Accessory bells and whistles

Accessory bells and whistles

So I got my Tesla on Friday (Sig. # 378) and it's now Monday afternoon and I love it! WoW!!!


There is no:

console between the front seats;
empty storage space under the armrests;
back seat cup holders;
place to store coins;
map pocket.

Yet there is so much storage space in the two trunks that I think I'm going into the storage facility business.

What thoughts?


Eman | 29. Oktober 2012

I was told they are making some options for the center area below the display screen for different compartments for coins, glass's, etc...

TikiMan | 29. Oktober 2012


Yes, it's been a highly discussed issue here for a while. Fortuantly, Tesla was listening, and are working on some aftermarket 'storage' options, which I think we will start seeing early next year.

I always suspected that once people started getting their cars, they would find the open center area to be not as good, as opposed to having secure storage compartments there. So far from what I have read, I was dead-on.

I would be curious to hear from any parents or women out there, that find they are enjoying the open-center area?

RZitrin1 | 29. Oktober 2012

Thanks, Tiki and Eman. I think, frankly, it was the cheap way to go and then charge more for accessories, rather than any aesthetics. What otherwise would explain no rear cup holders.

It is good to hear that they are listening, and obviously they are reading this blog. So Tesla Folks/Elon: Here's my suggestion:

Create these various things and then GIVE THEM AWAY to your Signature owners, for two reasons:

You are going to make them standard on later cars, and most of all:

The Sig. people are the ones you need to keep happy, so that they say "I LOVE the car!!!" and not "I love the car but....'


Tomas | 29. Oktober 2012

Until Telsa has a solution to store misc junk in the console, check out this cheap solution. It's not a perfect fit, but fits well enough for a $52, temporary solution to store change and junk. Looks decent.

Robert22 | 29. Oktober 2012

Should you wish to finish building your car this year:

Fortunately a steering wheel still comes standard.

jbunn | 30. Oktober 2012

Personaly, I felt this was the weakest area of car design. I could take up farming in the front acre and the back acre, but it doesn't do me a damn bit of good when I cant find my sunglasses, or an extra quarter when I'm at the toll booth.

My wife's volvo has center dash covered storage, tamboor covered cup holders front and rear, and closing doors in both sides of the rear passenger compartment and front doors. Plus a glovebox, and the C 70 has a rather open interior being a front wheel drive car.

Runar | 30. Oktober 2012

map pocket?

Why on earth du you want to bring a map?
You have a 17" google earth map.:-)

sergiyz | 30. Oktober 2012

the glove box on tesla is rather shallow, can't really put much in it.
I mostly find myself looking for a door side storage that I'm so used to, for minor stuff like visor cards etc.
I think the front cup holders should be closer to the monitor since I tend to hit whatever is it them with my elbow.
I ended up using the right cup holder so I don't hit my elbow and my drink.
The sunglasses are held pretty well in the compartment under the monitor.
I've been told Tesla is working on all of these items, including an armrest with cup holders for rear sits.
I frankly don't care much about those, since I like the fact it's a split sit on the back and there's less chances for my kids to spill their drinks if there's nowhere to put them in the first place ;)
I don't think any one of the issues above is a showstopper.
It takes some getting used to, but this is very minor stuff for the car that drives the way tesla does.
I've been driving it for a couple of days now, and I'm madly in love with it now ;)

loco | 30. Oktober 2012

Talking of bells and whistles, my biggest concern is lack of active cruise control (I use it daily in city driving).

German cars in the segment also offer:
- heated steering wheel
- folding mirrors
- ventilated seats, massage seats
- seat belt tensioner, collision detection
- lane departure warning, blind spot monitor
- night vision, pedestrian warning

From what I have seen online, the procedure for opening doors seems unnecessarily complicated. First push, then wait and pull. With other keyless cars it's just approach and pull. No wait. Do you find it disturbing?

(I havent seen or driven a Model S. On the waiting list..)

sergiyz | 30. Oktober 2012

Yes, it has less features than a similar luxury sedan, but the importance of these features is often overstated.

Opening doors is easy, you won't have any problems with it.
They are trying to explain this in way too much detail, but
it's really that hard.
Touch the handle, pull, that's it.
Or double-click the button on the keyfob, the handles extend automatically, then pull.
There's no significant wait or anything, it feels completely natural.

Brian H | 30. Oktober 2012

soflauthor is now in the biz of making CCIs to fit the S;

Brian H | 30. Oktober 2012
RZitrin1 | 30. Oktober 2012

Thanks for the secondary market hints. I agree with those who say that this was tacky on Tesla's part. My stuff's rolling all over the place in that center console. I also agree that it's small potatoes when you consider the car itself.

But really, folks, with the price-tag for a Signature, couldn't they have spent another $50 per vehicle to get this right? I think the most important thing was to get to market early.

