The 85kWh battery looks like a flat tray and is fitted to the skateboard. Would it be possible to fit 2 flat trays instead of 1?

The 85kWh battery looks like a flat tray and is fitted to the skateboard. Would it be possible to fit 2 flat trays instead of 1?

The hight of the car will be more offcourse. And the car will get heavier. But you will have doubled the amount of electricity that can be stored in 1 charge. The range will also be much more. The range will not be doubled, but it will be significantly more. Maybe 80% more range. Is that possible?

lph | 17. März 2013

I've heard Elon say 9% per year. So that is 1.41x in 4 years. Also the 85kW battery has been around about a year or more already since it was around during the beta cars stage. So all else being equal we could see 120kW battery packs by early 2016 IMO with no appreciable weight penalty. Because the development of batteries is improving at a basic level we are not at the point where tradeoffs are necessary so I I also believe that the power capacity will likely increase too, so we may be able to utilize a two motor 4 wheel drive system to better effect. You think it is stinking fast now... you wait.
In addition there have been some really good developments and a lot of money in battery research in the last couple of years and I believe some of these will start seeing the light of day in the next few years.

Brian H | 17. März 2013

Well the 41% may all occur in one swell foop. With nothing before then.

lph | 17. März 2013

Brian H,
Most likely. But we wont know for sure till it happens.

Tesluthian | 18. März 2013


People may not realize it but these battery packs may designed to work with ultra-capacitors, with the extra spacing & and individual battery controls, etc. From what I read, capacitors are even explosive, and Elon may already knowingly have solved the problem in advance with his battery pack design. Remember Elon was in an
advanced degree program for ultra-capacitor design.

In ten years graphene capacitors may be ready for mass production with increases of storage and faster charging times. I've heard estimates of efficiency increases of 2-10 times. At the high end point, you could drive coast to coast on one charge. At 3,000 miles a charge, this would greatly reduce the need for superchargers. The carbon lifetime footprint goes away and while other companies are playing catchup, Tesla keeps using the same battery design & patents, that are the same form, just different internal chemistries.

And at that point in 2023, the stock goes to $1500 and allows even more mass production for better car pricing.

Brian H | 18. März 2013

I think Elon attended Stanford for 2 days before he went off on a rocket-shopping spree to Russia, so I doubt he picked up much -- unless he had prestored the course material in his eidetic memory.

negarholger | 18. März 2013

Between the 2 days of super capacitor and Russian rockets are the internet company episodes.
Same as batteries super capacitors can explode like fire crackers. This trick is to contain and not start a chain reaction like traditional 19th century designs ( Boeing, Leaf, Volt, Fisker,...)
The beauty of the TM design... a single 10Whr battery cell is allowed to misbehave, but the released energy can be dissipated safely.

Brian H | 18. März 2013

right, for some reason I menally switched Sanford and PayPal, etc.

I think capacitor short-circuits are a lot dicier to contain than battery overheating. Small mushroom cloud dicier.

Tesluthian | 19. März 2013

Tesla should give a scholarship or two for people who want to study and get an advance degree in super capacitors , anyone want to apply ?