1350 Hp Model S

1350 Hp Model S

From what I understand, the motor in the Model S is limited by the size of the battery and the inverter. The 85kwh cars have a constant torque of 443 ft-lbs. If you assume the torque stays at that level up to the 16,000 rpm limit, the maximum power of the motor is 1350 hp. If they upgraded the battery and inverter, could the current motor reach this limit? Here are some rough calculations with a lot assumptions.


Torque = 443 ft-lbs
Max RPM = 16,000
Hp = T * RPM/5252
Peak Hp = 1350

Kw = Hp*.746
Kw = 1006
Kwh = kw/C-rate
Kwh = 1006/5
Kwh = 201

Kwh = 200
$/kwh = $240
Increased cost = (200-85)*240 = $27,600
EPA Range = 265/85*200 = 624 miles

Another question is would you select this option?
Would you rather see AWD with two separate 416 Hp motors?

Electricfun | 17. Juli 2013

You'll need a flux capacitor!

jonerickson1 | 17. Juli 2013

Probably a 2 Jigawatt one to coount for the losses.

create | 17. Juli 2013

Doesn't the number of cells in the battery have something to do with how many amps they can pull at once?

carlk | 17. Juli 2013

The added horsepower will only help top speed and not much acceleration. It is not too useful since top speed of MS is limited by rpm of the motor unless you add more gears.

AmpedRealtor | 17. Juli 2013


jonerickson1 | 17. Juli 2013

@carlk doesnt it make max power at 50-60mph? I am assuming it could improve the 60-120mph performance by a lot.

markapeterman | 17. Juli 2013

You forget heat - things will melt at a certain point - Joost told me that's why he couldn't get his roadster 0-60 much below 2.7sec.

THEKING | 17. Juli 2013

i think you meant 3.7 sec

carlk | 17. Juli 2013

@jonerickson1 You are of course correct. I should have qualified my statement by saying 0-60 acceleration or something like that.

jonerickson1 | 17. Juli 2013

The heat management is an issue I considered but left out. I didnt want to list every assumption. I assumed that wouldnt be a huge issue but maybe i underestimated it.

justineet | 17. Juli 2013

Higher HP technology will sure come with production of trucks...will see then if only software modification is needed or major motor modification is needed....I suspect the later to address the heat issue among others.

Vall | 17. Juli 2013

You should have stopped at the assumption that the torque stays the same till 16,000 rpm... It is never the case, a typical asynchronous motor will have a very small percentage (maybe 5-10%, anyone know?) of the maximum torque at the maximum rpm. The model S is not limited in acceleration, it is already better than most of the competition. 120 mph is already way above illegal, except in germany. What is limiting top speed anyway is the fact that you can only drive less than 100 miles at 120 mph. If it was 150 mph, you could probably drive less than 50, as energy required increases with the square of speed. 1/4 mile is also among the best on the market. AWD even with a smaller electric motor will help traction in 0-60 which may go down to say 3.5 seconds, comparable to the audi S8. Extracting too much power from these energy dense batteries can seriously shorten their life or even damage them. So with the total warranty Elon is offering now, they will never go overboard and risk the health of the battery pack. Now, a special one-off DTM inspired model S (coupe anyone?) with two 416 hp motors front and back, powered by A123 LiFePO4 batteries (same 18650 form factor as the current ones, but much higher discharge capability) to kick some serious butts? Sure, bring it!

pappos42 | 30. Januar 2016

I hope they can do it I'll pay #÷$% it. :) go tesla.