As for maps: I like maps because they are way better than Google maps for really seeing where you're going and how places relate to others geographically. I like the Nav system, but nothing beats a real, live MAP! But it's been an interest of mine since I was about 7, so I'm biased.


ViewAskew | 31. Oktober 2012

@Runar +1

Although my wife COMPLETELY feels the same about bringing a map. She would much rather have a physical map in hand than put all her trust in a GPS. She’ll use the nav as an assist but not as a total means of direction. (I secretly think she has an issue with someone/thing telling her what to do… but don’t tell her I said that ;-) I for one embrace technology and roll with it. LOL!

As far as cup holders, I guess it doesn't bother me. I've actually tried to really think about how often we use them in our current vehicles. In my wife's SUV I guess it would be somewhat often. That tends to be the car used for traveling so it makes sense. My car, maybe a handful of times but I'm only doing local driving. In the case of the Model S, for me, they won't be needed. The furthest we'll probably go is 2 hours away. My kids can wait. :-)

As far as the center being open... that's the talk of the house. Where my wife is concerned they could have posted that as a "feature". She's so excited to FINALLY have a vehicle with a place to put her damn purses. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
I don’t think I’d EVER want a heated steering wheel; heated seats are bad enough some days.

Folding mirrors… oddly enough this one bothers me. I have a gate leading to my garage that happens to be pretty narrow. We ALWAYS fold the mirrors in on the SUV just to make sure we have clearance going in and out. If the S is as wide as I’ve read I may have some issues. We shall see…

Again… this is coming from someone that still has not been behind the wheel of an S yet. I’m living vicariously through everyone else. (Until mid-November)

GLO | 31. Oktober 2012

ViewAskew, wow, you mirror what my husband and I have chatted frequently about. We would not ever want heated steering wheel but am loving that I will have a place for my +%$#@ purse :). As for the folding mirrors, we are currently working on which spot to park the Model S in our garage(e.g. where does the plug go...)? In my current spot in our garage, the clearance for the S is 3.5" on each side if I get in perfectly straight (based on spec's I've read). One suggestion we were given by a Roadster & Model S owner/TM employee in the San Jose store was to manually fold back one mirror (drivers side) and then pull in. He said that gave him ample space to pull in. I'll just have to see what fits best in our garage but I am a bit concerned about the mirros...

Tiebreaker | 31. Oktober 2012

I think Tesla took the money that would've been spent on bells and whistles, and put it in performance (battery, drive, etc). There were many $50 items wished for, that would sum up to a large amount, if all wishes were granted. I think they spent the money wisely.

Brian H | 31. Oktober 2012

Rubber bumper to force the passenger side mirror to fold? (But then when you leave, you have to unfold it!)

bmowen | 02. November 2012

Wing mirrors: Buy a cheap adjustable-height cane at your local drugstore--the kind with a cushioned handle. Remove bottom part of cane, and discard. Top half of cane works for driver to open AND close passenger-side wing mirror. Garage now fits Tesla S.

Amos' Tesla | 02. November 2012

Sergiyz it sounds like you have a compartment under the monitor? That would give me some space for glasses and phone. What vin are you? I'm 207 with no compartment. Boo-ho! I'm watching soflauthors progress closely but also finding myself adapting to no compartments. I wish I had that little compartment below the monitor as I think that would do it. Funny I just got a ticket to park the car and there is no place to put it outside of the cup holders or on the floor. The addition of that little compartment below the monitor would definitely be nice.

Steve_P445 | 02. November 2012

Published things missing (or things I've seen/not seen on actual car)
Lighted vanity mirrors (coming apparently).
Handles above each side window (inside).
4G communication.

Things I wont know until I actually get the car...

iPhone/iPad integration (beyond simple phone, music, etc. - for tweaking and analysis)
WiFi connectivity to home WLAN.
Valet mode that limits the car to about 20horsepower

dahtye | 02. November 2012

I'm Vin #584 (Sig #567) and took delivery last Saturday. Mine has the small cubby beneath the 17" display. It also has reading LED lights for two rear passengers (lights are near the window and above the shoulder of the two outside passengers).

No lighted vanity mirrors, but there are mirrors.
No "holy s**t" handles for holding on during fast turns

iPhone integration works well but could be better.
- I see my contacts and can scroll through them
- It has recently called numbers (the same list as on the iPhone)
- Music plays well through BlueTooth - stereo with decently high quality
- When playing iPhone music, album art is available on the 17" screen
- Allows to skip forward or backward in your playlist
o However....
o I can't seem to figure out how to change what's playing beyond skip within the playlist (i.e. I cannot randomly select a song or album from my iPhone - what shows up is what I have selected on the iPhone UI, not the car's UI).

My DS told me that hotspot wi-fi is expected to be available (I think she said in December, but don't quote me on that). She definately said the iPhone app was due out in December.
4G is already installed, but they have not gotten into contract with any carriers yet - so it may become enabled during a future s/w download.

