Audi R8 E-Tron is now real.

Audi R8 E-Tron is now real.

If you ask me. Audi got a Model S back to Inglostad, reverse engineered the batteries and put them in an R8. I don't say that bc I'm a Tesla guy. I say that bc I've owned Audi's since 2004 and follow the company very closely.

Read. Tell me your thoughts.

I'm excited. Competition is good. But may Tesla be king in the Century to come.

Timo | 13. März 2014

That looks better. Maybe someone in Audi got a clue what advanced BEV is supposed to do IE. not be an glorified golf cart. I think that would cost a lot more than equal Tesla cars though.

3seeker | 13. März 2014

0-60 in 4.2 seconds with Audi's electric supercar? The Model S already goes that fast AND seats 7 AND has a cheaper price.

What a joke!

Timo | 13. März 2014

Uh, I found one price estimation which is about 1.4 million dollars (£850,000). Even with half of that price (assuming insane taxes) it would still be about one order of magnitude more expensive than Tesla cars. Not going to sell unless you are multi-billionaire that doesn't have to care how much things cost.

3seeker | 13. März 2014

If I were a billionaire I'd rather buy the Tesla - it looks way better, plus the R8 body style is old... No matter how rich you are, safety matters. Who can compete with the safest car in the world?

Timo | 13. März 2014

If you have enough money you don't need to drive. You could buy that as an garage decoration. "I'm so rich that I can buy that and it doesn't even matter".

jkn | 13. März 2014

Jeremy Clarkson (TopGear) about the price of Mercedes-Benz AMG SLS Electric compared with SLS AMG Black: 'you have to be soft in the head to by it rather than V8'

It is not as expensive as Audi R8 E-Tron, but I agree with Jeremy. These cars are priced not to reduce sales of cars they really want to sell.

ztayl | 13. März 2014

It's a novelty car for sure. But still it's telling that a limited production car (in an outdated style nonetheless....) would even garner press coverage.

You can tell. Electric is in the air on an international level.

Timo | 13. März 2014

Here's a proper electric supercar with about same price tag:

Compared to that Audi R8 e-tron is a moped.

holidayday | 13. März 2014

From the article: If Audi’s new battery tech can manage this kind of range and power, its future electric cars may be more than a match for anything else on the market, including the mighty Tesla.

And this is good for EVERYONE. I hope they sell a bunch. Those who can afford and would rather have a sportier car than the Model S will buy it.

And then when Tesla comes out with the Next Roadster, that will be another option for those looking for premium performance in an electric car.

Until then, The Audi is the best option.

Skotty | 13. März 2014

Some of you are being a little hard on it. It looks great. But does it have a back seat at all? Honestly, I don't know. If it doesn't, then that flat out kills it's appeal to anyone that may need to transport kids, relegating it to the role of toy car for people with kids. But that's really a minor thing. The bigger question is price. How much is it? Can anyone other than a billionaire by the thing? If not, then there is no news here. I am sick and tired of cars no one can actually buy. Move along.

holidayday | 13. März 2014

Skotty: " I am sick and tired of cars no one can actually buy"

I view this as similar to the Tesla Roadster or the Fisker Karma. They have to start somewhere. There will be a market for these.

Tesla is YEARS ahead since they have the SuperCharger network growing quickly.

I wouldn't expect an automaker to be able to build an Everyday Electric at this time. They have to take steps similar to what Tesla has done and will do. There aren't enough batteries for just the 500,000 that Tesla wants to build. Where would the others source batteries for millions of cars?

First steps are the hardest. After that, steps should get easier for the other automakers.

Especially if Tesla licenses the battery tech and have other automakers use the SuperCharger network.

Brian H | 13. März 2014

If that's a European 280 mi. range rating, it's <<200 mi by US standards.

JimmyB | 13. März 2014

The Rimac site noted above has a picture of the Concept One by the Rocky Creek Bridge. Unless it was photo-shopped that means one is or was in California.

What do you suppose an all electric Croatian super-car would be doing in California?

jkn | 13. März 2014


'The Audi is the best option´ WHY? Tesla MS, AMG SLS Electric and Rimac are better.

Timo | 13. März 2014

Even old Tesla Roadster beats that Audi R8 e-tron in performance and costs 1/10:th of it. They are literally decade behind Tesla in tech.

@Skotty, R8 is two-seater sport car similar in size of Tesla Roadster. No back seat in it.

Brian H | 14. März 2014

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Timo | 14. März 2014

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LMB | 14. März 2014

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@Timo - not gibberish, Vietnamese, but looks like spam to me.

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ggtsla000 | 14. März 2014

i think it compared to first tesla model at best. tesla is way ahead.

ztayl | 15. März 2014

Yeah. No way this will affect the sales of ANY Tesla's. However. I am interested in seeing another start up license Teslas tech to make a line of $100,000+ sports cars. Not to refer to the roadster, but a company much like Lotus. Light smaller cars that are pure sport. That would be pretty neat.

Jolinar | 15. März 2014

in 2008 Tesla had Roadster with 244 miles 2-cycle EPA range AND 3.9s 0-60 mph and 2010 model with 3.7s 0-60 mph. AND finally its basic price for customers was just over $109,000.

6 years later Audi is trying to beat that. While the promissed range is better, other basic numbers are worse. Looking forward to see drag race it versus Model S or Roadster :-)

But I still think that Auri R8 could be good car, I just don't think it will be good value for the money.

Dramsey | 15. März 2014

Rimac has been pimping that prototype for some time. The last time I looked there wasn't even an estimate for availability.

blue adept | 15. März 2014

Personally, I'm just happy to see another auto manufacturer fully embracing the ICE-to-BEV conversion by producing a market ready vehicle instead of merely tantalizing us with some concept/model produced just to generate interest in the company only to then can the whole exercise.

Welcome, Audi, it's been a long time coming!

Brian H | 15. März 2014

European mileage ratings are much higher than EPA; probably not even the same range as a Roadster.

Timo | 16. März 2014

I'm not sure those promised numbers represent EPA in any way. They are more likely something like Model S 300 mile range promises.

I don't understand why R8 estimated cost is that high. Are they using diamond-coating as paintjob or something? If that is mass-produced model it must have something like 2000% profit margin.

PapaSmurf | 16. März 2014

Anything produced in such small numbers is going to cost $500,000 to $1 million per car.
If they scaled it up, it would likely be a $100,000 car similar to the Model S.

But they won't make that commitment to massive quantity (20,000 units per year) because they don't really want to sell electric cars.

They are just playing around with the technology so they are not 10 years behind in case the market really demands EVs at some point in the future. This is just an R&D project. Notice the language. They will only make it based on a customer request. Without a model in showrooms for test drives, I suspect that won't happen often.

ztayl | 16. März 2014

@just an allusion +1.

I think Elon and his former Q7 sporting garage share the sentiment, as the purpose of Tesla is to start a revolution. Not decimate the auto industry (all though, both will probably happen).

ICEs to Tesla's are much like typewriters compared to the Apple ][. Just my .02

3seeker | 16. März 2014

The regular 2014 R8 price starts at $114,900, thus an EV version at this day and age should cost way more than that.

Sorry for the Audi bashing, but I had some bad experiences with that company. I was a former Audi owner and would never buy or lease from them ever again.

blue adept | 17. März 2014

@ztayl +1

True! Not trying to take over, just spark a movement, a necessary shift in the antiquated and long toxic automotive paradigm.