Average age of a Tesla Model S owner?

Average age of a Tesla Model S owner?

Just wondering...What do you think the average age of a Tesla Model S owner is/will be? I'm 40, which I would guess would be towards the younger end of average, but by no means the youngest. What are your thoughts (not that this is relevant of anything, I was just wondering!)

Bob.Calvo | 01. Mai 2015

55 now. The planning started at 52.

FranDKane | 01. Mai 2015


srumpf | 01. Mai 2015


MichaelN | 01. Mai 2015

67 - S makes me feel 20 years younger

crownprincejosh | 01. Mai 2015

56 but feel 36. Why not put up a poll 20 to 30, 31 to 40, etc etc

tom168 | 01. Mai 2015

Taking delivery of 70D as my 67 BD present. Plan to wait for Gen 3 but son convinced me to do it now.

edwpaul | 01. Mai 2015

I'll be 80 and have a senior appreciation for my 85D.

Wpepwe | 01. Mai 2015

Guessing avg age might be in high 40's, but since I'm 77 and have waited a long time for a car like this, it might be a little higher when the older folks wake up and log in!
My S85D vin 736xx with tech pkg, etc was delivered 25 Mar and I'm loving it!!!

rdvm | 01. Mai 2015

I'm 71 tomorrow (5/2/1944). My S85D was confirmed on 4/11/15, so I'm assuming delivery will still be in May as a late birthday present...

sbeggs | 01. Mai 2015

Happy Birthday, @rew9!

rdvm | 01. Mai 2015

Thanks @sbeggs! It will be a happy one! I just received an email telling me my car has entered production! S85D confirmed on 4/11/15...

1BadNerd | 01. Mai 2015

sbeggs, why do you hot chiquitas always hang out with older guys?

I was going to answer my own question with, "because older guys have the Tesla's," but then, for all I know, it yours.

John D | 01. Mai 2015

Taking delivery next month (S85 RWD) at age 57.

GolfCar | 01. Mai 2015

Age 63. About 2,500 miles on my two month old P85D

tcandmm | 01. Mai 2015

Older than I thought, I was at the Tesla Powerwall event in Hawthorne last night, over 80% of the attendees/Tesla owners are probably over 45-50 years old males, this may be the demographic in So Cal, but then again CA is the number one market for EV.

Nantang | 01. Mai 2015

Order placed five days before my 42nd birthday, so I can have an ecologically sustainable mid-life crisis...

tonhal | 01. Mai 2015


PeterPlt | 01. Mai 2015


Congratulations to you both. MY dad just turned 92 and will get his first ride next month.

I'm 67, going on 18. My wife thinks that may be a bit optimistic. ;-)

ghgregory | 01. Mai 2015

I'm on the list for an X, will be 77 when delivered.

Boonedocks | 01. Mai 2015

S85D on order and 49 y/o. Coming from Mercedes E and then three BMW 7 series. Ready to experience what you guys have been raving about!!!

tabueing | 01. Mai 2015

48 and just got mine last week! Wish I could have afforded one in my 20's but don't know that I would have appreciated it as much as I do now.
I do wish that I had the 20 year old flirtatiousness to get out of the speeding tickets I'm anticipating now! This car is FUN,

Shesmyne2 | 01. Mai 2015

Rock On!

Still Grinning ;-)

villanovapanman | 01. Mai 2015

I'm getting my 85D for my 69th Birthday this month!!

Solarwind | 01. Mai 2015

71 switched from x to get car sooner.

akikiki | 01. Mai 2015

Old enough to be able to afford it.
Young enough to be able to enjoy it.
Years don't matter.

clomi | 01. Mai 2015

Over 50, if you get up in the morning without feeling pain somewhere,
don't worry, you are dead!

55 now but feeling like 25
54 when I got my Model S
Still grinning...

abtesla | 01. Mai 2015


a.sychov | 02. Mai 2015


m.hofmann | 02. Mai 2015

51 today :-)
Waiting for my Model S to be delivered in June ....

sbeggs | 02. Mai 2015


Happy birthday in advance!

frankkoh | 02. Mai 2015

This is a really funny thread to me for reasons which will become clear. This is the only time in my life I could afford this car because I just paid off my house last year. If I waited much longer I would probably be too old to appreciate all of the fine qualities of my P85D. I wanted this experience in my life after the test drive. My car was a birthday present to myself on my 75th in February of 2015.

ardavan.afrasiabi | 02. Mai 2015

43 and loving it

longlakeis | 02. Mai 2015

62 but aging much slower now

Tweener | 02. Mai 2015


xref | 02. Mai 2015

26, no more, no less. :)

PeterPlt | 02. Mai 2015

Frankkoh - You rock!

alex | 02. Mai 2015


Grinnin'.VA | 02. Mai 2015

My 85D is now 2 months old; I'm 75 years and 8 months old.

Rolling Stone | 02. Mai 2015

I was driving a Porsche Turbo at age 42 but have gotten older and wiser. My P85D is now in my life at 69. I am anticipating a P150D by age 72.

Oilless | 02. Mai 2015

Wife's ordered S85D as 50th b'day gift. Picked it up last month which was 4 months after the b'day

3dnathaniel | 02. Mai 2015

30 here just ordered

dennisensminger | 27. November 2015

I'm 56 and have waited the better part of my life for a car like this. This is quite possibly the coolest car I've ever owned. I just wish my sales person was closer to my age instead of a kid out of college. I will be posting a review of my tesla experience on UTUBE under Tesla Review 2015. I just wanted to wait a month after I took delivery so I could share the real sale to delivery to owner experance. So far...... love it!

fi488249 | 27. November 2015

I'm thinking I'm one of the youngest here.. 29!! I'll be 30 when the car is delivered though!

clomi | 27. November 2015

54 when MS was delivered, last year, same date!

harry pippic | 27. November 2015

Early baby boomer at 69 I purchased an S 85 D, just wanted the best EV experience presently on the market, respected Elon's amazing talent and I was not disappointed. Pleasure and lots of smiles is delivered every time I drive it.

Pleasanton_Ca | 27. November 2015

"Average age of a Tesla Model S owner?"

My guess would be, physical age 48. Mentally 17...

PhillyGal | 27. November 2015

@fi488249 - Same as my hubs. I'm a few months older through so was already 30 when we ordered.

thebigguy | 27. November 2015

I'm 31. I usually cycle through cars frequently, I get bored or just put a ton of miles on them. Until I found the Tesla, I was very close to buying one a year ago and I finally wised up. Can't wait to take possession on Dec. 9!

derptastic | 27. November 2015

47, a prime number. Also the atomic number of silver, which is the color of 53% of my hair, and of my Tesla (in the midnight variety.)

ThatGoogleGuy | 27. November 2015

23 when I bought my 85D, 24 now