3rd Row Legroom

3rd Row Legroom

From what I can tell there's not a lot of legroom in the 3rd row; maybe a couple of kids or small adults, but it certainly looks like a lot less legroom than I had hoped. Thoughts?

deaconwp | 02. Oktober 2015

That might be the reason for Elon not re positioning the seats, after climbing in to sit on the third row, at the presentation.

Another not well done issue.

Bikezion | 02. Oktober 2015

It seems Tesla shortened the wheelbase from the concept X to the production X. I think the concept X had a 120.5 inch wheelbase or 4 inches longer than the S. This new one looks like it may be even shorter than the S. The 3rd row used to be accessible with the 2nd row in place, now the 2nd row has to move. The falcon wing door looks a lot shorter also. The big advantage of the falcon wing was the easy accessibility of the 3rd row, the shorter wheelbase, and shorter door, ruin that advantage.

EQC | 02. Oktober 2015

Early reviews (ie: from Jalopnik) says that the 3rd row was "workable" for a 6-foot journalist. So, that sounds pretty reasonable to me.

Don't forget, there is A LOT of room under the second row seats where you can put your feet and slide your legs forward a bit.

dutseal168 | 02. Oktober 2015

Since I'm a regular Tesla X reservation holder, may I ask how much does the 3rd row seat cost? I still cannot see what options are available on


elguapo | 02. Oktober 2015

Right now, the third row is standard and folds flat - so nothing lost if you get it and don't want it. As for the future options, as others have said, it will be months before we find out.