All-Season Rubber Floor Mats or Rhino Lining

All-Season Rubber Floor Mats or Rhino Lining

Here in Seattle it rains non-stop! And if I go skiing that snow always melts...

I'm looking at photos from this weekend's event. And I find myself thinking, BOTH the Model S & X for my use would be fantastic with All-Season Rubber Floor Mats or Rhino Lining floor.
- Photos:

You could even forgo the carpet bottom and just do rubber flooring throughout the car.

Rhino Lining Floor - A Chemical & Abrasion resistant flooring used in pick-up truck beds that could be the floor of the car upon which the all season floor mats could go.

petero | 17. März 2012


Definitely go with the weathertech. If you drove a Jeep Wrangler or a truck the rhino is fine – don’t trash a rolling, elegant piece of auto art.

Sorry, just my opinion.

Jason S | 17. März 2012

My 2010 car came with rubber mats.

They are still in the packaging. >.<

Originally the car was ordered by a farmer, so it made sense to have rubber mats since farms aren't paved ;). But I don't go anywhere that has that amount of mud so regular mats work fine.

jkirkebo | 17. März 2012

All cars in Norway are delivered with rubber mats as standard equipment. I definately want them. Having the snow melt into the carped is NOT a good idea.

My Leaf came with rubber mats only.

olanmills | 17. März 2012

I'm from the Seattle area too, but I don't like runner mats. I just clean my mats and floors every once in a while. As for snow, I shake off my shoes before I get into the car.

jkirkebo | 17. März 2012

Shaking the snow from the shoes might work with regular shoes in small amounts of snow. When you have several inches of wet snow and are wearing heavy winter boots, it's not so easy. Especially when you have snow sticking to your pants too.

gjunky | 17. März 2012

I live in Phoenix, Arizona. What is this snow things you guys are talking about :-)

Joking aside, unless you really need them as discussed above, I can't imagine having rubber floot mats in your luxury car.

jkirkebo | 18. März 2012

Personally, if I buy the Model S it's because it's a long range EV. The luxury part (or performance part) I'm not interested in, but it's currently a part of the package so unavoidable.

I suspect quite a few others also are thinking of buying the Model S that would not otherwise buy a luxury car.

I currently drive a Leaf and it has all the luxury I need (except a telescoping steering wheel) and much more performance that I need, but sadly not the range I really want for long distance driving.

mwu | 19. März 2012

VW has something similar to the weathertech mats that they call monster mats which snap onto the same spots built into the floor that their standard mats do so they don't slide around. VW advertises that they hold some crazy number of ounces of fluid -- I think it was 20 to account for a full bottle of soda.

I usually only drink on longer trips and I only take containers that have lids to prevent spills, but I paid for the monster mats anyway. I've been really glad that I did because I once had the drainage system clog up in my car (for which there was a class action suit for). The big issue is that you don't know it's clogged until it rains heavily and then you have soggy floors. I didn't receive any damage because all of the fluid just collected in the monster mats leaving my upholstery dry. I also don't have to care about things like sand on my feet at the beach (I surf) as I can just shake off or rinse off the mats later.

I'm reasonably careful with the upholstery and carpeting in my car, but even so my car would not be the same without those mats. I'll definitely be looking to buy something similar for the Model S. Especially given that my child will grow up riding in that car.

lobstermanat42 | 03. April 2012

Called Weathertech the other day myself, they do not have anything planned yet, call em. The only way it's gonna be made.

Drdon220 | 22. September 2012

I also live in the Seattle area and use the weather tech mats on my vehicle (and swap out the std mats during nice weather). If your interested in the weather tech mats please submit an online request to help improve the chances of these being made.

sagebrushnw | 22. September 2012


I submitted an online request to WeatherTech.

murraypetera | 23. September 2012

I submitted as well but specifically for the trunk space where the dogs will go.

Dogface | 23. September 2012

Good idea. Just submitted a request to WeatherTech.

EcLectric | 23. September 2012

We live in CA where it doesn't snow and it doesn't rain that often. My wife has an Infiniti and they make rubber floor mats that go over the carpet (in the back) and replace the carpet in the front. She likes to keep the car very clean, so we leave them in there most of the time. Because the color and shape match so well, I don't even notice they are there. I think Tesla should make rubber floor mats that are designed for the car. It would be easier to keep the car clean in the winter, and you wouldn't even have to change them out if you didn't want to.

village33 | 29. November 2012

I know there are a number of floor mat threads, but I'll post my question just once here. I looked at one link provided in the forum ( and had a few questions that people here likely already have answers to:

1) does the S come with front floor mats? If so, it appears that the rear mat cannot be bought alone here, is that correct?

2) in the link the front mats bought alone are totally different shapes than the front mats bought in a package with the rear mat, which is correct?

3) does anyone know if these colors match the Tesla colors (in particular Tan mat with Tan Tesla interior)?

4) is this link the best option for US buyers for Tan fuzzy matching rear mats or are there other better ones?

nickjhowe | 21. Januar 2013

Latest update from WeatherTech (phoned them today). They ARE making Model S mats, and will be ready "within six weeks" based on an update of 18 Jan, according to Patty on the phone. She said they 'six weeks' hasn't been updated in a while, so either it is a lot less than six weeks, or they aren't very good at updating status.

She said there was one other person who asked for a call back when the mats are available, so if I were you I'd give them a ring and add your name to the list. 800 441 6287

mikemooremd | 22. Januar 2013

I have rubber mats in my mercedes which came directly from the mercedes dealer. They fit great, have a quality look and have protected the floor from mud, rain, snow, etc. My wife has ones from WeatherTech which are much stiffer, thinner and of poorer quality than mine. I definitely plan to find something similar to the mercede's once my MS is delivered.

joepruitt | 22. Januar 2013

Not sure if you've seen it but Tesla just put some all-weather frunk mats in the tesla store.


NOPetrol | 04. März 2013

@ joepruitt I have that one. Its OK and will serve the purpose of catching spills and putting in groceries etc. It fits well but I think its too thin and put it on top of the Tesla mat that came with the frunk. Additionally the price was too steep for the plastic liner mat.