tuning of the line requires attention (time) from engineering staff, too, and that can't readily be 'handed off' between shifts in the early stages, either.

Bottom line: they have to get 1 shift and its output smoothed out before embarking on 2nd and 3rd shifts.

jonesxander | 29. Oktober 2012

Awesome job guys!!! Keep it up, we're all rooting for ya!!

jbunn | 29. Oktober 2012

To Brian's point, training up a couple of shifts is not without difficulty. The hard lessons that were learned by the first teams have to be passed on and drilled in to each shift, and continualy reinforced as staff rollovers occur.

Unrelated, I was talking to a config specialist trying to take a guess as to when the P4100's were likley to ship. I went through the 1000 sigs, then the P's, I'm 4100ish, and we probably have some drops, ect... I also mentioned that they have probably made a few hundred for the show rooms, destructive testing, ect. My estimates were based on the collective wisdom of this forum over the last few years. He said it was "amazingly accurate".

I pass this along as a compliment to the collective wisdom and all the couting and record keeping that folks on the forum have done over the last year. It also appears that there may be a few dozen to a few hundred cars not produced for buyers that might take up some of the 1,000 bodies produced so far. Just a thought. | 29. Oktober 2012

So jbunn what was your guestimate?

jbunn | 29. Oktober 2012

Officialy, i'm Nov/Dec... I said Jan/Feb, and he was leaning to Dec, perhaps Jan... we settled on Jan, but...

Personaly, I think Jan/Feb for p4100. The numbers as they get higher are highly variable. When we get to 1800 cars/month, predictions are out the window... ; )

nwdiver93 | 29. Oktober 2012

The "Tsunami of hurt" is coming for the shorts...

DouglasR | 29. Oktober 2012


A Washington state purchaser who just posted on TMC with P2159 got an email saying Dec/Jan, with the likely date right in the middle (i.e., Jan 1).

I'm not saying that's right, but I'm certainly not confident that my P983 will get to me in WA by year end. I hope for the best, but don't expect it.

jbunn | 29. Oktober 2012

Like incense, the burning of shorts.

DouglasR | 29. Oktober 2012

My wife has burned my shorts, but rarely has it been like incense.

jbunn | 29. Oktober 2012

I got assigned to ironing duty against my will one day. I burned a large iron shaped hole all the way through my wife's blouse. I have never been asked to iron again.

Brian H | 30. Oktober 2012

Very clever! Not without risk of unwanted side effects, but almost foolproof.

Brian H | 30. Oktober 2012

P.S. Above, you repeated it, so I assume you think it's correct. But "ect." is not right; it's "etc.", short for "et cetera", literally "and the rest/continuation/similar/remaining".

steven.maes | 30. Oktober 2012

Brian H. Every time I see your literature-based comments, I have to grin. Besides the Tesla grin, let's call it the H-grin...
The predictability becomes funny. Keep up the good work !

jbunn | 30. Oktober 2012

That's the least of my spelling issues.

JoeFee | 30. Oktober 2012

My DS called over the weekend to confirm my delivery info. Everyone at Tesla is working their butt off to bring us our cars asap …. THANKS!

GLO | 30. Oktober 2012

Yeah TM! Keep up the good work!

Volker.Berlin | 31. Oktober 2012

GreenCarReports is all but alleging that the number may be overstated...

"There appears to be no way for journalists to verify Musk's statement independently. [...] Although Musk identified the body in that photo as serial number 396, the company's Christina Ra said the number of 400 bodies built was inaccurate. She would not provide any information to back up this claim, beyond saying that the serial number was not indicative in this case."

ManuVince | 31. Oktober 2012

Tesla has been heavily batching their production, so the sequencing is absolutely not strict. It's perfectly possible that the 1000th car produce has the serial number 396. I really don't see why Musk would lie about that just one week before the earning call, where he will have to give accurate numbers anyway.

BYT | 31. Oktober 2012

Everyone assumes everything they hear is a lie. I understand not being able to trust corporations or especially politicians, but to assume everything is a lie all the time isn't much a way to live either.

Tiebreaker | 31. Oktober 2012

'The "Tsunami of hurt" is coming for the shorts...' Uh, this made me cringe... I thought it is while I am wearing them...

Brian H | 31. Oktober 2012

Not those shorts. Tesla is balls to the wall now, though (refers to governor for steam engines).


Teoatawki | 31. Oktober 2012

I received word today that my car, Sig #703, VIN 752, is done, and awaiting transportation to Seattle.

Mercedes | 31. Oktober 2012

Grats Teo!