Annoying clanking metal on metal sounds from rear of th car

Annoying clanking metal on metal sounds from rear of th car

I have the metal on metal clanking sond. It seems to come from the rear right corner.
I hear it on any speed when I am going over rough surfaces or while changing lanes.

I took it for service last week and they said it was taken care but still sound exists.
I have nothing loose the car or in the trunk.

Its bit scary..something must be loose.
Also embarassing ..even my old cars dont have this sound.

May Model-S 85P


ViewAskew | 29. Juli 2013

I'm pretty sure I had the same sound coming from my S just under different situations. I noticed it EVERY time I did a full turn of the wheel. I wish I could tell you what caused it. I had it taken to the service center in OH (Great bunch for sure). They took the S for some other odds and ends things along with that issue. When they picked it up Doug knew what was the cause and was sure it could be fixed. I've had the car back for about 5 days and haven't heard it.

J.T. | 29. Juli 2013

I had that same sound and i found out that J1772 adapter was rolling around in the glove box.

shop | 29. Juli 2013

I had a rear rattle and it turned out to be the license plate holder.