I didn't ask about connecting to home wi-fi, but would be interested if anyone else knows about when this will be available.

No Valet mode yet.

Getting Amped Again | 02. November 2012

dahyte - could you please post a photo of the Cubby? Thanks.

Brian H | 03. November 2012

Amos' Tesla;

Take a small pizza box, remove top and front flaps, duct tape under monitor. Send photo to Tesla (and post here).


RZitrin1 | 03. November 2012

I have the cubby. Has traction bumps on bottom to avoid stuff spilling out. Handy for glasses, fast-pass monitors, etc. Got car a week ago. Earlier cars didn't get them.

The Punch List thread has a lot of stuff on these and much more, as many of you know.

joepruitt | 03. November 2012

Brian H - I like the pizza box idea...

StephRob | 03. November 2012

As one of the very few women on this forum, let me chime in here. I took factory of my Sig on 10/30 at the factory. I love having the open center console area. Finding place to put my purse has been a continual problem in other cars. Now that my kids are starting to sit shotgun, the passenger seat is out and I've been putting it under my feet. Not good. It is absolutely wonderful to be able to safely put it in the center area and have a passenger up front with me. It's safe, out of the way, but I can safely access it. I can't tell you how many times I've probably been unsafe trying to access something in my purse under my legs in my old cars.

Our car did come with a "chin cubby" and it works very well for my husband's need for putting his wallet, phone, Blackberry, etc somewhere.

I haven't tried the cup holders yet.

The one improvement that I would love to have is a charging dock for my iPhone, rather than having a messy cord in the center space from the USB port.

Tomas | 03. November 2012

Black leather box from clava is a decent low-cost solution for a place to hide all your sh*t on the console until they come up with something. It is almost a perfect fit and looks OK as it is black and blends in.
For 52 bucks it worth checking out.

RZitrin1 | 03. November 2012

I'm using a leather desk-top holder, turned sideways, that would have pens, a calculator, etc.

I think the open space is fine (I've got my driving shoes there - to avoid scuffing the heels of my dress shoes) but the space is long enough for a console AND open space for a purse.

Michael23 | 03. November 2012

Tesla is working in solutions to the center space with concepts in tmc. I like the idea of open center, but a cell phone dock as well.

Brian H | 03. November 2012

I assume everyone knows of soflauthor's solution?:

He will have finalized design and pricing later this month.

Getting Amped Again | 03. November 2012

I have high hopes for the CCI, but I hope he knows that the tooling costs could reach $100K pretty quickly, assuming he's got 4-5 injection molds that have to be made. The mold for the main large piece could easily be $30K unless he's got a good Chinese source, or if he goes with an aluminum mold (which is usually used for prototype or small production runs). He'll have to sell a ton of these to make any money, even if he makes $100 each.

Amos' Tesla | 07. November 2012

Great news I traded emails with my tesla shop and they already have a cubby on order for me. Apparently it is a retro fit. Now I just need to get some goo be gone to get rid of the duck tape I used to hold the pizza box in place. Thanks Brian! And a big thanks to tesla exceeding expectations again yet again.

Brian H | 08. November 2012

Pictures! We want pictures!

DouglasR | 08. November 2012

I particularly want to see how you got those ducks to stay in the pizza box.

Amos' Tesla | 08. November 2012

LOL. Duct tape and only one "again". I am surprised Brian missed it. How do you post pictures? Let me know and I'll post one of the ducks and the pizza box.

Brian H | 08. November 2012

Standard HTML for img:

<img src="[insert URL]">

Note that the URL must be for a website file, so the pic has to be in Photobucket or Flickr, etc.

dborn | 09. November 2012

@BrianH - and he does not have Teslas resources...... What is taking them so long.... They can put a capsule at the space station....superchargers..... Software apps also take forever....... Obviously some priorities are are bit messed up.

Brian H | 09. November 2012

Priorities? Performance, safety, quality control, Supercharger network, etc. Staffing, training, delivery trucks and drivers and specialists, stores, service centers.

CCIs and cubbies s/b #1, or 2, or 3, or ... ???
I think their priorities are just fine. BTW, Elon did hire some "interior" engineers to focus on this stuff. Patience, grasshopper!

Teoatawki | 10. November 2012

I'm planning on leaving for a l600 mile trip in a week. There's no way my adult son and I can live with the 2 useless cupholders. I'm considering heading down to WalMart and buying the cheapest, ugliest, accessory tray with holders for 2 large drinks, and using that for the trip.

But first, post a photo with it "installed" to help shame TM into getting off the dime.

Brian H | 10. November 2012

CC GB also. ;)

Brian H | 10. November 2012

And update with pix 3x a day; your son can access the site from the screen while you drive, or vice versa! Pleeezze ...