AutoNation Buy Quote is an Embarrassment to Tesla's Good Reputation

AutoNation Buy Quote is an Embarrassment to Tesla's Good Reputation

Going for a new (after price increase) P85. Got an adequate loan offer from Wells Fargo. I already have 2 cars so I need to sell one. So I decided on selling my 2005 VW Passat TDI GLS Station Wagon. While I did not expect to be offered the Kelley Blue Book value of $11,000 for dealer trade-in or the $12,000 for the private sale the AutoNation offer was insulting. The offer I got was $4,000.
I have read on other forums that others were extremely low balled to their offers. This type of quote cheapens the value perceived of Tesla by associating with such an entity.

Timo | 07. August 2013

I have a vague memory that Tesla no longer has anything to do with autonation. Probably just because that.

ArieK | 07. August 2013

I read many similar posts on this forum and it seems like a lot of people took their business to CarMax instead. Good luck with your sale.

dchesterp | 07. August 2013

Tesla is involved with AutoNation. When you set up a purchase of a Model S you get a direct link to AutoNation website. When the offer was received it had Tesla trademark on it and said it was from the Tesla AutoNation program.

negarholger | 07. August 2013

Last night at dinner Obama dropped his spoon and soiled his pants - what an embarrassment for Tesla !

ian | 07. August 2013

Yup. Lots of reports of low ball offers from Autonation. Go to Carmax or sell privately.

jbutchart | 11. August 2013

I agree with the opinion that AutoNation quotes suck. I had them quote on a '05 BMW M3 convertible with less than 50K miles. The quote was laughable. I sold the car on Craigslist in a week for $7,000 more than their quote.

By the way I pick up my S85 tomorrow morning at the factory in Fremont. It's been like waiting for Christmas!!

Ven Rala | 11. August 2013

I sold my 2007 Lexus IS on my own for $5000 more than Autonation, $3500 more than CarMax and $2500 more than my local Lexus Dealership offered. Elon is right to fight the auto dealers, they are out to rip you off. I wish they would separate themselves from Autonation as well. Maybe they will when they realize how little commission they are getting from so few cars sold to Autonation.

geoljohn | 12. August 2013

I agree, I had a 2012 Prius plug in, fully loaded. I paid over $40K for it 8 months ago brand new. They offered me $21K for it... what a joke. I sold it very quickly for $31K. I think Tesla's association with Autonation was not well thought out...

TommyBoy | 12. August 2013

You want to see what they do with an older car? We've got an 1999 Infiniti QX4 with 80,000 original-owner miles on it. 4x4, Limited Slip, no accidents, perfect comsetically, mechanically and everything works. I thought I'd click the AutoNation link and see what I would be offered.

$1400. Screw that! I just listed it privately for $5200.

cloroxbb | 12. August 2013

You guys do realize that Autonation is likened to bringing something to a pawn shop right? Since you are trading in your car, but NOT purchasing anything from them, they are taking all the risk of actually making money on your old car.

If you don't like it, don't sell it to them. Simple as that. There are other options.

ian | 13. August 2013

+1 cloroxbb

These are businesses that have to make a profit doing something most people don't enjoy. There is always a price for convenience.

talbryn | 01. September 2013

I agree that Autonation is a joke. I asked for an offer on a 2001 Acura 3.2 Cl with relatively low mileage and in very good condition. Blue book is between $4000 and $4800. They offered me $1000. I understand that they have to auction it off and make a profit but this still seems ridiculously low. I'll try Craig's List.

bdukov | 01. September 2013

CarMax gave me almost 10% more than my offer from AutoNation!