12 Way Adjustable Seats?

12 Way Adjustable Seats?

I have been trying to figure out what the 12 ways of adjustability of the upgrades Napa seats are. Here is all I can come up with:

1-2 Forward/back
3-4 Seat back tilt
5-6 Overall tilt
7-8 Seat height
9-10 Lumbar

Now, what is the last electronically controlled adjustment? I am hoping the side bolsters can be adjusted to be more aggressive in their grip - this would be extremely nice and comfortable. Any other ideas of what this could be? Maybe intermittent lumbar (cyclic adjustability) like they have in some business/first class seats on planes?

JohnQ | 31. Dezember 2011

If 9-10 is lumbar up and down, 11-12 would be amount of lumbar support (in/out). I would vote for the extending seat function to provide more thigh support. Always an issue for me.

BruceR | 31. Dezember 2011

Here is the list of options from CRH. They are a seat supplier to OEMs. Now which ones did TESLA pick?

• Length adjustment
• Height adjustment
• Incline adjustment
• Seat depth adjustment
• Back frame adjustment
• Head restraint adjustment
• Side flange adjustment/
seat flange adjustment
• A back frame with shoulder adjustment
or ventilator may be integrated

CIAOPEC | 31. Dezember 2011

I agree with JohnQ, thigh support is a must and sadly overlooked for drivers 6' and over. It's definitely not comfortable to have your legs hanging off the seat cushion. The seats in the Beta Model S at Santa Row I sat in had pretty short seat cushions. I think I have a picture somewhere so will post if interested. I think Elon is a tall guy so I'm sure Tesla will get the seats sorted for the production vehicle.

Go Tesla!