After test driving the P85 will I be disappointed with the 85?

After test driving the P85 will I be disappointed with the 85?

I recently placed a reservation for an 85 (gray with black leather, air suspension, pano roof, tech, 19 inch wheels) after test driving at the Fashion Island store. I tested a P85. My reservation gets released on May 6, and I am curious if I should be getting the P85. I wasn't able to compare the two as they didn't have any to test, so all I have is the P85 to go on. I've done a search here, but most of the commentary is based upon money, which, while very important, isn't the absolute deciding factor. I don't want to waste money, but I also don't want to be disappointed with the car. Can some of you that test drove both, and ended up either way, give me some feedback? Also, how does the red accent look on the leather? I assume that is the only difference.

Finally, do you think the P85 will get built quicker?

Thanks in advance. Coming from an A7, so really looking forward to the car, although giving up some of the creature comforts is a tad bit upsetting, as well as I have range anxiety now... (but I am going to try and do the factory delivery and drive from up north down to socal...)

Thanks a bunch and sorry for the newbie questions.


nickjhowe | 28. April 2013

Hi Jason,

Use to google the forum for P85 and disappointment. This has been discussed multiple times.

jasonsc | 28. April 2013


Did that, but not really finding anyone that did some side by side with the P85 and 85. I am also concerned about the look of the red piping over time (don't want that to be come dated).

Just so I am clear, other than the spoiler (which I will pass on), the only difference between the P85 and 85 is the speed (I am getting air suspension and leather). Right?


dbullard | 28. April 2013

I've driven a friend's P85 and he's driven my 85 - our opinions pretty much matched - above 30 mph, almost identical performance. Below 30 mph, his blows my doors off.

I like the carbon fiber trim he's got, and the alacantra headliner, but it really comes down to that initial acceleration.

agiangone | 28. April 2013

Metal pedals also.

jasonsc | 28. April 2013

So, dbullard, do you regret not getting the P85 at all?


ian | 28. April 2013

Check out this thread.

This may not be the one I'm thinking of but I recall one thread in particular that most of the responses were that they regretted not getting the performance model.


Brian H | 28. April 2013

And there is a 'little bit' and a 'tad', but there are no 'tad bits'. \:|

tad (uncountable)

A small amount; a little bit.

So a "tad bit" is a "little bit bit". Urg.

ian | 28. April 2013

BrianH - While you might be correct, they are often used together. ;-)

dbullard | 28. April 2013

If money wasn't an issue, I'd go for the performance model. But, for the price, it's not that important to me. I guess as you get older and a little less competitive, there's less need to have that sort of raw power from a dead start.

riceuguy | 28. April 2013

I drove both (though I got the 60!), and I would say it depends. Honestly, it is the difference between really fast and absurdly fast. The 85 (and even the 60) has so much power at all speeds that it is just a joy to drive. The P85, by contrast, makes you want to break laws or perhaps a land speed record. Knowing you can beat a number of Porsches was enough for me. In real world driving (i.e., no launch control), few untrained drivers can keep up with the smooth, linear acceleration of the 85 from 0 to about 80. If making sure that virtually nobody can keep up, then the P85 is for you. I just couldn't see how I would avoid getting a ticket with the P85!!

carlf9121 | 29. April 2013

Having test drove the 85, I purchased the P85 (Black, Grey Leather, 21" Silver for Classic Look & accent low profile tires, Techno, Pano, Upgrade Sound, Paint Armor, Twin Chargers, accessorized with Deluxe Carpets, All-Weather liners for Frunk & Trunk) due to preference in the option selection, aesthetics and having the top-of-the-line model offered. The last vehicle I purchased was over 15 years ago so I wanted a vehicle that I will be happy with many years down the road without having any buyer's remorse or "why didn't I buy the higher performance model". This was my thinking but you should pick what you feel good about and not over extend your pocket book. The temptation is there with the P85 everytime I get onto a freeway onramp or the open stretches of freeway but you will always have this adrenaline rush everytime you get behind the wheel. Enjoy whichever you choose. It's an experience you will always feel good about, not only in driving but doing your part to save the environment.

stimeygee | 29. April 2013

I test drove the P85 and ordered the non-performance instead. The acceleration was literally too quick / too sensitive for my taste. You could feel it in your eyeballs. Non-performance 0-60 in 5.4 seconds is fine for me.

elguapo | 29. April 2013

I test drove both and I honestly think it's just a matter of do you need/want the best specs? You can definitely tell the difference from a stop or rolling start. Once you get above 30MPH +/-, I think they are quite similar. If you want the best specs, and to blow people away off the line, get the P85. If you're used to that acceleration coming from some other car, get the P85. And, of course, as others have said, if money isn't that big a deal, just get the P85. I don't think the P85 is "too fast" - it's amazing. But, it's also very expensive. The 85 is still really impressive.

NielsChr | 29. April 2013

performance have a bit more leather and has alcantare liner - there is a slight differenteven with leather option on the standard.
i agree with you about the red accent on the seat is not the best design choice. it will look alright on a red signature, or the new red exterior color. but black interior with red accent on e.g. a blue or green car ? - i dont think so.
i have personally selected tan interior since i would awoid the red accent (else i would have chosen the black interior)

alex.edelstein | 29. April 2013

I test drove both, bought the non-performance, and haven't regretted it. The torque on the non-performance is so powerful that my wife is always grumbling about g-forces and overaggressive starts.

alex.edelstein | 29. April 2013

I'll add one more thing: off the line starts are important, but the unsung secret awesomeness about the Tesla torque is lane changing on the freeway. Slam on the juice the moment you start to do it and it's like maneuvering a fighter jet. You get none of the inertia of the starting stop, and no downshift or turbo lag (of course). I try to see how tight I can make my "L". And that all happens up in the range where there's no difference on performance.

