Almost 600 CHAdeMO Chargers in the US

Almost 600 CHAdeMO Chargers in the US

Saw this today--was actually a bit surprised at the level of coverage--I can see the $1K adaptor start to make some sense in certain geographies.


tes-s | 19. März 2014

Looks like they are concentrated in the same general areas as superchargers.

AoneOne | 19. März 2014

Focusing on western PA, a number of them are at Sheetz gas/convenience stores with a "coming soon" comment. Time will tell if they become real. | 19. März 2014

Here is the end-of-2014 SC map for comparison. Seems like certain areas like the Southeast will have better CHAdeMO coverage for a while.

O | 19. März 2014
stevenmaifert | 19. März 2014

O - Suspect if you were to overlay your map with a map of the highest concentration of Leaf owners, there would be considerable correlation. Nissan has partnered with these guys: to expand CHAdeMO availability. | 19. März 2014

Interesting - does Nissan help offset costs or provide land for installations.


stevenmaifert | 19. März 2014

O - The so called "Freedom Stations" are being installed in well established malls/shopping centers... sound familiar? It's private property, but the incentive for the owners is additional potential customer traffic for their tenant stores. As far as the cost sharing, I know that Nissan is fronting $10K to any company, group, and others who install a publicly available quick-charging station using the CHAdeMO standard that's compatible with its Leaf electric cars. That expires at the end of this month according to this article: If they did it by the end of last year, the subsidy was $15K. I have no idea what their business relationship is with the evgonetwork, but suspect it's symbiotic.

BG121 | 19. März 2014

Where did you get the map omarsultan? I want to follow the link, see where these charges are.

plusplusjames | 19. März 2014

Is there an adapter for Model S to use Chademo?

Gizmotoy | 19. März 2014

If CHAdeMO continues to grow, even at its current rate, the adaptor will probably useful for anyone who road trips, especially on a coast. It will be especially useful for those of us with single onboard chargers.

Supercharging for along the route, CHAdeMO (and SCC eventually) for destinations.

plusplusjames | 19. März 2014

Yes, there is. Only $1,000! Jeez!

dilbert | 19. März 2014

Most of these are at Nissan Dealerships. I've driven a Leaf for the past 3 years, until my "End of April" S85 delivery. I use them extensively at the local Nissan Dealers (where they are free), particularly since the range of my Leaf is down to around 50 miles. The dealers don't seem to care who charges or what they are driving.

shop | 19. März 2014

While the number of different Chademo locations is nice, note that there are only one or at most two fast chargers per location, unlike Superchargers which have from 4 to 10 bays per location. I don't know if I would rely entirely on Chademo since any one station could be busy when you arrive...

brooklynrab | 19. März 2014

Until late 2015, when the Supercharger map will be close to total coverage throughout the country, Tesla should offer a "rent a Chademo adapter" program from your local tesla service center for road trips to places like the southeast -- like $75-100 for a week. It is simply wrong to charge $1000 for an adapter, especially if you are going to be a sporadic user (like for a vacation road trip) , and they should offer reasonably priced adapter rentals as a public service to us (relatively) early Tesla people. If you don't have the supercharger network up yet (which I understand), don't tell me that if I have to go to a grungy RV park for a charge where I am not a core customer and have to beg for access, when a chademo is available in a more central or commercial location that is designed for my use.
Anyone at Tesla listening?

plusplusjames | 19. März 2014

Makes sense to me. $1,000 is kinda high...

Tacket | 19. März 2014

I'm on the wait list for the adapter and when I eventually get one, I plan on renting it out to other folks in need (located in metro-Seattle).

Sweetride | 19. März 2014

Seems quite a few have been willing to pay $1500 for dual chargers without the HPWC so they can charge at up to roughly 60 MPH, and at $1000 Chademo would allow charging to 150 MPH if I remember right so it might be comparatively a good deal.

brooklynrab | 19. März 2014

Its a question of what one uses superchargers and chademo chargers for -- your basic home charging, or for trips, en route. If for local everyday charging, I agree with you -- and a $75-100 a week rental program wouldn't make as much sense to those users as a mere purchase (for $1000) of the adapter.

However, if you use superchargers and chademo chargers predominantly for trips, Tesla should offer a rental program, because it is a stopgap until they offer a blanketing supercharger network that allows you to CONVENIENTLY make those trips a reality.

RanjitC | 19. März 2014

$1,000 for an adapter is ridiculous you can buy a computer chip for less than $100 and a plug convertor for 5 bucks. $250 sounds more reasonable to me. | 19. März 2014


Here is the original article , but the map itself is from (filter on Quick Charge).


shop | 19. März 2014

Form a co-op with other Tesla owners in your area and buy a common adapter and share it. Tesla doesn't have to solve all your problems.

They are selling it for $1000 because it is expensive to make and manufacture. Comparing a large item that is made in the hundreds to a small computer chip made in the millions is nonsensical.

Brian H | 19. März 2014

The CHAdeMO interface and plug are radically different from Tesla's, hence the cost, AFAIK.

brooklynrab | 20. März 2014

Tesla apologists:
Fundamentally, the reason most tesla owners would need the chademo adapter is because of a scarcity of superchargers across america. Therefore, if Tesla is "trying to do the right thing", which they usually do (albeit, often after a screwup or miscommunication), they should offer some sort of adapter rental program for temporary users until they remedy the situation.

David W | 20. März 2014


Or better yet, partner with owners of CHAdeMO chargers and install the adapter and electronics in their cabinets. If need be, a per use rental fee could be charged.

Pricee2 | 20. März 2014

@ David W +1


At a fraction of the cost of a Supercharger.

Pricee2 | 20. März 2014

I e-mailed the Supercharger group suggesting that but never heard back from them.

DonS | 20. März 2014

I've found a number a Chademo chargers in the Bay area, and the site locations do not make sense for any one of them. In corporate lots, there are adjacent J1772 chargers that can get a full charge during a workday, making the Chademo pointless. Not one of the Chademo chargers I've found is at a shopping center, restaurant or travel location that would actually be useful to me.

DTsea | 20. März 2014

@tacket, i would rent your adapter when you get it. How will you manage it?

Tacket | 21. März 2014

@DTsea Dunno yet, but it'll be cheap, like $10/day - may setup a lock box or just do the exchange in person.

Captain_Zap | 21. März 2014

The way we did it with the Roadster adapter was to assign the adapter to a station and people could get unlimited use of the adapter by chipping in for the cost of the adapter and the cost of a combination box installation.

Today I saw a video of a couple charging installations that were slick. If you have the patience to sit through a few minutes of video you'll see a slick outdoor HPWC installation and a Clipper Creep installation. I couldn't figure out what the location was.

brooklynrab | 21. März 2014

Its great for owners to cooperate with each other as a community, but for the reasons set forth above, Tesla should provide charger rental through its service centers (or from the mother ship in California, using Fedex) until we have a good amount of superchargers.

AoneOne | 22. März 2014

@brooklynrab: Why not start your own CHAdeMO rental service once they're available? It sounds like you've identified a real business opportunity.

tes-s | 22. März 2014

+1 @AoneOne! Tesla is NOT in the charging adapter rental business!!

ben | 15. April 2015

Check out Easy Tesla CHAdeMO Adapter rental. Note the price isn't that bad when you factor in shipping. For example we paid $99 for a week, and that included shipping both from and back to them. The device itself is a lug (weighs about eight pounds!), so by my calculation it ended up being about $10 a day for the rental itself. Considering our other option was to rent a gas car we saved big time being able to do our trip in our S.

dortor | 15. April 2015

I find that most chademo chargers don't do me a lot of good:

a) they often are in dis-repair
b) they are often at Nissan dealerships - where it is kind of iffy as if they will allow a tesla to be parked there for 30 min or more...

so far Chademo has been a bust for me…but I keep hoping.

harvin | 18. April 2015

Tesla has reduced the price of the CHAdeMO adapter from $1000 to $450. You can buy it online at Tesla. Cheers.