BYT | 29. April 2013

I did exactly like carlf9121 and only test drove two different 85's and purchased a P85. For me cost was a factor but buyers remorse was an even bigger factor. I have so much fun for 0-35 MPH that I never regret spending the extra dough, but think I would have regretted it the other way around. Of course, you may not be a big acceleration junky as I am! Hell, I'm already trying to save for the Performance Plus option because I'm just that nuts!! :D

Brian H | 29. April 2013

Someone in the Roadster-only days had the sig, "It's not passing, it's teleportation!"

Bob W | 29. April 2013

Test drove a P85, purchased an 85, and while waiting, I had the same concerns. But, after four months with the 85, I am really happy with it, no regrets whatsoever. The standard 85 has plenty of acceleration.

Don't forget that the performance model comes with high performance "low-profile" 21" tires. These tires are better for cornering, but much worse for cruising, IMHO. If you do a lot of driving on twisty roads, get the P85 with the performance tires, otherwise I really don't think you need them.

A friend at work has a P85, and when I ride in it just seems "too jittery" for my taste, compared to the nice smooth ride of the 19" tires in my 85. The 19" tires should last a lot longer too.

DouglasR | 29. April 2013

@Bob, I don't believe the P85 comes with 21" wheels any more. You have to add them as an option.

therealmach3 | 29. April 2013

@riceuguy So, I you got the 60? My 60 just went to factory today (after I delayed and second guessed myself for over 5 months after my original res came up for finalization back in December). At the end, I just couldn't personally justify the P85 and decided that once I stepped down from the P85, I was going to make the most sensible choice and get the 60 (I only drive 1 mile each way to work).

All that said ... how would you compare your excitement level over driving the 60? Any other 60 owners out there who can shed some light on their cars vs. the P85 we all were forced to test drive (I resisted that test drive, knowing I would have a hard time getting in a non-P85 afterwards).

I'm excited as a child at Christmas about the car, but still having major anxiety over the missed opportunity of getting the P85.

dockt | 29. April 2013

I came from a car that did 0-60 in 4.0 secs to a standard 85 and have no regrets -- the 85 still feels twice as fast as the old ICE car. Even in the standard 85, you can take off and leave everything else behind in your rearview mirror at any speed 0-95. And honestly, it feels good to you, but most other people at that stoplight are saying, "what a prick," b/c they just don't know how addictive that feeling of your brain moving back in your cranium is to you (and you alone) :). On regular roads, we are all limited by police presence, safety to others and to ourselves so I don't even get a chance to enjoy my 85's limits 95% of the time and don't think that would be any different with the P85.

I completely agree though that if you understand that you will spend $10k more for the P85 and will spend more money above that for all the add-ons (service plan, 3G connectivity, Slacker, expensive accessories, god knows what other must-have items TM will be coming out with) -- and that doesn't give you pause, then get the P85!!

electrolight | 29. April 2013

Saw & had a ride in my first Tesla ever tonight. I have been obsessively reading & following every bit
of information on Tesla cars. I thought I understood what 0-60 in 4.4 to 5.4 secs felt like.
Well I really had no idea. It was way beyond what what I could have imagined. The driver did about 8 acceleration and by the time we stopped I felt dizzy. Thing is it wasn't even the performance model it was the standard 85.
I realize now that I would be quite happy with the 60 kw model.
So you have to ask yourself why would you feel the need to get the P 85 instead of S 85.
What is the driving force behind your decision.


rchiang | 29. April 2013

For me money wasn't a issue when buying the car but sick and tired of pumping gas all the time. With a back ground of sprint kart racing and highly modify honda civic doing 12sec 1/4miles. No doubt I wanted nothing less then top of the line not that I'm going to race people evertime I take it on the highway but the lifestyle that I use to. My option in the begining was the zr1 corvette or Nissan GTR but did not want to pump gas all the time. Most people has never raced competitive on the track so my reasons was different from others. After I sold my car to replace it this other car had to have big shoes to replace. The accerelation is good but the handling needs improvement from what I was use to. I think right now I'm retired with p85. We will see how long it will last.

jasonsc | 29. April 2013

Thanks for all the comments. Just to close out my thought process, i decided to stick with the 85. I called into Tesla today, confirmed my order and asked them to push it to the factory now so i couldn't vacillate any more. The rep on the phone laughed and did it for me. A couple of things helped me to decide. First I have an a7 right now, and it is more than fast enough, and slower than the standard 85. I also had a s5 and it was wicked fast in my mind, although it is about the same as the 85. I can't really use more around where I live. The other big thing was that I was told really juicing that acceleration uses up a lot of range. I need the range, and will be pushing 225+ at times. This just removes the temptation. Finally, I can get that acceleration in other vehicles I own if I really want it and that will satisfy that "need for speed"

As @alex said, I am more concerned about passing power and keeping that "L" tight. I think the 85 will be fine.


dstiavnicky | 30. April 2013

You will not regret the 85. The P85 just wasn't worth the extra cash as I don't drag race (much). My thinking is that when they come out with the AWD MS with 600+ hp, if will be easy for my to trade in the 85 for under 3 second 0-100 car I really wanted in the first place.